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  1. Hydrofoil recommendations

    We've got one on the 175hp outboard on our islander. I can't tell you if it helps much since I've never had the boat on water without one but our boat pops up on plane fast and gives me lots of range (speed and boat orientation) using the trim. The boat will hold on plane down to roughly 13 mph. Down the road I'll probably add trim tabs but for what a hydrofoil costs I don't think you could go wrong.
  2. New Yooper on the Forum

    Yep! We'll be back down there over the fourth. The way it looks right now we are going to have to wait for lots of ice to melt before we get out there this year.
  3. New Yooper on the Forum

    Hello Everyone, Great site you guys have here with lots of info! A little bit about myself. I'm from the west end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I primarily fish Lake Superior but also venture to Lake Michigan several times a year to chase silver fish. We have great laker fishing in Lake Superior with a few salmon, browns, and steelhead. I'm always looking to try new tactics and methods from other areas and that's what has brought me to the site. Thanks for all the great info.
  4. Rigging tracks on Starcraft Islander

    Here's how we have our islander setup. Transom board across the back that has a couple of eye bolts secured to cleats. Six foot tracks on each side. I had some aluminum pedestals made to fit in the tracks and mounted planer reels to them and added pulleys to some rail extensions off the front of the cabin to the give the mast lines a little more room for turning. Next I have some vertical triple trees (not pictured) then some big jon rod holders with track adapters and some cannon rod holders. I can have the tracks cleared and down rigger board off the boat in 10 minutes or less if needed.