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  1. Hmmmm.... looks like you guys had fun
  2. You definitely want to go to Cayuga for landlocks. They are plentiful and there are some tanks in there. You want to look for bait pods and fish 25-40 feet down in the summer. Early spring they will be up high in the water column, top 15 feet. I definitely recommend trolling for them, you can cover more water and better your chances for multiple hook ups. Once you get one, go a little farther and turn around and go right back through that spot. Where theres one, theres more
  3. Use 50# copper for your dipsey's. No stretch and lets you trip the dipsey with ease, just keep your thumb on the spool. I would use 30# wire for your riggers. Theres no stretch and very responsive. You can pick up on an issue with the cable if one occurs
  4. Get pink. Pink and purple stingers as well as in general. Thats always the first lure i throw on
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