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  1. thank you, I went to waneta a few years ago and they had herbicided the lake and the water was like pea soup ….we did not catch a single fish,,,
  2. im 4 hrs away and planning a fall trip, how are the fishing conditons and what lures/colors are best?
  3. ive seen what these herbicides do to lakes....I wont fish, swim and "hell no" drink the water from these lakes..... there are mechanicals means to clear vegetation....
  4. I have not fished big O In years. thinking of going this week, maybe Wednesday... any tips on where, depth of water, lures, length behind riggers, troll speed, would be appreciated I have a 17' deep vee with rigger and planer mast sorry I know this is a lot to ask...
  5. how long are the cables? do you have the swivel-clip ends and the cord/pulley to retrieve the balls?
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