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  1. mikes it is. any location or target species advice for this time of year?
  2. sszoldra thjank for the advice. is mikes better than salmon country? They quoted me 15 bucks a day and look closer to the lake
  3. Greetings, We are renting a cabin in Altmar and we're bringing our 21ft boat on a trailer. Looking for launching suggestions. Pinegrove is closer than mexico but it's not too big of a difference. I also would prefer to launch and rent dock space at one of the marinas if that is possible. We will only be there sat morning through early monday afternoon. We are new but have the downriggers and everything set up and working on the boat for trolling as well as standard spinning gear. Any advice regarding fishing would be great too. We are not too picky but would prefer trout, salmon, walleye or black bass. Thanks for any input you might have. RB
  4. pull start does not have charging capability and it cannot be added cost effectively so i am now back up above 2500.00 for a new tohatsu vs 1500 for a few others I have found. that honda sounds intriguing but i can find it
  5. Cant find it either in boats or boat parts. that would have caught my eye.
  6. The dealer is looking into this right now. i will let you know. We took the cowl off the one on display and found a connector hanging in there so we are just making sure what needs to be done. this is a 2018 9.9 unit.
  7. guys thanks for the advice. i found a local tohatsu servicing dealer right here in my home town and will likely buy the new 9.9 with efi within the next week. RB
  8. Where do you order that from? I am looking at new also. 9.9 merc at west marine for 2300 (or more). They are local and have a reward program that will net me 110.00 or so. there is some value to that but the tohatsus seem to be a better value motor with the injection and lower price. ask whoever you bought it from if they will give you a referal reward for sending me their way and we will see if we can make it work. btw the guy i bought the boat from Justin Hafner was a delight to deal with. made it super easy and was very informative. brought the boat to irondequoit gave us a sea trial and delivered it to my house when we were done. he even invited us out for a trolling lesson on his new rig. great guy. RB
  9. I have bought and sold hundreds of high ticket items as a result of internet leads. I vet them all prior to transaction. i did on this one as well. This has nothing to do with the internet...
  10. I am new to this hobby and hate to sound like a whiny **** but.... I posted a wanted add for a kicker motor and received two responses. I thought had a deal arranged to buy a motor from the first responder. We spoke on the phone and made tentative arrangements contingent upon him getting me a few pictures and a model/year of the motor. As discussed on a 10 minute phone call I was told to expect pictures that Friday night in order to make an assessment and take the trip on Saturday to buy the motor. What I got was pictures late in the day on Saturday when it was too late. When i contacted him on Monday to arrange another time to get the motor I was notified it was sold. Now I look on here and see the add for the motor posted on Saturday and the motor being sold on Sunday. There was a also second responder who never bothered to return my calls. I have two questions: 1. Do I need to set my expectations lower? 2. Does anyone have a solid yr 2000+ 9 to 15 HP kicker motor for sale? I am a straight shooter, have money and wont waste your time. If you want to do business get ahold of me. If you are going to "jerk" me around...please don't. RB
  11. let me know if this does not sell. i'd like to get my name in the queue
  12. Greetings, I am looking to buy a reasonably late model kicker motor for my 21ft Fish Hawk 210CC. This will be mainly for backup in case the main motor fails but i would like to use it for trolling too. Let me know what you have, how much you want and where you are located. Thanks! RB
  13. hey justin. would I have any use for these on the fish hawk?
  14. i cant see the pictures unfortunately. it says 3rd party hosting is disabled. i logged into my photobucket account too
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