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  1. Lucky13 i have been apart od The LOU for awhile and have developed relationships with charter captains. I have been fishing for salmon for 6 years now and catch a lot and do well for myself its rare for me to get skunked. If you knew anything about being a captain of a boat youd understand that once youre part of that group they help one another out giving location of fish, tactics and whats been working and not working lately. The captain association is one of those elite leagues to be apart of where everyone comes together to make doing charters possible. You seem like a bitter guy and kind of an ****. I have had many captains tell me having customers is the hard part not the consistency of catchimg fish thats the easy part. I have done well for myself learning a lot from these guy on this forum. So please go **** yourself i have been ripping since 21 have most the knowledge and equipment just nned to fine tune it and want to be a capt also who catches lakers in 55 lol

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  2. Quick solo trip this morning. Lines in at 730. Spent a half hour looking for Browns with no luck. Slid out to 100 and the screen lit up. Pulled lines at ten and went four for six. One dink king, one laker. One king around 12 pounds and one around 20 that ran 600 feet of line on its first run.
    Boat ran the way it should and it was a beautiful morning. Wish I’d had more time but it was great to get out.
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    Where abouts in in front of Braddock's when people say they are fishing in front of Braddock's is it directly in front to the east of it or to the west of it

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  3. They are there, they are in tight packs. I did 25 for 28 on Sunday. Mostly 16 to 20lb range. 1 stealhead and 1 laker, rest were kings. Down speed played a big part.

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    Wow sounds like you had a good day what rigs did you work and where you right in front of the Genesee it's really frustrating for me to get a program going I have my Fish Hawk I was doing 2.2 I found 52 degrees and even got into 44 degrees. I really appreciate the info and I will be going on your Charter later this year just to pick up a few pointers. I'm getting my captain's license next year and I want to be able to Charter and learn how to get to use fresh consistently but I'm having a hard time and I'm worried that I won't be able to be a charter Captain if I can't consistently catch them any advice would be appreciated.

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  4. To make a long story short the first day fished out of the port of Rochester late morning set up in 150 and worked all the way out to 350 with a six-line spread to meat two spoons and to flashers not a single thing on my screen so I was thinking they were in shallow better luck the next day. The next day launched out of Irondequoit Bay set up an 80 workout to 125 same spread this time the screen was lit up 80 to 100 finished from 4 to 9 with no luck once again. Not sure if there is any fish in this area but there were on my screen not sure what to do this is my first time getting skunked two days in a row. There might not be good numbers of salmon in the area. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or just not working the right active fish. Any advice would be appreciated and shout out to my boy Duke who toughed it out with me


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  5. In front of braddocks from the genny for the second time this week last first time went 3 for 3 with a 14lb laker and two small kings. Today was 1/1 a small salmon worked all the way out to 170 then back to 40 to 75 only marling little bait and a few fish. Most action was around 50 marks in 80 to 90 and marks out at 150. Next ti.e im heading east of i bay or further west of braddocks very slow dead man zone it seems like.


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    There are many brands of meat rigs. They all seem to have different action and definitely some are better quality than others. I am currently trying to catch alewives and then use a cure for a brine and use them as the meat on the meat rigs. I have seen videos online and it shows the proper way to do it some meat rigs can't fit an entire Alewife the one I'm looking for can fit an entire one. I've also heard that Alewife meat compared to herring is quite different but after watching some videos on YouTube by adding more salt to the brine solution your able to achieve same consistency of Herring strips. Here is the link from youtube











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    Where are the salmon been out three days in a row went east to ibay from genny no luck then next day went west to braddocks with landing only 2 kings....right now im past braddock bay. Been running everything just finished up with two kings and a lake trout. Lake trout was 15lbs! Not bad but anyone catching good numbers out of the port! How come no cohos???


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  8. I hate to troll around you guys and mess with your business. I am honestly looking into getting my captain license and be in the network. Its a dream of mine to be a charter captain i am learning slowly from all of the information you guys share and i am grateful for it. I currently have a small bayliner with a custom board i made for the back riggers and 6 stainless rod holders for dipsys also a hand made mast system with planer boards. Its a great set up and im sure you have seen me out. I have accumulated great electronics and rods/lures. Just need to get more consistency with trout and salmon.

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