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  1. Straight out of the genny had water surface temp 46 degrees over 90! down 60 it was 40 degrees no marks in 90 to 100 fow so i went back into shore arches all over in 30 fow suface temp was 57 right in front of the river. Only managed to hook one that was lost by the rigger cable rookie mistake but i was distracted by another boater. The salmon fun has begun my dad was out today 9/13 on summerville pier casting on the eastside not the river side and landed a male. many more were caught but according to my dad it died down around 8 or 9am bite was only on for a short time. Good luck out there everyone stay safe and tight lines!!! 

  2. Launch out of the genny headed in front of braddocks dropped lines in at 120 screen was lit. Had riggers set at 90 and 60 with spoons, 3 dipsys one with meat, one with a spoon and the last one had a spin ray low drag flasher with a spoon. Dipsys were at 55, 75 ,85 every thing i had out got hit. worked 120 to 250 headed back to 90 and worked too 180 called it at 11am. Went 4 for 9 had a few big kings on only managed to land two in the teens a skippy and a 26 inch steel head. Fleas were of no concern used steel line and copper on the riggers. Everyone should check out those spinray flashers by protroll i have had some good luck with them.

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  3. I had divers at 40,50,55,60' riggers at 60 &70. Fish came off divers at 50 & 60 deep.
    I noticed what seemed like a thermal bar in around 85' if I went shallower the temp on my Fish Hawk would jump from low 50's to mid 60's
    That normally happens much sooner from my experience.  
    Worked very hard for fish, hope to hear how guys did out deep.
    I worked 250 to 350 a few days ago with a few landed all depends on the wind where this cold water will be but I was finding it 48 degrees in front of braddocks is 150 but at the genny it was 60

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  4. Started straight out of the port slightly rough early am. Found 46 to 48 degrees 65 to 75 down over 200 so I set up. Around 250 fow meat rig tripped on the Dipsy that was down 65 feet, Nice 10lb king. Next one came on a spoon in 300(small skippy). Had 3 other on another skippy that spit the hook during a jump a laker that was thrown off and had another come off all on spoons. Worked 175 to 350 no bait around lots of arches in shallower. Kinda a tough day bite died at 9am and the fleas , well yall know how they have been. Still always great to get out on the water with my dad on the last day of vacation. Back to work tomorrow!


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  5. I’m up here now at Burnham Point state park. Last night we found them in 20’ on the eastern end of Carlton Island. We also found a 1” thick cable with the anchor. I got it all the way to the surface but couldn’t get it free so we cut the rope. I have been getting smallies and they are still shallow. I got a bunch from shore.



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    Nice happy to here you found some. You're lucky that could of been an electrical cable be careful. A lost anchor isn't as bad as the prop I messed up earlier in the week lol. I will hunt for those smallies shallow then. Might hit up black lake an afternoon to get at those crappie. Good luck gambler and happy fourth! See you out on lake O sometime!


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  6. Granadire island trolling first thing am went 3 for 4 on pike and a bonus smallie all on Johnson silver minnows (gold and silver). Hit the perch spot and hit some decent ones. We noticed fresh tooth marks on a few. While my brother was reeling one in his rod bent straight down all of a sudden like he was snagged, to his surprise it was a giant pike with his perch hanging outside his mouth. I quickly grabbed the net and scooped him up. We could not believe the size of his belly he was full of perch. Another great day on the SLR!IMG952555.thumb.jpg.995a50a823164db0899cc1781e1953d1.jpgIMG952543.thumb.jpg.6a6dc3a22922d757916855799004fdb8.jpgIMG952539.thumb.jpg.0ad55140609574f565e4bd63f40399c9.jpgIMG952531.thumb.jpg.07fe18c47066e2c499d4ca4d72fb4e2f.jpg
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  7. Well just got back from Dewolf Pt. Fishng on the whole was pretty good. Caught several nice LMB in Lake of the Isles on texas rigged watermelon seed worms. These were in mornings in just ft or 2 of water. Caught several SMB up to 3lbs in main river chanel edges of 30 to 60', trolling worm harnesses meant for walleye. Most of small gold blade hooks w crawlers. Got them both on Canadian side and off ABay and pts east. Caught some really nice perch in 60' (smaller fish were shallower!) on same rigs too.
    But sadly, NOT ONE walleye, despite trolling bottom bouncers w stickbaits, worm harnesses, and gulp leeches, thru several stacked piles of walleye in 40 to 50' just off channel. The mornings were fun, the nights? Not so much. Tried a few nights till 11pm. But after dark, mosquitoes were RELENTLESS lmao! The only place I couldn't spray was my eyes lol, and they kept flying into them. I at least brought a clear face shield to run my CC at night without having to hide behind the console. lol.  
    All in all, weather was good and vaca was great over all. Caught enough decent fish to have fun and keep it interesting. 
    But didn't fish last day, as my 25yr old son, dropped his thousand dollar phone in the river (near the rift) while kayaking. Spent last day with him renting dive gear (he is certified) and 2 tanks, and doing 2 two hour shifts underwater looking for it w no joy. I did manage a pike while I was watching him dive. lol. Again, another great trip to SLR!!!
    Thanks for sharing it's always interesting on the SLR. Walleye fishing up there has been tough I heard so don't beat yourself up over it. Sounds like you had fun catching other species. I am ready for the challange and hope for the best I appreciate the info and I will share my report. Hopefully no phones will be lost as last year my girl friend lost hers

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