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  1. 2023 West End tournament dates from video:  

    West End Cup:  Combination scores best 4 out of 5. Spring/fall Big boy, WHI, Niagara Pro Am, Orleans CO Open $250 entry fee. Contact Craig Hajecki

    Big Boy #1 May 13th.  Olcott/Wilson Port, best 6 fish Salmon only.  Captains meeting May 12th, 6pm @ the pavilion in Olcott. $250 entry fee plus Calcutta.

    Starting same day as big boy and running until May 19th is the Wilson Harbor Salmon and Trout Slam and 1K a day.  Salmon Slam is $300 to enter, 1k a day $150 to enter.

    WHI: May 20-21. 6 fish per day per team
    entry $400 per day plus $200 over all...based on last year

    Niagara Pro Am June 2-3 Wilson Olcott Ports
    Entry: AM $300 Pro $1200. Separate captains meetings with own set of rules.  Pro 12 fish/day Am 5 fish/day,  Checks must be postmarked by May 15th and cash in person upto Nay 31st. Contact Penny Hartman for more info 716-628-2361.

    Orleans Co Open June 10-11. Oak Orchard Port 
    Entry Fee Pro$500 Am $250

    Lake Ontario Triple Threat Championship: Consists of combination points from Monroe Co Offshore Classic, Sandy Creek Shootout and the Bald Eagle Beatdown. Contact Tim Skrip or Rob Wescott for more info.

    Monroe Co. Offshore Classic July 1st Monroe County Water Only. 5 fish combined only 1 can be lake trout.

    Sandy Creek Shootout 7/21 Big fish Friday $50 to enter 7/22 Main event $150 plus optional calcutta , $50 for optional 2 fish challenge.  More info to come as date approaches

    Bald Eagle Beatdown: July 29th $150 plus calcutta.  More info to come

    Twin Counties by Route 18
    July 30-Aug 20, Pro $300 7 fish locked in, AM $150 5 fish locked in. Weigh in stations: Wilson Boat Yard, The Boat Doctor, Ernst Lake Breeze Marina and Route 18 Tackle.

    Big Boy #2 Sept2-3 captains meeting on Sept 1 @6 at Boone & Crocketts  Entry Fee $250 plus calcutta

    Also King of the Oaks...based on previous years we know they run June July August September, waiting on set dates!  

    Remember to like share and comment the video Tim and John to be entered in the giveaway! Lets have a great season! FISH ON!!!!!

  2. I have used the DR for 5 years with no problems. I fish with a friend that runs both and the DR is the one that you trust.

    The DR refresh rate is much faster. I have my unit working down to 175 feet.

  3. All good advice. I am ready to make it happen this year. Last year I fished with 6 new friends. A combination of chemistry and availability are hard to find. Thank you so much for your time and information.


    A note to anyone that reads this I have a fully equiped boat with Garmin panoptic. I need full and partime team members. We will be in Wilson for the Spring LOC derby.

    10 days of fishing is a great primer for a team.


    If you are in need of a substitute I am retired and ready to fish the south shore of Lake Ontario 

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