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  1. I have a DFF1 sounder module in used condition. Powers up 100% . Comes with power cord and 6-pin Ethernet cable The only issue: collar for power cord has a slight chip but power cord locks in tight with zero wobble $ 325 shipped to your door
  2. Three (3) Scotty Rod Holders with SCotty Mountings brackets Two (2) Fish-On Rod Holders and Mounting Brackets One (1) Scotty flush-mount gunnel bracket insert One(1) Scotty Swivel Mount Base Two (2) SCotty Downrigger base plates Two (2) miscellaneous mounting brackets (One Scotty, One Fish-On) Let me know what items of this list you want and I’ll quote....big discount for a clean-out on everything thanks
  3. Hey rollmops—-the FCV588 will fire both a 600W or a 1Kw transducer. The FCV 587 (its older bother) will also fire either a 600W of a 1Kw transducer I’m thinking of selling my FCV587.....let me know if you’re interested..... contact me at ericmp77 at hotmail dot com. Thanks
  4. Hi Cody—-I’m interested. Please respond to Ericmp77 at hotmail dot com. I have some questions about the unit. Thanks