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  1. Good to know... I did not know that BWD1101 is a casting rod. Google said it is spinning so I went with the 1st link it found. In Canada, the light above-mentioned 8'3 and 9'0 rods are now with taxes amount to about $110CAD ($85USD)... Not too low price point for us. Wilderness are the cheapest one can go, $25-$30CAD, then Okuma Classic Pro GLT or Shimano TDR for $45-$50CAD.
  2. Hi @eliopatdisa, I don't think you should buy 6 of these rods. In fact, I would not buy these rods at all, they are spinning rods. As many people will tell you, rods are LARGELY a matter of personal preference. What you are going to be using these rods for? If you are planning to do trolling on great lakes, you would need a casting/trolling rods. Are you gonna use downriggers? Dipsy divers? Planers? Type of line? Depending on the answers, you should choose the appropriate rod. I am not trying to start a war on what rods are better or not, but when I held Ugly Stiks in my hands, I felt like they are a little bulky so I ended up not even trying them. However many people do like them, especially the Light ones (8'3 and 9'0) and they also come with more warranty (7 years I believe) than many other rods. I would go to your local store, Peter's Tackle or Grimsby Tackle. You could take a look at a few rods and pick up what seems to be best for you. And also you could talk to the professionals. Good luck.
  3. Selling 2 downrigger trolling rods by TICA USA, model DHEA10M2, 10-foot, Medium, 12-25 lbs. The rods were purchased about 3 months ago, still are brand-new with the original mfg wrap/sticker on them, never left the house. Retails for $78+tax on Amazon. Selling both rods for $100 FIRM. Location: Kitchener, ON. https://www.amazon.ca/Tica-USA-DHEA10M2-Casting-Downrigger/dp/B00ER9K8F2/ref=sr_1_75?dchild=1&keywords=trolling+rod&qid=1586402789&s=sports&sr=1-75
  4. Hi @ry646 A little late response but I thought I would share my newbie 2 cents after 2 years ago I went through what you are about to... I would suggest you focus on riggers and planers with mono i.e. only the "basic stuff" and wait for everything else. You will not spend as much if you take it one step at a time, get handy with one type of stuff and then move to more advanced such as wire trolling or lead core or whatever... You may eventually hate some of the stuff that goes through your hands until you find something that you like and enjoy. Fishing rods/reels is something very personal to many anglers. I am sure there are many good rods and reels, but my setup for lake Ontario is 6 rods Okuma Blue Diamond BD-C-1002MHa, they are absolutely outstanding rods. They are technically dipsy-diver rods, Medium Heavy, but I am using them for downrigger and planers. All 6 have Okuma Convector CV-30DLX reels spooled with 40lb Big Game mono green color, you can order a big bulk spool that would last you for quite a few seasons. I had initially Okuma Convector and Magda, Daiwa Accudepth, Penn Warfare and Rival reels, I hated the Penns for flimsy handle and malfunctioning drag (to be fair, Warfare had a recall on bag drag but I did not know at a time so I returned them and bought Okuma Cold Water instead, which I am using for my dipsy set up with Daiwa Accudepth ACDDR1062H rods). Certainly, for more money you can buy more fancy and better reels, but budget-wise, Okuma Convector is THE REEL. Cold Water is even a better reel and now you can get them at size 30 from Latulippe ($127). Same for Daiwa Sealine, good reel. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must loosen the drag at the end of each trip or it will stop working over time. When I go to lake Ontario with 6 rods, I run either 2 downriggers and 4 planers (Church Tackle Walleye, no flag), or in deeper waters, 4x downrigger and 2 planers. The idea is that 6 rods/reels are the same, no need to focus on what rod goes where, especially when you are just about to start trolling. Next, I have bought a stacker release from Scotty, cut it and made 2 single releases with 1 clip each using nylon coated steel wire (36-48 inch length). The mono on the release will start coiling as soon as you unpack the releases. I also attach an extra snap to each release with the same mono that I snap to the downrigger cable so that when you bring the ball back, you do not lose a release. I always set the tension on just behind the black line on Lake Ontario. I typically use Luhr Jensen dodgers or flashers (8 inch) or 24-28 inch cowbells with Shoehorn spoons or Coyote spoons behind them, on 40-50 lb fluoro leader of 20-24 inch. Last 2 seasons were great with just these. This year will be adding flies, dipsy and spin doctors, flies bought on clearance but re-tied with 40-50lb fluoro, once all this BS with the lockdown is over. Still on braid. May be 1-2 years I will change to wire as it seems to be the preferred dipsy set up for many pros. When you do to lake Erie, you can technically use all these rods/reels you are using for lake Ontario, just use worm rigs or smaller spoons. I would only add 2x rods of 8.6 feet, ML power such as Shimano TDR (TDR86ML2C) or the above Okuma Blue Diamond BD-C-862MLa for downriggers ONLY and either buy or make a dedicated light releases with a smaller clip. Alternatively, you can use the Scottys or others and just adjust the tension. Also I would use planers with flag because depending on the day, the walleye bite is barely noticeable (hence ML rods and light releases for the riggers). That's my 2 cents. Any questions, shoot them down here or PM. Happy Fishing! Vlad
  5. Hi All, The weather is great today just as it was yesterday (we went to Erie), want to try Ontario today off Promenade or Bronte. Anyone has been out yesterday? What's the latest? Thank you! Vlad
  6. Thank you Sk8man. I did this, but no luck. There are no parts there that clearly indicate what is compatible and what is not. So unless someone has actual experience, my understanding is that the best chance is this module... TM214HWKIT
  7. Yes @stinger, thanks. Their response was like "if you motor has the same connections as the smaller Tohatsus, the 214 model may work"... I just with someone had the actual experience with a particular controller/motor. Thanks again
  8. Thank you @dt5150. Tried this already he does not have it.
  9. Dear All: I am looking for a trolling control module for the Tohatsu kicker, model MFS20C. Can anyone please tell me which, if any, trolling controller is a match for this specific motor, especially if anyone actually installed one? Thank you Vlad
  10. Dear All, I have 2 Abu Garcia Baitcasting Reels Model C3-6501 (left-handed + it has a bait clicker), BNIB. Each reel can fit a 150 yard spool of 80lb power pro, and originally they were bought as my "newbie muskie reel". I am not using them since they have been bought a few months ago and therefore, I want to sell them. $80 a reel, $150 for both - they retail at about $159 at Cabelas and $155 on Amazon. Price is firm, serious inquiries only please. I am located in Kitchener/Waterloo though I do fish lakes O and E. Please message me if interested Cheers Vlad
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