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  1. If you're willing to go into the $40k+ price range I would seriously consider this boat: https://www.stabicraft.com/. These guys look impressive and made for big water. Only boat I would ever buy if $ was not an issue. Only dealers are on the west coast but there are a few available scattered around if you are open to buying a used one. Good luck in your search!
  2. Got it. Those are some good looking sonar shots though! LOL In skinny water I don't usually look for the fish either but, as you said, for structure and depth. My original question was relating more to open water, big lake fishing. Eventually I am sure I will get the hang of it. In the meantime I'll have tons of fun learning!
  3. my thoughts are with you, a nasty thing to happen!!! Hope you can save your season
  4. Thanks Legacy, is that all bait in the 4 pics that are in 100+ FOW?
  5. Was out on the weekend and LOTS to learn on the new unit but looking forward to it
  6. Looking forward to learning and spending time out there. This seems to be a whole different bowl of wax than what I known to be fishing up to this point. Again... thx for the pointers!!!!
  7. Looks awesome Les!!! Thank you very much for posting the picture, really makes it clear! On this pic it looks like there's all kinds of salmon, I guess, chasing the bait. I mean this is "hook" city!!! I will drive the boat down to Niagara river this Sunday for a test run, maybe chase some rainbows.
  8. sounds good. ty for the reply! I can hardly wait to get out there and see what those "hooks" actually look like on the screen!!! lol
  9. newbie guy with a newbie question!! To replace the very old unit it came with I just bought a Helix 9 SI DI for the boat so now I have no excuse why I am not seeing the fish (I hope!!!). My question is this: Do I look for bait fish or "arches" on the screen while locating fish on Lake O? Meaning what makes you guys start trolling where you do end up starting? Or is it just experience and you go by water temp, time of year...etc? (don't own a Fish Hawk or similar...yet) I know it's sort of a big question and I am not looking for anyone's honey hole but I mean it more as a general starting point. Thanks in advance!! tight lines
  10. Hi all, New to the forum, new to Lake O in general (finally got a big enough boat to go on the lake with). Just saying hello. 21' Sylvan Pro Select / 115 Evinrude / 9.9 Mercury kicker Wish you all a safe season!!!
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