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  1. Latest first trip ever. It’s been a bad year lost the house in April to fire put the boat in the water a few weeks later and it was taking on water . All the marinas were super busy but I finally got it fixed. So took stepdaughter and her friend out Sunday morning left the dock around 6 a m . We headed north straight out of Irondequoit bay looking for kings . Went 4 for 5 first two come on spoons off riggers down 50 and 60 . The third and the biggest fish(40in 25 lb )came 70 down on rigger with carbon 42 spin doc and meat .The next hit came on the wire out 240 #3 setting on spin doc and fly but got off . Last fish come 60 down off rigger with spin doc and meat . Both girls got their first salmon 😀
  2. Ok cool will take it off I us to run wire with that rod
  3. Can I use braided/mono on a rod with a twirly tip ? I set it up with a slide diver for skinny water .
  4. I would like to come by and see what you have . Definitely want to buy a bunch of flies. I live in Irondequoit you could text me at 585 545 0226
  5. on the 22nd fished on a friends boat for browns straight off the bay and to the east had a great day with some good people caught over two dozen browns and one king ( teenager ) came off a cheater way out of temperature!!! The 23rd I went west solo set up somewhere between the Jenny and Braddocks in 125 fow ended up 5for 8 with 1 skipper and 4 majors biggest 24 lb. The MVP was green dolphin spin doctor and meet rig down 97 and 87 on downrigger .
  6. Hit the lake around 6 came in at 11 little bumpy for my 18 footer but did OK. Started in 50/60 and went East looking for a big brown on luck . Switched over to the king program fished out front park and East 120/150 went 3for 4 last One broke off the Treble hook on a fly. 2 bites on two face spinning and green fly ,1 on 42 second Spinny green fly and 1 on chartreuse Spinny meet rig.
  7. Good day out there started in 60 and trolled East ended 3 for 4 . A nice brown lost another and 2 skippers . Hit 90 had my first major it made 4 big runs could see him in the prop wash but on the last run he came off. Then landed a 22 lb on meat rig . Lost another major 80 down on a 42 second spoon that fish was on something it jumped out of the water completely like eight times it was so cool but he got off. Then hit a Laker down 90 on a meat rig landed that released it and then the meat rig the king came on goes off big lake trout. While fighting that The 80 foot spoon goes off again another crazy king jumped a bunch of times got him to the back of the boat he swam under the Dipsy rod and I was upfront fighting him eventually lost him under the boat went back and landed a 16 pound Laker. All in all it was fun day.
  8. I was wondering if anyone would catch that I would never run too many rods. And fishermen never tell lies.
  9. No not really 😁 there is a timer on the phone just like taking a selfie push the button and I have 10 seconds
  10. Left the Bay and went west with my friend Gary to do some derby fishing fished in an average depth of 150 out in front of Braddocks the MVP was a green and chartreuse spin doctor with a meat rig out 250 . That took 4 for kings in the low 20s high teens. Ended the day going 11 for 9 . Three Steely‘s two smaller kings mostly mag spoons for the trout and smaller kings. Back out tomorrow I’m in the derby if anyone is in it and wants to jump aboard give me a shout.
  11. Set up east of the bay in 60 feet. Was fishing solo so I set my three rods spread two down Riggers 40 and 50 down and two chinook divers 165 and 150 out . Went 1 for 2 was marking fish and a lot of bait only made one pass my bad. Picked up ran out to 250 and work out to 400 back-and-forth twice very slow out there. Went 3 for 4 . Two lakers one steelhead and lost a smaller king . The trout came off the rigors down 90 and 100. Lost the king off the wire out of 300
  12. Pauline lead core off of boards what release works best? Can I use just a standard planer board release or is it lead to heavy
  13. Left I Bay solo at 2:00 pm for a few hours trip . Went Straight out of the bay to 30 feet set two riggers 20&15 and wire out 40. 15 feet rigger goes off right away with an old school NK Black and white with green tape and and a eye . It was quite a battle was in the net once came out made another run but ended up landing it. Found some nice water work back-and-forth east and west through it Mark some fish and bait but could not get another one to go. Here is a pic of the fish let back to fight another day back to fight another day
  14. Thanks you everyone it was great and will remember it for Ever
  15. Left I Bay went west again. Had a slow start left my thermos of coffee in the truck then got goose **** all over the boat . First fish of the day came off a yellow bird and bay rat. It was smoking drag out and jumping big king. Handed the rod to Maisey but she was having a hard time and gave it back . After I started gaining line I gave it back to her and shortly after it broke off🙁 Was a little down at this point. Then a big thanks to captain Larry who called me and said black and white was hot . After we put some out game on one double on 20 down rigger and 40 out on the wire . Those two got all the hits. Here’s a pic of Maisey’s first king 😁
  16. Short but sweet report left the bay went west had high expectations today for a good king but didn’t happen. Went three for three Laker king in a brown back at it tomorrow morning with my daughter .
  17. Left my new port Ibay f and g club solo after work yesterday. Ran west set up and the lake got snotty out of the NE .Found a small pocket of water with a 4 degree break. Marked fish and bait made a couple passes. Hit a double one on rigger down 23 over 33 and the other on wire out 75. Only landed one .
  18. Left the bay set up north west of the river in 130 fished down to Braddock’s in in out out to 170 . All Fish came on ff or f meat had a couple knock offs with spoons. Went 5 for 6 ended the day with a double .
  19. Left home port and headed west after yesterday. Set up east of the fleet. Was a rough go in the wind and the waves solo. Lost the first 3(kings) then landed the next 3 . Late morning hit 3 suspended lakes . All fish came 75 and 85 down on riggers spinnys and meat meat meat . Fished 100 to 170 fow.
  20. Left home port and headed west after yesterday. Set up east of the fleet. Was a rough go in the wind and the waves solo. Lost the first 3(kings) then landed the next 3 . Late morning hit 3 suspended lakes . All fish came 75 and 85 down on riggers spinnys and meat meat meat . Fished 100 to 170 fow.
  21. Well Guess I will have to swallow my pride and post bad reports as well as good report. I went back to the same wave point as yesterday fish were gone and the temperatures were all over the place. Had my girlfriends daughter with me she’s 14 wanted to put her on a king but no go . We got Skunked 🙁 . Maybe someone fished to the west today and has a report for me for tomorrow thanks .
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