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  1. By any chance are these still available ???
  2. Is this boat still available..can't remember if I inquired about it ..716 9694462 thanks
  3. Is this boat still available?? I can't remember if I inquired about this boat already ..thanks
  4. By any chance is this boat still available
  5. Very interested..when can I look at it ..free all weekend ..cash money in hand ..
  6. Interested.. where is this boat at ..and when can I look at it ..
  7. Hey Chris let me know when a viewing of the boat is possible ..Very interested and have cash in hand ..716 969 4462 thanks
  8. Is boat still available??
  9. Is boat still available??
  10. Is this boat still available??
  11. Interested..please send more picks
  12. Ok..if it falls threw in interested..thanks
  13. Very interested in looking at ur boat.please text or call when I can come take a look 7169694462..looking to up grade ..I have cash money in hand ..if u have more photos that be cool..like I said very interested..thank u ..
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