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  1. standard options on it from johnny morris come with the 54 inch, so I would defintely go with the 52. It will grab better in waves. I had a similar tracker years ago and I went with the 62 inch shaft 74lb thrust and it was sick !
  2. I agree. When you look at the cost expenditure and done properly, using marine grade plywood, and resin - it will outlive ones lifetime.
  3. any chance will pulling up on it having someone hit the transom with a rubber mallet ? I got mine out of my crestliner this way and ran into the same issue as you did. I was lucky in that we got it out in one piece and I had an excellent template as a result.
  4. In good working condition, let me know what you have, thank you
  5. Got the reels in excellent shape, they are like brand new !
  6. someone give me an offer on this or it's going at the curb, someone has gotta have a use for the parts I would figure
  7. So sometimes she works and sometimes she doesn't. Lately it has been she doesn't. I know shipping it is around 50 bucks and I am in need of some planer board rods and walleye planer boards and trolling stuff for them as well. Let me know what you have or what you think is fair. It has the short boom too.
  8. I need two rods, not just " trolling " rods but rather dipsey diver rods. I am running smaller divers for walleye
  9. I would like to buy 2 - 12 lb torpedo weights
  10. New member here. I left Lake michigan and moved to East TN. I wanna dial in the walleye here and some of the lakes are trolling lakes from what I gather. I need some dispey diver advice too, rods ect. I just picked up some cannon mag 10 hs's and I need some torpedo weights too, I think 15 lbers. I need more trolling gear as well. I have a Crestliner 1750 sportfish that gets the job done.
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