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  1. I fish out of an 18’ Weldcraft. The boat can handle a lot more than what you can efficiently fish in. At some point you’re just wasting your time trying to battle the conditions. I have noticed though that you can trust most fisherman’s wave height estimate about as much as you can trust a politician.
  2. I work on an oil tanker. We dispose of them the fun way
  3. Left from Port Bay but fished East towards Fair Haven mostly. The Lake flipped. Really cold water pushed inshore. Messed around in 110-180fow but didn’t find a good bite. Mostly shakers in close for me however some guys were doing well in there. Our last day we made the run out deep. Started in 500fow and trolled out to 640. Found the best bite in 600-620. All flashers and flies. Couldn’t get any spoons to go for me. Dipsy’s and riggers. Mag deeper divers on a 1 setting at 240-270 and downriggers at 85-102. Hot flashers were Pro troll Dragon slayer, SD green jeans, Salmon Candy Super Frog. Hot flies were Salmon Candy Green Glow Gobblin and the Attomik Bam fly. My wife broke the boat record at 26lbs. Lakers were hot and heavy if you wanted to target them. Gambler rigs were the ticket. Mean Green and Froggy were the best cowbells but honestly they were the only two we trolled. Neither one sat in the water long.
  4. 65lbs braid seemed to shed them pretty easy. Not as easy as 30lbs moon but certainly not bad
  5. Just got back from my first trip. I’ve never fished currents like what I saw. I expected to find a steady current in any given direction that I could troll into for awhile. I found the exact opposite. It felt like the current was more like gyre. Most times I was doing circles. We caught fish but it seemed that we would only catch them on a southerly troll (SE-SW) I couldn’t keep that for very long some days however if I wanted to keep my rods square and I wasn’t catching fish if my rods weren’t square. Is what I saw a typical day out there or are the currents on the bad side of things right now? Also I should mention that when I could keep a track for a decent amount of distance and tried to turn around to head 180 degrees opposite I couldn’t keep it straight for long. My lines would drift out if sqaure and I’d end up making a circle until I got back to my original heading. That made me scratch my head.
  6. My wife and I and another couple trailered my boat from Maine to Port Bay. None of us had ever fished the lake but this website, YouTube, Facebook, etc all of tons of great information that really can point people in the right direction. 6/27 was a camp day as their were 6-7’ waves which is a little big for an 18’ boat. 6/28 morning started much the same. Woke up at 4am to waves and wind. By 10am I was too stir crazy and decided to poke my nose out of the jetty’s to see how bad it was. It was still 4+ but the chop laid down enough that I decided to go for it. We fished lake trout from 11-1 and could only troll 2 rods. It took us a minute to find fish but once we did it was a fish every 15 minutes or so. The biggest we took was 14lbs. Cowbells and Gambler Rigs did the trick. Mean Green. 6/28 evening it laid down enough that we could run west towards Sodus. It was still choppy enough that i figured we would only be able to go with it. I ran out to 300fow and pointed the boat south east. Found good temp down 95’. We ended up going 2-7 on kings. I botched the net job on a fish well over 20lbs. The biggest of the 2 we landed was 19lbs all the fish we hooked were 200-240fow down 90-100 on the riggers and 210 on a mag deeper river 1.5 setting 6/29 morning we ran right back out west to 240fow and it was on for the first 2 hours. Cold water blew in and we had temp down 75. 77- 86 on the rigger and 180 on the divers was hot. Then it died. At this point I made a huge mistake and went looking elsewhere. I should have played with depths and baits instead. We dropped a few good fish. 6/29 evening we decided to fish right out of Port Bay. Went out deep and found warmer water than we had seen. We messed around. Caught a few shakers, a 6.5lbs brown down 114 in 240fow and I caught a small Atlantic. We also dropped two fish that were decent kings. 6/30 we ran back towards Sodus and the big key was fishing deeper. We found 122-141 on the riggers was the hot ticket and 310-350 on the divers. Caught our 4 person limit of kings with some really nice fish. We also dropped a couple large fish. One was what I believe to be the biggest one we had on all week. The biggest we landed was just over 23lbs We only fished flashers and flies/ spoons. Hot baits were NorthEast Trollers Custom Mag spoons in glow gator and Glow Hulk. michigan stinger UV two face flasher, SD Kevin’s GF, and SD Hammertime all paired with a riverside fly. Big shout out to Gambler for allowing me to pester him with no less than a million questions. He put some fantastic products into my arsenal and cut the learning curve drastically for me.
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