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  1. Yeah I appreciate the responses. But I have caught a lot of these fish. I take taxonomy pretty seriously. And I understand the strain differences. I had to look it up. But it says skamanian stopped being stocked 2021. So any adult would just be getting to spawn size. But yes they always were rare. I think I only landed one in all the steelhead i caught. They have a more snakelike appearance. Colombians have a more footballish form wheb they get large. Skamanian are just long and the with varies little. And they do jot get as dark lime Colombians when they been in the river a while. They stay lighter in color. They clip the fins of some stocked skamanians but not all of them. Too much work i think. Also, 30% I think, of steelhead are native born. And at least some population would last for at least a decade. And maybe once only the best adapted fish would make up the entire population and cement themselves as a sustainable native population. Without all the dumb ones to compete with in the lake. Speculation. But that's the goal of any stocking project . And the stream rainbow was one time. Out of many. It was obviously not a steelhead. Yes I absolutely know the difference between them. Blue hue along the lateral line is the dead give away. Also spotting is more prevalent. Andbthe spots are bigger. I have never seen a steelhead with the blue hue on the lateral line like a steam rainbow. I even have a stream behind my house that used to be only brook trout. But downstream they put rainbows. The fish inevitably spawned and now the upper reaches are devoid of brook trout and is now exclusivly small wild born rainbows. When one grows up in the river it adopts a certain pattern and color. Now if you took those small ones and threw them in a lake. They would lose that coloration. They would be basically what i call lake rainbows. Which all go into the catagory of Domestic Rainbow. Steelhead are the same species as domestic rainbows, yes. But so are all humans the same species. But you can absolutely tell the difference between someone from china wouldnt you? And if you toss a white person into the population they would still be cacasian right? So if you would say next is well maybe he is a steelhead that never went down to the lake. No. That's like a salmon doing it. Steelhead have been Anadromous for ten of thousands of years at minimum. Being anadromous is not a choice. It's hardwired into their DNA. But all irrelevant really. All I Mean to know is: If it covers all rainbow strains in the rule. Why do they use the specific term STEELHEAD? Again all steelhead are rainbows. All rainbows are not steelhead. And to me. That's not up for debate. Steelhead have specific genetic makeup that differs from domestic rainbows. Yes they are the same species. Yet they have a third latin name in taxonomy. Genus, species, and if needed Subspecies. Are they different Subspecies. Yes. So if there is a difference. And there is. Why not just say rainbows. Not specifically saying steelhead in the regulations? I'm not trying to be difficult or an ass**le. Which yes I have been called one from time to time I admit. But i do apologize if i come off as such. I like this site. I want to buy a boat off it. So yeah I said enough. I made my case. Stated my question. Not really interested unless you can explain the reason for this wording and if they recognize a difference. Hey maybe the people who wrote it think all rainbows are steelhead. And see no difference and the names are interchangeable to them. No one but me seems to have had issue with it. And at least thats an actual answer. Despite it being incorrect on a technical level. I digress. Definitely. That reminds me. If anyone has a salmon boat that is ready to use. Like downriggers and gear included. I have been in the market for one. I had to call off the search when I saw I didn't have enough to get one that is not too much of a project for me. Since I do not know enough to fix things. And I won't have thousands more to dump into it. But I have like 20k with my tax money coming this month. If anyone has one. Thank you
  2. Well if it were the other way around I would have no disagreement. Rainbow trout are the same species as steelhead. I get that. Sea-run rainbows. That's all they are. But to put it simply. Every steelhead is a rainbow. Not every rainbow is a steelhead. There in lies my issue with it. If they mean the species as a whole. Then they should just say rainbow trout. And steelhead would be covered under it, without question. But they don't. They say "steelhead". "Trout and salmon" 15inches. And then steelhead as an exception or 25 inches now. So to me a stream rainbow is not a steelhead. It's just not. It would not live in the river it's whole life. It would do what any sea run salmoniod or char does. Go to the open water. Mature. Come back inthe river to spawn. So if they (whoever decides this) are the ones being technical enough to use the term steelhead. So if your getting that technical in a technical regulation. Then to me a stream rainbow is a "trout and salmon" before its a "steelhead". And I bet my bottom dollar the stream rainbow would have a different number of anal rays than a steelhead. They tell the Colombian steelhead from the Skamanian using anal rays (and if stocked they cut the adapose on the Skamanian) And they are both steelhead. So I don't see why the same technique could be used for a stream rainbow vs a steelhead. But i digress. I just need to talk to a fish and game person when I go up. And at least hear why they use the term steelhead if they mean the much broader rainbow trout designation.
  3. Gambler. Thanks for the information. Sorry I took so long to respond. Can you give me where I can find this information? If it's DEC then it's written somewhere right? Not that I doubt you. I just would like to read this information and any other that is about such matters. Kingme. No kidding? I had two kids (2 and 3yo). So I haven't gotten up much at all. I went in 2023 though one time. The fishing was rough. I only hooked two and landed one. It was not legal. Matter of fact it was I think 19 inches . But did they change this for 2024? Or was it that in 2023? I can understand why. The numbers looked way down. Didn't even see another person hook one the entire day.
  4. Hello. I am an avid lake Ontario fisherman. I currently do not have a boat so I mostly fish the salmon River. So I caught a stream rainbow in the salmon River. And though difficult not impossible to tell from Colombian steelhead, skamanian, or even lake rainbow (lake rainbow being a non steelhead strain that has lived in the lake. This fish was none of those. It's beautiful colors and body form ( i did not count anal rays). Even a steelhead that is at the end of its spawn and is very dark looks different than one that has lived in the river it's entire life. And it was not in spawn colors or gravid. Anyway it was a tad under 19 inches. Small for A steelhead. The biggest wild non steelhead non stocked as an adult rainbow I ever caught. I also love taxidermy. So I was so wanting to keep it. But steelhead had to be 21 inches at the time. So I reluctantly put It back. So my question: The law I read says "15 inch minimum for trout and salmon. Except 21 inches for steelhead". So a stream rainbow is not a steelhead. For that matter I have also caught one lake rainbow in the river. It also looks different than either strain of steelhead. Not as easy to see the difference as it is to tell a stream rainbow from a steelhead. But that fish was 29 inches so he resides on my living room wall. Among other interesting or "my biggest..." trout and salmon from the river. (My favorite being the cherry red winter run coho. 33 inches). So is it illegal to keep a non steelhead rainbow trout in the salmon River or other waters with this regulation? I mean if it implies all rainbows why not just say 21 inches for all rainbow trout? And I think well I am a man obsessed with fishing, taxonomy, and taxidermy. You cannot expect people to be able to make that call on the spot, before the fish perishes. But I am extremely confident in my ability to tell the difference. It was still flopping in the net when I knew it was not a steelhead. If I ever catch a second one above 15 but under the now 23 inch minimum. I want to know what exactly the law is on this subject. Not to drone on but I also have been in a "situation" with a game warden when I hooked a jack coho on a salmon egg, legally, in the mouth. He was silver still so I put him on the stringer. The warden, in front of a dozen people, and from across the river , starts telling me I have to put the fish back. He was in plain clothes. So I just kinda ignored him. I think i said "yeah ok bud". Next thing I know he is on my side of the river id'ing himself and outright accusing me of keeping an undersized steelhead. I tried to , politely now, tell him he is mistaken. It is not only a salmon but I know it is a jack coho just from looking at him. He then sits for 20 min measuring and counting rays till he had to conceed its species was a coho amd it was over 15 inches. He then asks me to come to his vehicle (so no one saw what he was about to do) and wrote me up for blind snatching. Which is not only untrue, but is a "catch all" fine. If you set the hook and do not have on, and land a fish hooked in the mouth, you can be considered blind snatching. And even with all that possible, I still was not able to be considered blind snatching in my opinion. I set the hook once, hooked a fish. Landed it. And it was hooked in its mouth. He was in a drift boat and didn't even look in my direction until the fish jumped 3 feet out of the water trying to throw the hook. So if anyone could say they were not blind snatching, it was me. So I am sorry for the longest question in history. And the back stories. But I feel like knowing all that helps one understand why I have to know the answer to this technical question.
  5. kyle1800

    for sale : usa Penn Yan Challenger 242

    The boat still available?
  6. kyle1800

    for sale : usa Starcraft islander

    So I confused. Is the boat for sale? What does the comment about someone else selling the exact boat. So it's a scam? Wrestlecoach. What are you saying? That it's legit? Or that it's not ? Sorry maybe it's me. But I got an alert to these latest posts. And I more confused by comments posted. Has the actual seller even responded?
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    for sale : usa 1985 Searay 255 Amberjack

    Still available?
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    for sale : usa 1983 BAHA 26ft fisherman

    Is the boat still available?
  9. Sorry I didn't see how old the post was
  10. Hello. I could not access the pictures. Can you send more ?
  11. Ok thanks for the info. I will check it out.
  12. Ok thanks for the info. I am looking for a Salmon boat for spring of 2023.
  13. kyle1800

    for sale : usa Starcraft islander

    Boat still available?
  14. kyle1800

    for sale : usa 280 Baha Fisherman

    Hello. I guess it's been many years. But the boat is still listed as for sale. Is it?
  15. Hello. I am looking to buy a boat for the spring of 2023. I know that is a ways away. But I am doing some research as far as what I am going to buy. Is the boat still available?
  16. Hello. I am looking to buy a buy a boat in spring of 2023. Is the boat still available?
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