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  1. Yeah, That's what I thought. I'm starting to look into making my own due to the prices.
  2. Hello, where did you get your aluminum tower? Looking for something like this for my boat. 1996 Bayliner Trophy 2002
  3. One last question, do you remember what it cost for the full enclosure?
  4. Not interested in purchasing. Just curious as to wear you got your full enclosure, working on restoring a 96' trophy 2002. Response much appreciated.
  5. Hello, not interested in purchasing but would like to know how you painted the window framing of the cockpit. I have a close to identical boat but it has rubber trimming on the front of the framing to hold the window in. Very appreciated!!
  6. Late comment... I haven't had any luck with finding these. I decided to make my own for the cuddy of my boat. I bought some velcro pouches to stick onto the headliner of the cabin. I glued some foam strips to the bottom of them and was able to hang spoons and other lures on them to save room in my tackle box.
  7. Looking good! Always great to have a kicker as a back-up. I also redid the 3 carbs on my 1996 Mercury V6 150.
  8. I've been looking at new scuppers for my 1996 Bayliner Trophy 2002 that has 4 rubber scuppers that are far gone. I've been reading and found these duckbill suppers for a very cheap price of $10.
  9. I have a 1996 Bayliner Trophy 2002 with a 150 2 stroke merc. It's rated for 43 but I get about 38-40 with 3 people and bottom paint. I'm planning on removing the bottom paint this up coming season.
  10. I would paint the bottom. My 20ft Bayliner walkaround was painted before I purchased it. I trailer mine and haven't kept it in the water. I've had other boats kept in the water with painted bottoms, and the build up of muscles and algae is crazy.
  11. I detail my own boat. It's a 1996 Bayliner Trophy 2002 I picked up recently for 3k. The boat was in horrible condition. I power washed, compounded, and polished the hull. same with the cabin exterior. You can easily do it by hand with a lot of elbow grease. I picked up all my supplies from Walmart and Amazon. I used simple green for the seats and then used spray foam cleaner for the cushions and headliner. Always be carefull not to apply to much force on the headliner.
  12. Those are similar spoons as to what I use. I catch trout left and right on them. Occasionally use them for bass fishing.
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