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Found 26 results

  1. Any report on Skaneateles? Thinking of heading over that way this week
  2. Fished this weekend. Got some perch, a LT and a LLS on Saturday. My brother also caught 2 LLS and missed a few hits. Very strong SSE winds Sunday morning kept us off the water most of Sunday until late evening. Fishing was slow. Monday was good with 3 LT, 2 RT and 2 LLS with about five good hits lost. Both LLS were 20" and in nice shape. RT were 16" and 21" and exceptionally fat. The perch was very slow. Overall a good few days while on the water with the family.
  3. Went to Skan this morning for the first time this year. Caught 4 LT and lost 2 LT and 1 18" RT at the boat. Looks like a good perch hatch again, which makes the fishing a bit harder for the RT. The LT were spitting up 1/2" perch and the graph was full of them between 20 and 40 feet. Water was clear and the surface temp was 75. All hits were at 55 feet down. Ran lines higher all day with nothing to show for it. No other boats trolling for trout, but one guy jigging. Boat traffic was pretty light.
  4. Gonna fish Skaneateles for the first time for Lakers and landlocks. Anyone have any tips; best lures, areas to fish. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Got out this AM from 6 to 10. Kept 3 LT and 1 RT. Released 2 small LT. Bite was good early, but died by 7:30. Caught fish down 40 to 60. One LT and the RT were 21". Did observe some algae in spots, but not nearly as bad as last summer. A few other guys out fishing, mostly near shore. Been almost 2 years since we caught a LLS. Anybody connect with any LLS lately?
  6. Got out today from 4:00 to 8:00. Kept 2 LT and 1 SB. Released 3 LT, 1 RT and 1 SB. Lost a good sized laker at the boat as well as a few others on the release. Down 47 feet was most consistent, but caught fish above and below that depth. Light boat traffic due to the forecasted rain. Overcast skies brought the fish up in the water column a bit. Best action was after 6:30. Headed to Erie for the weekend.
  7. Finally got out this afternoon for three hours. Lake was very busy with pleasure craft but managed an 18" LT and a 21" RT with one miss. We did better than expected with the bright sunshine and boat traffic. All three hits at 60 feet down over deep water.
  8. Skan 10-13-17 Launched out of south end for a change. Wow was it windy. 1 small RT and 1 keeper LT. Managed to catch some perch too. Water surface temp is 63 and water clarity is still poor for Skan. Good luck to those that fish this weekend.
  9. Skan 10-6-17 Trolled from 7:30 to 9:30. Nothing. Surface temp is 65 with continued low visibility. Graphed quite a few fish but no takers. Fish were 20 feet deeper than two weeks ago. Nobody else trolling. Switched to warmwater fishing and had some success.
  10. Wondering what effect thia will have on future bow and LL stocking numbers... http://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2017/09/dec_confirms_walleyes_have_invaded_are_thriving_in_skaneateles_lake.html#incart_river_index Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Skan 9-8-17 & 9-9-17 Fished both mornings. Friday morning we landed 3 RT and 12 LT and lost quite a few leapers. Great day of fishing. This morning was poor. Only 4 small LT and never hooked a RT. Not sure what the difference was, but that's fishing.
  12. 9/4/17 Skaneateles I fished Skaneateles today with my wife and Net man Dean Belden from 10:30am-2:pm. We decided to use the south end canal launch. There was about 20 people there and it was a easy launch. We got out to the lake without any issues and decided to hit the west shore. I dug through my spoon collection for some small Needlefish spoons I bought on a tip almost 10 years ago just for this lake. I put one out on a 200' copper and I caught a Rainbow everytime I crossed a point. I couldn't believe it. The second time I hooked up it was another huge silver on the 200' I had a small 16' alluminum boat that was going to go between me and my jumping fish but i managed to wave him off. I expect he knew what i was trying to tell him because my big silver was jumping 40' off his bow lol. Needless to say didn't land that fish but grateful for the cooperation. We got back to the launch and it was Extremely full. I would say it was over full and might think twice about launching there on a weekend ever again. Ended 6 for 8 only two lakers. Biggest Bow was 25" Great mid day trip. Very impressed with this fishery.
  13. Launch? Headed to Skaneateles Lake today to take in some scenery. What is the best launch for a 19' boat? Ill be coming from the south end.
  14. Skan 8/27/17 Fished today for LLS and RT. Very slow. First shutout in two years.
  15. Skan 8-12-17 Fished 5:30 to 9:30. One small laker is all. Saw no other boats trolling for trout. Slow!!!
  16. Skan 7-3-17 Fished 5:30 to 11:00 today. A few boats trolling. 2 keeper RT and 1 small LT. Lake is clearer, but still some floating material. Graphed quite a few fish, but could not trigger the bite.
  17. Skaneateles 7-15-17 Fished this morning from 5:30 to 9:00. Tough bite, but caught one laker and one rainbow. Water was slightly cloudy to very cloudy due to recent rain. Lake is very high as well.
  18. Skaneateles 6-30-17 Fished out of state launch this morning from 5:30 AM until 9:00 AM. Graphed fish, but pretty slow with only 3 small lakers caught. Nobody else fishing and only three trailers at launch when we left. Water surface temp was 66.5. Water is a bit cloudy for Skaneateles and we were collecting a bit of algae on our lines.
  19. My granddaughter caught a nice laker on Skinny tonight. First fish, first laker, first time she ran a downrigger. Nothing but fun, lost a second almost same size, released a few shorts. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. my wife and i will be on skaneateles lake some time in August for our honey moon to spend some time at Mirbeau Inn & Spa and i would like to find a charter to fish that lake. we would also like to stay in a cottage on the lake if someone knows someone. please feel free to pm me
  21. Hey guys ive got an itch to go catch some lakers or rainbows at skan, never fished for them much so and advice would be great, ive got all the trolling equipment (lead core and dipsys) and how deep should i be fishing for them
  22. Is anyone guiding on skan or know of any old timers then can teach me how to get the lakers? I have riggers and small spoons.....
  23. Sorry this was last week but still figured its better late than never! Last week my dad and I got out on Skinny and went 2 for 10! Lots of hookups that seemed to be very heavy fish, but all but two shook the hook a few seconds into the fight! Got some things to try next time we go out, but any advice on keeping fish on the hook while using a full leadcore would be appreciated. Anywho... we had fun trolling around just south of the state launch in about 50-70 ft of water on 7 and 9 color rigs and caught two smallish lakers, one 17 and one 19 inches. Then the lake calmed down a bit and we pulled the leadcore up and got into some awesome smallmouth action in the north end, all on surface poppers. What a riot!! The lakers seemed to like green and copper spoons, michigan scorpions.
  24. Does antone know whether Skaneateles lake is still closed to boating?
  25. Fishing Skaneatles on Friday. Trolling for rainbows. Any information on general areas, depths and lures would be appreciated. Also bass fishing seems to have slowed down, anyone with any thoughts on that would be appreciated.
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