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  1. Looks like flat seas for the next few days, Good luck everyone!Q Mark
  2. Love this song “Mark Keller Fish On†. More fishing old fishing videos can be seen here >>> https://www.youtube.com/user/REELJERKS
  3. Dipsy Chart Attached. Dipsy_Charts_English-2.pdf
  4. Chinook Salmon Marking Projects ï‚· In 2008, NYSDEC purchased an automated fish marking trailer (AutoFish) which is capable of adipose clipping and/or applying coded wire tags (CWTs) to salmon and trout at high speed and accuracy. To determine the proportions of wild and hatchery Chinook salmon in Lake Ontario, all Chinook salmon stocked by New York and Ontario from 2008-2011 were marked with an adipose fin clip. Percentages of wild Chinook salmon in Lake Ontario varied by year class and age and among regions from 2009-2015. The wild study was completed in 2015 and overall, wild Chinook were an important component of the Lake Ontario fishery averaging 47% of the age 2 & 3 Chinooks harvested in the lake.
  5. Pap, Fall COMBAT fishing in front of the pier heads is my least favorite fishing, ‘’swimming zombies’’. Might just as well fish Lake Trout. The battle is about the same. Thanks skipper19 and ITS.
  6. BIG waves 29 July 2016
  7. What happens in the cuddy stay’s in the cuddy. Xoxo <<<< WTF was that Rich?
  8. Ring Ring, Hello this is Mark. Sure I can out fishing for a few hours, lol.
  9. 150 down marking fish. Sounds like a 225 rigger bite to me?
  10. Congrats !! Now it’s time to find a few friends on LOU to catch salmon with you and maybe even fish a tourney or two. Tourney fishing is the best!!!
  11. NICE PHOTOS ! That one is a PIG.. Is it me or are the lampreys a little on the small side so far this year? Great catch!
  12. Ricky, Thats why it’s called fishing. A bad day on the water is always better than a so so day on land. Get you but up here and fish. Talk to the locals from my experience people like to help others here on Lake O.
  13. Line off the ball. That really depends on a lot variables but for you I would start anywhere from 8’ to 25’ Follow this link, click on this >>>> http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/31423.html
  14. rolmops, Just hang in there they are headed your way!! you know how it is, you have been doing this along time. Fish circle the lake from west to east so it won’t be long now!! Chin up and fish ON!
  15. Bruce why be like that? I had a fun day on the water. I am just now getting back into the sport I love. There is way to much drama out there. Lets just all have fun and fish, ???
  16. I had the chance to go out fishing yesterday (6/10/16) with Capt; Rich and Capt Steve aboard the Fired Up. We set up in 80 fow and head north to 200 fow. All fish were caught out of temp in warm water. The color of the day by far was green most of the fish came of the rigger’s with a few coming on the junk lines. The fish were all over the water column. I lost a big silver screamer way way way behind the boat. The fish jumped out of the water and GONE! My uncle Bill wanted some of the larger Salmon for the smoker and the smaller Steelhead, Salmon for some “sammiches†so we kept a few for him. Felt great to be back on the water again and I am looking forward to getting back out there again ASAP. I sold my boat but am looking to buy another REEL soon, so if anyone hears of a GREAT deal on a boat please let me know.
  17. WOW Mark ( Skipper19) That pic is from like 4 years ago I think. Where did you find it? OOHHH and I am NOT as good looking as the one armed Schwarzenegger in the bottom pic, LOL Mark
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