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  1. Best of luck to you and your family. On a side note I see your from Lake Ariel. I live in Madison Twp. About 12 miles from you. Next time your up give me a shout on the radio.
  2. Organized Chaos

    Sold / Closed 2008 Trophy Pro

    How about some pictures of the boat
  3. how about some recent pictures?? i assume the price is negotiable.
  4. with all due respect how do you "leave the regs as they are and leave the bass alone to do their thing" when opening day this year still had many bass still on their beds? the 2 statements dont work together. No doubt the bass are bigger due to the Gobies but you still need little ones to get big. Have a tournament opening day this year and you loose a big number of fry in a particular area. Between 65 and 70 percent of the smallmouth's were decimated in 2005 via VHS disease. The original timetable was 7 to 10 year return. Still has not fully recovered.
  5. Bass should be allowed to be fished until May 1st, then close the season until JULY 1. Shouldn’t be that difficult to do the Great Lakes have special regulations anyway. If they were salmon being destroyed you would see the change.
  6. Mexico Bay Is the State launch open yet?
  7. To each his own gentleman, he pays the same money for his license that you do. The scaleless fish of the Great Lakes taste like x#!\ in my opinion, others love them.
  8. Hey Ruff, I picked up a tip from a charter I took some of my clients on a few years back, if most of your drops are coming on the flasher fly combo, try replacing the single hook with a treble. Batting average should go up. Your gonna win the Derby today on that tip. Good luck!!!
  9. Pap, Rest assured everyone knew where the Trench was way before these tournaments started, kudos to Fleettracker and Little Crappie on organizing them. Just Goggle the Trench the Saiff fleet mentions the "Tranch" 200 times. And these guys make their living out there. Next big secret lies just a few miles South it's called the SALMON RIVER, just don't tell anyone. Again Great Job Guys!!!!
  10. I wasn't sure if it was, I just checked it and your right it is
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