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  1. UP FOR SALE 2 Maxi Mate 240 Tackle Boxes and all the spoons in them, I will also include 2 Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47L’S & 1 Daiwa Sealine SG47LC needs clicker assy. to who ever buys the first box for $400.00 Each. 2 Each **4-Tray Style boxes full of Stick Baits/Spoons/Meat Rigs/J-Plugs $200.00 If you come by to pick up I have other miscellaneous items I am selling {Fishing related} also. Email me at [email protected] Mark
  2. . Check this out. How will this help the sport of fishing? Coming to a fish finder near you! http://vimeo.com/5424527
  3. Happy Buffy day Hank! I’m sending Ray Koziatek over as your present, do what you like with him for the day.
  4. Happy Buffy day Hank! I’m sending Ray Koziatek over as your present, do what you like with him for the day.
  5. Yankee Comeon man---ya know that's not true I always see the fleet 15 miles off shore with the exception of rod master [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. “ I’m Jumping for my life†WOW. Thanks Bill for the great video link. Mark
  7. Great story, love the father and son episode reminds me of my father taking me fishing...and it’s nice to see bigger fish caught in Lake Michigan again. I’m still wondering why the fish all of a sudden became smaller in Lake Michigan ? was it over stocking? to much or to little bait around? Climate/water change? Why are Lake Ontario fish bigger? When Lake Michigan is deeper / with more shore line than Lake Ontario? Anyone know the average size for fish caught in Lake Michigan as compared to those of Lake Ontario? Mark
  8. Just to let you all know the derby checks are begin mailed. I received mine today. Mark
  9. I sent in by their web site the tag info and here is the reply I received. Hi Mark, Thanks for the note. Orange tags were only used the last 3 days of our list in April (April 7-9, 2011). The fish was wild so after tagging we transported it past the second dam by truck to spawn in the prime nursery waters. Thanks for letting her swim to come do it again! John CRAA
  10. "The next question is, does anyone have some good suggestions for fish finders. We have one but it doesn't do a great job. We are looking to spend 600 dollars total between a fish finder that will tell us our speed and depth of fish, and one of those things you attach to your ball to see down speed and find the thermocline. Thanks for any responses. Moore Sub Troll 900 Cost around $400.00 Link to read sub troll specs >> http://www.moorelectronics.com/fishing/fishing.html Or Fish Hawk X4 System, cost around $630.00 >>> http://www.fishhawkelectronics.com/shop ... ta-system/ There is also a couple of other ones out there. http://www.educatedangler.com/magazine/ ... temp-units
  11. I was also out there what boat were you in? That’s exactly what happened to us. After trolling the river for a couple hours ran out. First fish teen king 17 lb., very silver, and the rest steel. we were catching then 60 to 100 down. Did you see the big hooks on the graph that were deep? 100+ down. I could not get them to go. Mark
  12. Jammer thanks I reported fish here>>> http://www.craa.on.ca/ Rolmops; Did the boat have a blue canvas? Anthony; So did willys when we told him!!
  13. Fished with the pack in front of the river for a couple hours before going off shore and playing with the steelhead. Boated 3 fish at the mouth. Brown, 2 Kings. The brown hit a NK Mag glow green 20 down over 23’ of water. Both Kings came from the same depth. One on a Carbon 14 and the other ? While trolling in there Mark say look there a lure on the surface dragging behind the boat in from of use. This boat had boards out and riggers down. So it had to be off his boards. This lure was 15’ off the side of our boat. Someone should tell him he needs to use weights on mono Then we went off shore to 550 FOW, much to our surprise there were a few other boats out there. Had a ball playing with some good size steelhead. 450 copper was hot with the captain valium spin doc. Also a all chrome spin doc with blue spots? and a hammer shredded fly. We were taking turns catching the steel, When Willy caught the $50,000 fish. CLICK On Pics to read tag. WE called the number to collect our cash but they were closed, call back M-F 9 to 5 Mark
  14. Forgot to mention I'll be out @ 530 am Sunday also. Pm me your phone number. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. I live of Shoemaker & Sherbourn. We are neighbors. Give me a call and I'll hook ya up with two meat rigs & some Familiar Bite. It's quick & easy to run of dipseys. FREE [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. . This should keep ya busy for a while viewforum.php?f=47 viewforum.php?f=50 http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishin ... hester-ny/ http://www.nybass.com/ http://wmi.cais.com/bassfish/reports/ne ... ndexer.htm Mark http://www.ultimatebass.com/bass-fishin ... ic=62408.0
  17. You might want to call B&E before going there. He has cut back his budget on Lake O Salmon and Trout gear. B&E 585-265-0416 I think these two Rochester shops will have it. Mitchell's Bait Shop 585-663-4564 S & R Bait & Tackle 323-1182 If you can't find any Familiar Bite give me a call 585*506*6666 I have a few packs of the new and improved I can give you. I live about 3 miles from Irondequoit Bay on the East side. I love the look on a persons face who has never hooked into a big Lake O Salmon!!! Priceless Mark
  18. Congratulations Team Royal Flush/Shirley B. Pretty exciting win for you guys with he two boat problems I bet there was a double bundle of nerves on the boat when this happened not once but twice!!! I bet theres a big box of fuses on next year. Mark
  19. Your odds are great. Get an early start 530 am for the in tight early bite. Try the 50 to 90 FOW. Fish should be there. I recommend picking up some meat it's been producing some big fish. Also the A-Tom-Mic white with green dots has been going all day. Send me a email Saturday and I should gave a better handle on depth of water and how deep [ Post made via iPhone ]
  20. G-Daddy I second that! Riches reports are always a learning experience. Rich Great fishing!! Congrats on the Derby fish. Mark
  21. Anthony; Thanks for posting this. I have been very busy ay work and it seems the only time I get to play on the computer is work related these days. Taking off so much time in the spring & summer to fish. I have to work my @ss of in the fall and winter to stay afloat. Thanks for the nice words. It was a pleasure to have you fish with us! You showed great experience on the rod handeling and not making mistakes while battling those larger Kings. My only wish is that you would have taking all the rods I tried to hand you. I thought I was fast jumping to a fired rod but you for a big guy are lighting fast. The “clown†is a A-Tom-Mik Wonder Bread spin doctor AKA ‘The Fag Doctor'. This spin doc is always in the water as it has produced fish on every trip out. I had a great time and hope you will join us REEL soon for another trip out, can you get out again this year? We almost always go at least every Sunday. Ohh and the signs you showed me now you know I will get into trouble with some of those Ray; Fill the boat now thats funny . I would have to dip into my 401k in order to do that. However we have put some juice in her running up and down the lake all year from Wilson Invitational, all 4 Pro-Ams to Oswego and back. Anthony was kind enough to chip in on fuel.
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