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  1. Tim; There has been another change to the Familiar Bite. Now packaged in blisters and snack size ziplocks. The brine/salt is now in baggie for freshness and less spilling if brine. I hear Warrens in sodus has a lot of Familiar Bite Sushi Flys in stock as well as the repackaged bait. Have you seen or tryed it yet? Firmer strips. [ Post made via iPhone ] [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. Matt; Yes you can run behind a spiny or flasher, 11 inch flasher is my personnel favorite. I also run them clean off the rigger. The bait head does not have to match flasher. There is no advantage or disadvantage between the two baits hole or strips, energy dog has its days. Put a slight bend in the bait to get the slow roll. I also run them without a bend. I like to run it as my deepest set away( 41 degree water temp *ish) from the other lures. Have caught big salmon out of temp also. These Baits just catch fish period and usually my biggest. Mark
  3. How to Rig. CLICK ON PICTURES This years catch of FAMILIAR BITE!! HUGE LOU HUGE!! Click On Pic
  4. Hey Rod or anyone else. Do you know where I can read the rules for entering Canada by boat? Mark
  5. Hi Mark; Welcome to the board and the professional side !! Early morning or late in evening is when they are most active on I-Bay. I did catch ONE mid day once fishing for bass. Did you try the area near the blow boat club, there is a few drop offs over in that area with some nice weed beds that coincide with steep drops. Mark
  6. How many boats are signed up in Pro division so far? Thanks Mark [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. Fishing on June 19th with HI VOLTAGE. Had a late start to the morning keys to boat were missing, only to find out one of Marks kid had them from the day before. Hit the water around 7ish. We ran out to 250 FOW and set up not less than a minute latter we were into out first fish. 300 wire takes off Gator spin doc with pro am fly, Salmon. 2) Salmon 60 Rigger NBK spoon 3) Lake trout 60 rigger on NBK 4) Lake Trout 45 rigger, black green yellow spoon, 60rigger Lake Trout frog spoon. ECT ECT ECT Then this happened 400 copper off the otter board starts screeeeming Marks son hands the rod off to his dad and says Happy Fathers day!! 800 feet of backing and copper Mark lands this 23.9 pound salmon. After we were done for the day we headed to B&E tackle in Ontario to weigh in fish only to find out they were closed, 3pm on a sunday!! . We did not feel like making the trip to another weigh in. The Salmon will not hold up until the end of the derby anyways. Mark
  8. These Familiar Bite Herring Strips are new to the market this season. Hard to find right now. IMO the are the best out there since the old Rhys Davis Strips. The sushi fly have been around for a few years and twinkles even longer. The strips fit the Rhys Davis strips perfect and the smell fresh and hold up in the water very very well. Mark
  9. Are we talking about Gay marriage or fishing rods? Both are on his desk
  10. Here ya go http://www.tunasreeltroubles.com/SHIMAN ... LLING.html Mark
  11. Nice report Bill. Look what I ran into on the way home. The driver was white knuckled while he was driving over I-Bay bridge, looked reeel nervous. Mark
  12. Hi Mark and welcome to site. I recommend using the search box to find answers to many questions. Also post your ? for answers. Have you checked This site http://spoonpullers.proboards.com/ This site is a north shore forum. Good luck Mark [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. Interesting video. Also look to the right side of the page for more videos from Rhys Davis & Familiar Bite. I would also recommend that you subscribe to this channel so you don't miss whats coming up next!! http://youtu.be/d36S3zFG6hM Mark
  14. I think Sharon at Narby's has them or will have them. Or you can send an email to Walter at http://shop.gltsupplies.com/merchant2/ Hope this helps [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. Hello all I just wanted to share with you a new product that is available now. Here are a few pics.
  16. Matthew it is no rumor. I fished them during the Niagara Pro-Am and Orleans. The produced the 2nd largest Salmon I caught on Niagara big fish friday 26 pounds and some change. They also were a hot item in our spread all four days. I heard Narbys in Oak Orchard may have them in stock. One shipment arrived last weekend but it sold out fast. Sharon at Narbys should be getting more in REEL soon. I mainly used them in Rhys Davis heads, Familiar Bite Sushi Flys and Twinkie style rigs. GOOD STUFF!!!! Click On Pictures for a LARGE VIEW
  17. http://blog.loc.org/2011/04/20/tagging- ... aring.aspx
  18. I think 40 pound. A member on this board made and gave to me.
  19. r9RyUDf1W0g&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9RyUDf1 ... e=youtu.be
  20. The final results are posted!! The link opens in .doc format ( Microsoft WORD ) http://www.lakeontarioproam.net/results/ Final Results – Niagara County/Lake Ontario Pro-Am Salmon Team Tournament June 4-5, 2011 A beautiful day on Lake Ontario out of Wilson and Olcott produced another amazing day on the water for tournament competitors. Another impressive day for the 86 teams competing in the Pro-Am. The two day total of fish caught was 1,678 fish, weighing in at over 13,200 pounds! Tournament organizers were busy all day long! Here’s the final results on the tournament: Pro Division-Final: 1. Get It Wet – Yvan Charrois, Port Colborne, Ontario – 534.86 points ($10,000) 2. Hi Voltage – Mark DeSantis, Rochester – 518.35 points ($4,500) 3. Lone Wolf/Flat Out – Dan Evans, Wilson – 515.98 points ($3,500) 4. Big Fatty – Al Bodulus, Athens, PA – 502.62 points ($2,500) 5. Yankee Troller – Richard Hajecki, Rochester – 496.77 points ($2,250) 6. Screamer – Dave Antenori, Clarks Summit, PA – 493.48 points ($2,000) 7. Billy V – Bill Ruth, Ithaca – 492.98 points ($2,000) 8. Ace Charters – Jimmy Samia, North Adams, MA – 491.74 points ($2,000) 9. Reel Excitement – Bob Songin, Rochester – 486.42 points ($2,000) 10. At Last – Mike Lis, Newfane – 484.88 points ($2,000) 11. Free Spirit – Paul Czarnecki, Waterford, PA 483.72 points ($1,000) 12. Vision Quest – Pete Alex, Erie, PA – 481.44 points ($1,000) 13. Oh-Baby – Matthew LeClair, Plattsburgh – 477.21 points ($1,000) 14. Cold Steel – Tom Burke, Altmar – 476.58 points ($1,000) 15. Thrillseeker – Vince Pierleoni, Newfane – 475.23 points ($1,000) Big Fish – Hideout – 26.66 pound king salmon (Twin Village Recycling award - $250) Amateur Division 1. Prize Fighter – Phillip Marsh, Berkshire – 368 points ($3,300 prize package) 2. Underdog – Brian Sullivan, Lockport – 364.93 points ($2,170 prize package) 3. Coldwater Affair – Jeff Zimmer, Marion – 361.61 points ($1,420 prize package) 4. Reel Scream – Frank Schmidhamer, Beaver Falls, PA – 351.97 points ($1,320 prize pkg.) 5. Leviathan – Marlo Beis, Grand Island – 339.74 points ($1,270 prize package) 6. Hannah Christine – Howard Nola, West Seneca – 332.62 points ($770 prize package) 7. Lucky Enuff – Jeff Jackson, Erie, PA – 329.70 points ($770 prize package) Big Fish – Spoonfed (Glen Gervais, W. Springfield, MA) – 29.85 pound king salmon – Siggs Rigs prize package valued at $250; Northern King Lure prize ($100). Comback Winners: Pro-Landing Zone (Shark Downrigger Weight) Amateur – Gill-T Hooker (Shark Downrigger Weight) Recreational Open – Sunday 1. Trouble Hook - Joshua Held, Wilson - 74.62 points ($450 – plus merchandise) 2. Get Bent – Ron Slaby, Wilson – 72.42 points ($270- plus merchandise) 3. Team Lund – John Baris, Fairport – 69.50 points ($180 – plus merchandise) Big Fish – Get Bent ($100) Recreational Open Division - Saturday 1. Pole Position – Mike Stablewski, Sr. , Lancaster - 82.25 points ($625 – plus merchandise) 2. Get Bent - Ron Slaby, Wilson – 76.56 points ($375 plus merchandise) 3. Team Lund – John Baris, Fairport – 75.26 points ($250 plus merchandise) Big Fish – Tie at 20.28 pounds (king salmon) between Pole Position and Get Bent ($50 ea.) Niagara County First Day Scores Outstanding for Lake Ontario Pro-Am Tournament June 4 – Despite a thunderstorm ripping through in the early afternoon of the tournament, some impressive catches came to the scales at Krull Park in Olcott – possibly the single biggest day in the history of the tournament. The 27th Annual Skip Hartman Memorial Lake Ontario Pro-Am out of Wilson and Olcott harbors produced a one day catch of 769 fish weighing in at 7,103.80 pounds! Here are the leaders after the first day of action: Pro Division: 1. Lone Wolf/Flat Out – 275.76 points 2. Hi Voltage – 269.43 points 3. Red Dog – 267.80 points 4. Get It Wet – 262.96 points 5. Screamer – 262.46 points 6. At Last – 260.29 points 7. Oh-Baby – 255.30 points 8. Big Fatty – 249.77 points 9. Balls Deep – 244.93 points 10. Ace Charters – 243.95 points Big Fish for Pros – Hideout with a 26.66 king salmon Amateur Division: 1. Cold Water Affair – 194.20 points 2. Fish Nutz – 190.86 points 3. Lucky Enuff – 187.70 points 4. Reel Scream – 187.16 points 5. Leviathan – 185.46 points 6. Underdog – 183.84 points 7. Dodger/Outcast – 182.84 points 8. Fish Hawk – 180.84 points 9. Wizzard – 172.67 points (Big Fish for Amateurs with 25.00 pound king salmon) 10. Prize Fighter – 169.98 points Recreational Open Division: 4. Pole Position – 82.25 points 5. Get Bent – 76.56 points 6. Team Lund – 75.26 points Congrats to all the boats that fished. The fishing was some of the best I have ever had on the bar. Mark
  21. Tim; Nice job on the fishing. What was the names of the top producing sushi flys? that you ran in yellow and green? Mark
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