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  1. Stinger - thanks for the kind words. To answer your question.... NO - got zero sleep last night trying to get the new site up and fixing any issues that came up along the way. On a side note, we have stopped a total of 21 SPAM ATTEMPTS TODAY ALONE already! Wow... plus we have automated the backup process to backup the entire site and databases on a weekly basis. I'm just glad to see all the spam isn't getting in anymore - this saves everyone (including Steve and Mark) a lot of time going through and deleting all that nonsense. We are also looking into this "BIG PICTURE" issue. Enjoy your weekend Stinger.
  2. Hey Shellback and Muskybob, Thank you for the kind words! Right now, some of you might be experiencing what Shellback was talking about. This is because the DNS servers have not yet resolved. This usually takes between 24-48 hours. I currently have redirects in place so that if you have old bookmarks, it should just redirect you to the new site. I will take your advice Shellback and send out a mass email this afternoon to the community letting them know to update their bookmarks. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  3. Hey everyone and welcome to the new site! For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Chad (aka "BlueEye") and I have been fishing on Lake Ontario for about 24 years now. In my spare time, when I am not designing websites you can catch me in one of three places - fishing, golfing or with the girlfriend (usually in that order, shhhh!). Today we are proud to bring you the updated Lake Ontario United a few days earlier than planned. We’ve worked really hard to ensure that the updated site has all the features you’d want. We hope you like it! Since the site is so new, please be patient with us as we work out a few known issues, and as always please feel free to let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site in the future. A few of the new features you may notice as you browse the site include an updated format, an environmental pledge and the introduction of a live chatroom. Please feel free to explore and report back to this forum, should you have any questions!
  4. Hey Tony, Well thus far I have been up till about 2am (or until I pass out) every night working on the new site. It has been an exciting and exhausting project to say the least, but I really like how things are turning out. So far, I have everything designed and I am in the process of turning the design into HTML (easier said than done). The live chat will be ready when the new site launches - hopefully sometime in mid to late February. I have the chat done and working as expected. Soon we will start beta testing the new site before it goes live. At this point I can assure you that I am workin' my bass off to get this thing out the door and without any issues. Currently I am working on getting the forum to work seamlessly with the rest of the site. If you guys got any questions at all (either about the website or anything else to do with web design/computers), I am always happy to answer them, just shoot me a PM. Take care.
  5. The other thing I wanted to mention about the live chat is there is going to be an option to create your own room. These rooms you create can be public or private (password protected) rooms. This could be cool if for example the Genesee Charter Association wanted to meet online at 7:00pm. All they would have to do is create a new room and give it a password that only members of the group would know. Now they have their own private, uninterrupted meeting between only GCA members.
  6. Hey Skein - You are correct. Infact, the way it is set up now, you would see the screen with each room and next to each room would be (# of people in room)/(max users in room). For example, the screen after you log in would like like this: You can see that you will be able to tell how many people are in the room (and also, how many people in a single room the server can handle - I don't think we will exceed 50 people in any room, but I could be wrong). Hope this helps...
  7. Hi everyone, As you all probably already know, we are well into the design of the new Lake Ontario United (LOU). It does take a good deal of time to design, code and secure such an already large and established site. What I wanted to talk to you about today is the LOU Live Chat feature we plan to implement. Right now the live chat is setup so that your username/password to get into the chat is the same as your current username/password for the message board. My question is in regards to the first screen you are going to see after you log into the chat. Here the options: 1.) Log-In -> Live Chat Area 2.) Log-In -> Select Chat Room (General, Finger Lakes, Tournament, create your own room, ect.) -> Live Chat Area As you can see option 1 would filter everyone that logs in to the same room. Option one gives you a screen of choices. Also, i f you have any suggestions on what the different rooms should be, I would like to hear. Right now I have General Chat, Finger Lakes Chat and Tournament Chat. I appreciate your time and feedback.
  8. I thought this was kind of interesting. Here is a "trout camp" that you can attend for the minimal fee of $5,250 :shock: The package includes "round trip transportation from Smithers, guiding from three licensed angling guides, access to 15 miles of the upper Babine River using jet boats, and hearty and delicious meals. The Steelhead Camp weekly rates DO NOT INCLUDE the Goods and Services Tax, Room Tax, Angling Licenses and any Tackle purchased from the camp's small tackle shop." None the less, the bows they are catching here are something else! WOW! Here is the link for anyone interested in visiting their website.
  9. What internet browser are you using? Mozilla may be set to "not save encrypted data" , and clear internet cache by default ... which will cause this problem . Internet explorer : Watch out for those "utilities" that do clean up's ... goodbye cookies.
  10. The article was HEREbut they seem to have taken it down or its maybe its just not working right now. UPDATE: That link seems to be working fine now. Check it out.
  11. Thanks for the hard work fellas. This makes my lunch break at work a little more interesting (and maybe a little longer).
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