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  1. Try this link Tom. Also, this link and many more are always available to PRO members if your interested. We have a growing collection of all our favorite fishing related web links. Hope this helps.
  2. Keep your kids out of those waters! Oh my gosh that is a big toothy critter! Nice catch man!
  3. Chris - Sign up for an LOU Pro account and you will never lose your favorite fishing sites again because all the best ones are listed there on the left hand column. We add more all the time but this way you will always have one spot to go for all your favorite fishing links. Here is the link to find out more: http://www.LakeOntarioUnited.com/LOU_Pro.php Cheers,
  4. Glad the lab was found. Sorry to hear about your loss.
  5. Hahahaha - you crack me up Skein.... now we need one of your cool graphics to better display your point
  6. Haha - I can already tell this is going to be a fun forum spot with many interesting conversations to come
  7. MANY of our members here on Lake Ontario United are from Canada and this forum was created as per their request. This is after all Lake Ontario UNITED right? I didn't want the fishing reports section to become too long in the tooth with reports from both sides, leaving others with an ocean of posts to search through so I broke up the forum (as per one of our Canadian members request) into two sections. Here's to you North Country
  8. Hunting season approaches and even though I do not do any hunting, I thought this to be kind of interesting.... $12,000 Dollar Deer Hunt? You will also notice that for the next two weeks, LOU auctions will display hunting relevant ebay items on the main page. So to all our hunters who are also fisherman on this board, enjoy and here is to a successful season - no matter how much money you spend on the hunt...
  9. Haha - sorry about that Tank! The image posts in true resolution format and doesn't get re-sized cause it posts as an HTML Doc and not a picture format. Some people like this and some people don't, but I personally don't mind it. You can always right click on the image and select "View Image" and this will open the image itself in a new window and depending on your browser (IE, Firefox, ect.) will be resized appropriately. Let me know if that helps. Thanks again Tank!
  10. Hey Henk - You can use either system/method of posting pictures that you prefer. They will both always work on this board. Does this answer your question? Thanks - Chad
  11. Now its even easier to post pictures. Simply select the "Add image to post" link and select the picture you want to display. Thats it! It even inserts the code directly into the message body for you. Enjoy!
  12. Welcome aboard Brian! We got lots of good fishermen from Hamlin on the board. Enjoy your visit!
  13. Hahahaha - Scott - we always tease him about that. You can always tell when dad has been on vacation cause his knee-caps will be sun burned (thats it!).
  14. UPDATE: New image upload mod installed. Simply click the link, select your image and thats it! Your done! Doesn't get much easier than that.
  15. Big Fisherman, On this board, when our members speak - I listen. You suggested an easier way to upload and post images. Try our new image upload mod - it really doesn't get much easier than that Hope this helps and keep the great stories coming. I am really enjoying all the adventure stories our members have to share. Cheers,
  16. Haha - great stories Rod! I'll attest to the '07 season being a great one and I really enjoyed meeting MANY new people at the tournaments.
  17. As the open lake fishing season slowly comes to an end here, I was curious to what some of your more memorable and funny moments were on the lake this year? I'll start... about a month ago we were out deep - 500-600 feet of water (perfect night - glass calm water) and we noticed something very odd on the horizon. It was VERY small and I thought maybe it was a deer so as we packed our rods and called it a night, we swung by the object. Turns out what we originally thought might have been a deer or maybe just drift wood was actually a 14 foot aluminum boot equipped with one dude, a fishing rod and a hand operated motor out in 600 feet of water! Talk about rolling the dice. I'd be scared to take that boat 50 feet from shore, let alone 600 feet of water. I wonder how many gas tanks he was carrying? Cheers
  18. I was asked a good question the other day that I wanted to turn around and ask the LOU community. The question was as follows: Of course, LOU was my first (and obvious) answer. But aside from LOU, what other sites do our members visit on a regular basis? Just curious.... Thanks
  19. Support those who support us. Check out the latest deals, news, events and other happenings from LOU SPONSORS. + CLICK HERE TO VIEW ============================================== If you have your own items you wish to sell, please see below for a tutorial on how to post your pictures. You want to share your photos with the community but are not sure how. No problem. This step by step tutorial will walk you through exactly how to post your own pictures on Lake Ontario United. There are TWO ways to post pictures on LOU. The First Way (and the easiest way) Simply click on the "Start New Topic, Reply to this topic or Use Full Editor (quick reply)" option to bring up the full post editor. After that, click on the ATTACHMENTS option below the post body and upload your images. The Second Way Setting up PhotoBucket Account. We need to make our images available on the Internet. Having them on your personal computer is not good enough so what we are going to do is setup an account with PhotoBucket that will host our images ONLINE for us! 1.) Visit PhotoBucket.com and register for an account or sign in if you already have one. 2.) Under where it says "Chose an Image" you will see a "Browse" button. Click on the "Browse" button and select the picture on your computer that you would like to upload. 3.) Once the image from your computer has been selected, click "Open". 4.) Then simply press the "UPLOAD" button. 5.) Your image will upload to the website and you will receive a confirmation message saying "Your Images have Uploaded!" Simple right? Ok, so now we have taken the images from your computer and put them on our Photobucket account. Now we want to share this image with members of the LOU community. 1.) Log into your photobucket account if you are not already. 2.) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see all the images you have uploaded. Click on the "IMG Code" text. This will AUTOMATICALLY copy the image code for you. 3.) Paste the image code into your message on the LOU Forum. The code that you paste into your message will look similar to this (but longer): That's it! Nothing to it and its very convenient and beneficial to both parties. Plus, you can use your photobucket account to post images on virtually any other message board out there. I hope this little tutorial helps and please private message me with any questions you might have. Kind regards,
  20. Great pictures guys! Thank you for sharing and I am glad to hear the tournament was a success.
  21. I think the number for Katlynn Marine is 315-483-9102 Give that a shot
  22. You be the judge.... Just a good laugh Jerry and I got this weekend.
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