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  1. I agree with bosco. I live about 1 mile from IBay and it is very easy to tow my boat to the launch. It gets pretty busy on summer weekends, tho. I like the off-season better. The last three Falls (Oct. & Nov.) the perch fishing has been fantastic with lots of big perch. Twice I have run out of bait and I can be very selective on what I keep. I only got out ice fishing about 3 times last winter, but am retiring in Jan. and expect to spend much more time on the ice this year. I haven't heard very much about walleyes through the ice at IBay, but will stay posted to this section to see how you make out. Any tips on open water locations, bait choices and techniques for 'eyes would be appreciated, too.
  2. Swamp Fox

    Lake Alice

    This lake is fun, if you like panfish. I have tried briefly for walleye, but was not successful, but the crappie fishing can get quite good. In open water times, you need to get to the launch early to get off-road parking. Also, lots of zebra mussels! It is part of the Oak Orchard River system. I plan to try it for ice fishing this winter. Anyone have any suggestions on where and for what?
  3. I love the color of the water in the "Don't know what it is..." picture! Looks like a lot of fun and a whole lot warmer than around here!
  4. Swamp Fox

    Canadice Lake

    Rusty Rat, could you please explain the process of jigging for smelt? Bait? type of jig? Light source needed? How do you keep them alive? This sounds like it could be a lot of fun and result in some good catches. I like the idea but would appreciate more details. Thanks....Swamp Fox
  5. Stopped by Braddocks on Sat, late AM, but the parking was crazy. Went over to Cranberry Pond and caught about a dozen in 2 1/2 hours. Only 4 keepers and all bites were on spikes and none on fatheads. Lite bite there, also. Ice was extremely slick, but solid 4 inches. How deep is Braddocks, with the lower water level?
  6. Swamp Fox


    Northeast is pretty shallow and known for small perch. I can wait for deeper water and bigger ones on the other end of my line. Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Thanks, John. I appreciate you "taking one for the team". At least it was your spud and not you boots that went through! Keep us posted.
  8. 3 blondes, 3 brunettes, 3 redheads and a sixpack....is that 10 items or just plain sexist? I know, I need some sensitivity training...well, you can whip me with an Ugly Stick for that one!
  9. As a teenager on Keuka Lake, fishing with some buddies from shore, we were using live frogs for bait, for Bass. We started messing around and not paying attention, until one of the drags started screaming. A school of ducks swam by our baits and one of them swallowed one of our frogs. We reeled it in but had to cut the line. Don't know what became of the duck, but I'll bet it left frogs alone after that.
  10. Swamp Fox

    Ibay 1/4

    Can't wait for the ice to form again. I know they're out there...it's just gettin' to 'em that's the problem!
  11. Just waiting for some decent ice, but it looks like the weatherman is predicting another warm spell fast approaching. Where's winter when you really want it? Happy New Year, all.
  12. All, This is a site that I stumbled upon and am glad I did! I registered immediately and look forward to learning and sharing. I live about a mile from Irondequoit Bay and tow my 16' boat to the Bay outlet. I love fishing for perch, mostly and IBay has some nice ones! I am just waiting for ice fishing season now. I hope that ice fishing reports for the Lake O. bays start coming in soon. I appreciate all the hard work it takes to keep a site like this running. My complements, BlueEye. Very nice job! The Swamp Fox
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