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  1. John, It could be a couple things... 1.) You could have forgot your password. 2.) You could be typing in your usernamee wrong. 3.) You have to remember that BOTH username and password are case sensitive. Send me a private message if you want me to reset your old userrname/password. It is easy to do. Kind regards,
  2. Hey Gambler - Thanks for the heads up. Incase anyone else did not hear, we recently install a couple hundred (yes 100's) of additional security features to the site. With such an upgrade in protection comes little problems like the system confusing normal users for spam/hacking attempts. We have been tweaking the system right along to try and get it to a point where we still have good security but aren't getting in the way of our member posting normal. Its a give/take relationship. I will continue to tweak and should you come across these messages still, simply try whatever it was you were doing once or twice more. If the system still doesn't let you in, then send me a private message explaining EXACTLY what it was you were doing. Including the URL of that page is also helpful. Thanks guys and again we greatly appreciate your feedback and support. We have since stopped just under 10,000 hacking attempts (amazing!) since putting the new security stuff in last week making us now the most secure fishing board on Lake Ontario Cheers!
  3. Hey Fellas, Some of you might have noticed the new security features put on the board recently. Infact, we have added a couple HUNDRED new security features. Since the addition - this is the results we have seen (just from this weekend!): This is GREAT news for the LOU board. It means we are really blocking all the crap that attacks the board every day. The draw back is that sometimes the security is TOO secure. Some might argue that a board can never be too secure, but others (as mentioned above) might disagree with that comment. The challenge finding a happy medium. Of course, I want the board to be as secure as possible but I also don't want our users to be turned off by the sites security features. With this said - I will continue to work on "tweaking" the system to hopefully get it to a state of perfection. In the mean time, if you receive a message like the ones posted above, you can send me a private message and I will look more closely into why you got blocked and if there is a fix for it. The fixes usually mean less security so this is a give/take relationship. When you do send me a private message, please INCLUDE EXACTLY what happened. Simply stating you got that message does not help me on this end. On a side note, I hope you all enjoyed the nice weekend and had a chance to get out there on the water. Take care everyone and thank you again for your concern! It is much appreciated and needed for our continuing efforts to improve the board. Cheers!
  4. I was curious how many members of LOU are currently placing in the LOC derby? I see Capt. Jerry Felluca and Capt. Pat Pullinzi up there. Infact I see Rebel Charters up there 3 times right now (3 different categories). Any other members placing?
  5. Let me know if you got any for sale? I also would need the clamp to mount on the boat too. I just picked up a little 12 footer the other day to keep down at the cottage. Thanks -
  6. Hey Tom, Very nice fish! Welcome to the board. Its the best group of fisherman you are going to find on Lake Ontario. Anything and Everything you could ever want to know is easily accessible. Enjoy
  7. So what is the best feature of your boat? The one thing that if you didn't have it would make your day far less enjoyable/productive. Is it your autopilot or maybe your trolling plate (no bags, no buckets) or something else? I'm just curious and I like to get ideas.
  8. That is a good idea Hermit. I will look further into that. Thanks for sharing
  9. Yeah Tom, site got zapped. I have since restored the most recent backup so hopefully we didn't lose too many posts. I back the site up on a weekly basis (sometimes more) and will look to putting in place further security features. Thanks for the patience everyone!
  10. Today LakeOntarioUnited is proud to announce it has teamed up with the world's largest online fishing derby - BountyFishing.com. BountyFishing was founded in January 2007 to provide the world's largest online fishing tournament, giving anglers the opportunity to compete throughout the year against other anglers from across the continent. The BountyFishing platform is web-based, but the fishing and the cash rewards are real. BountyFishing leverages technology that has made the internet and digital photography accessible to everyone. State-of-the-art digital imaging forensics, unique patent pending codes and technology for measuring fish will ensure the legitimacy of images supplied by contestants. BountyFishing is a trusted resource for anglers as a leader in promoting responsible catch-and-release fishing techniques. BountyFishing aims to be the number one meeting place for the global fishing community. Each week a new fishing tournament is held. Three species of fish are selected from the following list: - Walleye - Smallmouth Bass - Largemouth Bass - PanFish (black crappie, white crappie, yellow perch, bluegill) - Musky/Pike - Salmon (Chinook , Atlantic Coho) - Trout (Lake Trout, brown trout, rainbow trout) - CatFish/Carp (Channel Catfish, Common Carp) - Stripped Bass To read more about our partnership and BountyFishing please see our full article writeup here.
  11. Welcome to the site Matt! Glad to hear you are getting back into fishing. I really like your NYFalls site - what would really make it nice is a link back to LOU No site is complete without it.
  12. Sure Bob - right now if you click the logo in the top left corner of the site, it will take you back to the homepage. I will look at putting one in the footer too.
  13. Ray & Bob, First let me say thank you very much for the kind words. Let me also note that you need not do anything for me, though it is very kind of you. I look after this site because it has a very strong personal interest to me. I grew up on Lake Ontario and have fished it for the last 25+ years. Many of my fondest childhood memories came on these waters. I remember back in the hay day (mid-80's) when we would go out and catch 20+ salmon with no effort - all of which would be considered trophies today. It saddens me to see the charter industry fall off like it has over the last decade due to fish quality/quantity and gas prices. What drives me is knowing that if we can create the best fishing portal this lake has ever seen and bring together anglers from all over the lake (US and Canada) then there is hope to someday revive this lake to the trophy it once was. Communication is the key and the Internet is today's portal of choice. I will continue to work hard and look after this site not because I expect something in return from its members, but because I (along with many others) have a strong personal interest in seeing the future of Lake Ontario return to the world class fishery I remember it as. I know for a fact that the DEC and other environmental agencies check the site regularly to stay up to date with what is going on out on the lake. So know that when you speak here at LOU, you are being heard and seen by many. And by many, I mean close to 500,000 pageviews last month alone. I was asked last week if I would ever be interested in selling the site. I laughed at the individual cause I knew he was from some agency trying scoop up websites with no interest in their well being. It took me all but 5 seconds to tell him no offer would sufficient - this site is protected fishing grounds. You can rest assure I won't ask or ever expect anything from the members (even free charters!) except to abide by the site pledge and promote the site as one that fights to be heard for the right reasons. Cheers fellow anglers - Here's to LOU!
  14. If you look at the top of the LOU website now you will see a new tab titled "Articles". It use to be the old "profile" button but made more sense to change to articles. The profile link is still accessible in the footer. LOU articles was originally conceived after several LOU members questioned whether posts/articles they had written would be too long and not appropriate to post on a forum. Well now we have no limit to length. Here is a place you can find our very own collection of fishing related articles written by LOU members, for LOU members. Any fellow angler is welcome (and encouraged) to contribute an article to be published on the site. All others are welcome to post comments on articles already written. Posting a follow up comment is really EASY. Simply fill in the form at the end of each article and hit "POST COMMENT". No registration required. Take a moment to browse around and explore the newest addition to LOU. It was a long time coming (many late night hours and hard earned dollars went into its development), and we had way too many talented writers on this board not to take advantage of this. On a side note - thank you very much to all our beta testers. Your efforts were much appreciated. LOU ARTICLES LINK :arrow: Cheers!
  15. Your more than welcome Yankee. Glad you noticed On a side note, we also plan on launching a new LOU section of the website this week (later). The new LOU Section is called "LOU Articles" as some of you have probably already heard. Right now I am looking for some fishing articles to populate the database. If you have any (that you wrote - not copied from another website), send them to me and I will be happy to publish them. Stay tuned....
  16. Welcome to the board!
  17. Here is one you might be interested in Phil: 1980 19 ft.mfg fiberglas with 115 evinrude,radio,shrelndr tr
  18. Nice Job YT! Thanks for proving once again why this is the top fishing board for Lake Ontario on the web! We got the best fishermen!
  19. Yup, I think you are right. I made the fix.
  20. Orleans County Pro-Am Day 1 Results Pro Teams 1-Vision Quest---220.64 2-Yankee Troller---217.16 3-Cannonball/Stingerâ€â€
  21. Caught these rainbows aboard Rebel Charters this weekend. The first two pictures are of the same fish. The third one is another bow caught today as well. I'm sure Jerry or Larry can give you more information about them. Notice the tail and dorsal fin on the first fish. Gorgeous fish.
  22. I think Rebel did a 4 or 5 in the morning shift and the afternoon it got really bumpy out there so they stayed in tight. They only had 2 or 3 hours to fish the afternoon and I don't think they got anything that shift. Overall, I heard they had a good turn out but the weather was a bit tough on the fishing.
  23. Its nice to see how local fishing events can really help out the community and the annual Red Cross event is one example. Here an article from the D&C this weekend talking about the big fishing event going on today. I was curious as to how many of our own LOU members participated in the event? I know Rebel Fishing Charters does this every year as a way of giving back and helping out. Anyone else on LOU participate?
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