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  1. Thanks Hans, I'm sure the seals are on their way out, but I was hoping to be able to use the boat for the remainder of the holiday before pulling it out. Don't know how long the seals will last since the leak stops when the engine warms up. luckily its only a 19ft boat so trailering isn't a big deal. Guess I won't have to worry about it too much if the rest of the summer if the weather keeps up.
  2. Hi all, Turns out my previous issue with not starting was due to a faulty alternator. Put a trickle charger on the battery, got a new alternator and thing powered right up. Now the new problem. I have a very small antifreeze leak out of the weephole on the port side of the engine. Will drip (15 to 20 drips)until it warms up then stops dripping. My understanding is that I will have to replace the cam seals soon. I would really like to get thru the season before getting this done as I only use the boat 2 or 3 times a month. Does anyone have experience with Bars stop leak. will that get me thru the season? Does anyone know or have experience with a reputable and reasonable marine mechanic in the Sodus area? thanks in advance.
  3. Turns out it was the alternator. Took a jump start and engine fired right up. Volt meter only read 11.2 at the bolt. while removing the alternator, the bolt came right out. nut had been rattling around in the there for 2 days. I'm just hoping the battery which is a marine battery isn't toast.
  4. Cable ends are only a year old. I also changed out the solinoid when I upgraded to an alternator 2 years ago. have it on a solar trickle charger now. I'm just hoping it is a low battery situation caused by a weak alternator. That would be the easiest fix. Thanks for the advise.
  5. Had to get towed in yesterday. Fun on the water. Boats docked at S. end of Sodus bay. Got to the boat and it fired right up. Let the boat warm up, then ran out to the point. Anchored at the sand bar and messed around with the gas actuated trim tabs to adjust for a list. Tried to start it up but all I got was one turn then nothing but clicks. I have an '85 merc 170 with electronic egnition. Voltage regulator went bad 2 years ago, so I upgraded to a 1 wire alternator. Voltage read just over 12 at the battery that I purchased last year. Where would I start to diagnose the problem. Thanks, Mo
  6. Hi all, I have to replace my bunks on the trailer this season. What type of wood and carpeting have you all used? Thanks, Mo
  7. Hey Bob, Hope alls been well. I also have walker releases on my riggers, but have never used them. (still haven't been able to get out on my boat to fish). how do you attach your line to these releases?
  8. The fishing almost seems to be a month early this year. Since nothing else seems to be working, would it be early to start pulling the j-plugs?
  9. Hey Tracy, Good to see you've been putting some kings in the boat. Mo
  10. Why is it that the rookies on the leadcore/copper/wire. Funny how all the experienced guys only jump on the riggers.
  11. Ok, upgraded the charging system to an 1 wire alternator going to the old orange wire/Red and purple wire off the old Voltage regulator. Im currently reading between 13 and 14 V with a meter at the Alt, but only 12 at the voltmeter on the dash. Used to read between 13 and 14 with the old Stator/VoltageRegulator system. Haven't checked the voltage at the battery yet. Shoud the dash be reading the charge on the battery or the output from the Alt? Thanks in advance. Regards,
  12. Went out on the horsin around with Lou. Set up by 5:30 AM west of the bay. Started in 150 FOW and worked our way out to 250. Not a bite until 9. Then a steady pick until 11. Most fish came between 190 and 220 FOW down 100 to 110. Went 7 for 11. All big kings!!! Both spoons and flies worked. Spoon colors that worked were watermellon, blue and black. Glow spin dr with green fly and green echip with blue fly out 325 on the wire all fired. Great day on the water. A special thanks to Lou, Bill, and Paul for showing me the ropes and getting my dad from out of town on some kings.
  13. WWIV, Thanks. The boat is in the water. I do have a trailer, but would rather have it fixed at the boat. The engine is an I/O. This engine was designed with a stator and a voltage regulator instead of a alternator. I'm now 100% sure it the Voltage regulator based on a few hours of research. I've owned the boat for 3 years now. Mo
  14. OK, by the looks of things I think the Voltage Regulator is shot. I have an 86 wellcraft with a merc 170 engine. No alternator that I can see. Took the boat out Sat only to discover the smell of burnt wiring/rubber and for some reason the voltmeter was at 10V. Opened the hatch to see what the problem was. Found a black box with 3 or 4 wires had puffs of smoke coming out of it. Mostly yellow wire. This rubbery green/brown gunk was coming out of that box. Box is just under and behind the dipstick and has a 3/4 inch hose coming in and out of it. Called a marine mechanic and he thought it was the voltage regulator from my description. At that point I didn't even know what a voltage regulator was. Then I was floored when he said it would cost $400 for the part and another $100 to install. Boat is in sodus. Looked up the engine online only to find that this is a common problem with the 470/165/170 engines. Most put in an alternator kit either from Sierra for $500-$600. Wagner makes a kit that I found for $380. I also found a kit with a rebuilt one wire marine alternator or $295. Any wrenchers out there available to help me install the kit? Kit includes all the wiring the mounting brackets and the alternator. I'm willing to pay for your efforts. Thanks. Mo
  15. Went 3/7. Of course the captain blames the first mate for losing the 4. 2 other releases, but nobody home. Same program as Woody5442 mentioned on his sunday post. Green glow frog and monkey puke were the ticket in 20-40 fow all between 5 and 8 am. Had a nice steelie on, but lost it. Here's a pic of the 2 of the day's catch. Thanks for the fishing envite Tracy. I had a blast watching you reel in those pigs.
  16. Must have been caught in front of a nuclear reactor.
  17. Out fishing yesterday AM. found many fish stacked in the scum line. Funny thing was that there were multiple scum lines set up. At least 4 that I can see. All between 25 and 150fow. Is this a normal occurance? The next logical question would be how would we get these fish to bite. Marked tons of fish after 8am, but none would bite. Tried lures, stickbaits, flashers w/flies. Nothin. I guess experience will solve that part of the equation.
  18. Can't seem to find a groove on my own boat so I hooked up with Woody5442 and trolled in front of bear creek anywhere from 20 to 120 fow. Went 2-4. Both browns hit at the same time. Here are some pics of the browns. Is it normal to find more than 3 scum lines. Marked tons of fish all morning once we found the these lines. Tracy, thanks for hosting this trip. I had a great time.
  19. Got skunked again. Abolutely picture perfect evening except for the fact that the fish weren't cooperating. Tried the first point west of the channel in 30 -120. Marked lots of fish and bait. Had 2 dipseys set with spoons at 100ft and 75 ft on 3 and 2 flatlines out 250ft with sticks. got absolutely nothin. At least I caught a nice tan and a little buz.
  20. Planning first outing of the season tonight. Any word on the evening bite outside of sodus bay? We are limited to dipseys and flatlining, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Planning to head towards maxwell creek in search of anything that will bite.
  21. I already have a radio on board that died. just replacing the head unit and puting some sort of cover on. Thanks. Mo
  22. Good to see that you were able to get out. I'm just jealous that I haven't been able to get out yet. Planning on getting out sometime saturday weather permiting.
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