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  1. Thats crazy , is that from the river ? if so , where at , up by massena or near clayton ? That is awsome , only like 17 pounds short of the record .
  2. hello 870 , How is it going up there on the seaway ? i have been so lucky to have a place in Cape Vincent since i was able to walk . That whole region is so buetiful and such a great place to be , there is no place like it to me . oh yeah ,How has the fishing been ? Doug
  3. that first pike is a real slob , nice fish ! Growing up my love for fishing was in pike , those are my roots . I would love to go on some nice pike/or musky trips soon . Perch are so good . I have never been to conesus , im gotta get there . Here are a couple pics your sure to like http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/d ... erpike.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/d ... ngpike.jpg
  4. I love those , fighting the trolling motor is so funny ! The funniest blooper i ever saw was at sandy boat launch during the salmon run . A guy was there with his fold up chair and when he went to sit down , the chair folded and he rolled over backwards right of the dock and was completely under water at one point . LMAO , but not in front of him , i actually tried to help pull him out . I hope it wasnt none of you guys
  5. I was wondering if anyone new what the salmon and also trout not yet in streams or rivers are doing right now . Is there any way of catching fish in the lake right now ? I know spring is great fishing but can i find those fish now and if so , about where would they be , is it even worth trying ? I know most everyone has their boats out , but i am ready to go whenever its not frozen and if its worth trying ill be there . Im doing most my fishing at sandy right know and im doing good on browns by the first bridge casting and trolling , but i just want to change it up and maybe hook into a steelie , coho or nice jack . Ant info would be awesome , especially if anyone knows their patterns from now till spring , Thank you
  6. thanks guys , also how accurate is the speed ?
  7. I am looking into buying a handheld GPS unit (garmin 400-500 $) , was wondering if anyone uses one of these , or how they compare to a mounted unit
  8. //i17.tinypic.com/34qai4x.jpg[/img]
  9. gokudl3

    PERCH ?

    Thanks for the info . Im normally not to big into perch fishing but some nice perch sounds really good . where is the launch in the bay nearest to that spot , i have never been in the bay even though i have driven by hundreds of times . Thanks for the info on seneca but if im packing it up to go somewhere its the lower niagara . Thanks much i will let you know if i did anything
  10. gokudl3

    PERCH ?

    Im looking to get some nice perch tomorrow , havent really ever perch fished around here . Is I-bay near the bouys a hot spot , if anyone could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it
  11. My brothers first muskie and a nice one , we released this bad boy so he should be about three years bigger . Sorry about the image size , could not figure how to resize
  12. hey , i know that fat guy he is the one that wraps his line around my motor just about everytime i put my boat in . I love sandy , i consider it along with the thousand islands my home and favorite waters , but i sure see some real retards up there when the salmon start to run , i hope it works out for you king
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