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  1. Yep I'll do that. Its been a wild ride on the lake this winter for sure. I don't expect to see Andy till the water comes up and the weather breaks. Scott
  2. Sure Glen, come on down. You know you have an open invite. RR
  3. .. .....competition level just went up a notch! Yep it sure did! I should be right in the mix though. Not fishing LO this year as much. I have too much invested on Cayuga to warrent such expenitures! So I'm home ported this year and I'll be out a LOT! You can take that to the bank. No wait a minute, so my wife can take it to the bank. :roll: RR
  4. I have found that they all work for the salmon and steelies, its just they are not generally found in the same areas at the same time. I have hit it right once or twice and caught browns, steelies, cohos and kings all in the same area on the same rapala's. Black and silver, gold and orange.
  5. A quarter mile from my dock puts me in 200. but anyway, there were 50 HUGE Swans just off my dock this morning. What a site! They make the geese look like ducks! lol RR
  6. Thanks Bill, way too much of a PITA to do that. I'd have to pull the whole back of the boat apart to install them. Skiing has been fantastic! Sorry we didn't catch up on fri, The women thought it was too cold and windy for the kids to be eating outside. We tailgated on thurs though, it was great. RR
  7. Bill I have the high profile bases on my boat, no swivel. Would I have to re install those or would they fit on my bases? RR
  8. As long as it doesn't coinside with LOC functions I'd be glad to give you guys a butt whoopin. I think a digital camera would be fine Stix, I have a nice new lap top and could download everyones pics at the trophy ceremony. RR
  9. I have the L750. Its a great unit. I just hooked it up as per the instructions. I really like to run the split screen with the 50 and 200. I miss nothing. I think you will be very pleased with the FF. RR
  10. Laker fishing on Cayuga is excellent. Especially when the thermocline sets up. All you want and the DEC is promoting catch and keep because there are too many. All that stuff mentioned works. RR
  11. Absolutely. but all those threads were lost in the melt down.
  12. Depends where I am. Salmon: green on green fly rigs. Black and white or silver mag spoons. Browns: what the other guys said. RR
  13. I'm the old guy of the band. 47. Its fun playing with the young guys. They bring out the young girls too! but i look my age and I don't get hit on at all! :roll: my wife prefers it that way.
  14. forgot to add rockstar by night. Check out the website for any of you guys around the Fingerlakes area that like live loud classic and modern rock that might like to catch us. Shows are updated as they are booked. Added date for the Ithaca area guys. Feb 16th from 8 to 12 at Uncle Joes in ithaca. I keep tellin my wife I am savin my gig money for a new boat but I usually spend it on more guitars and amps! lol http://www.myspace.com/festerband RR
  15. Biochemist. Develope new novel recombinant protein therapy's for different diseases. Also worked on a natural proteinto kill quaga and zebra mussels. Which worked but is really only good for intake pipes. Dilution factor is too high to use in open water. RR
  16. Stix, I think those are only available at Tim Hortons. Keep up the good work guys. RR
  17. That cutco is nice for shaving off grave lox but this is the knife of choice. http://www.cutco.com/jsp/catalog/detail ... leId=10330 Cutco knives are the best but its gonna cost ya! I have several and I love em. RR
  18. I caught an old dead huge beaver once like that. STUNK! RR
  19. The safest thing to do is just get one and have it. I go to Canada quite a bit so I need it any hoo.
  20. Clarke, My Mother in law works for fed customs. she said that it would be a very good idea to have one. Not that they are going to check everyone but if you do get checked and don't have one, its gonna be a real drag and you won't be fishing any more that day. We just applied for ours. RR
  21. The lake is not low at all. My docks are still way wet. Its down about 8 in from summer pool. When its all the way down my docks are almost dry. If anyone needs to know the lake level just pm me. RR
  22. We just went sunday looking for perch. We wern't fishing for them, bit if we were we could have slammed em. Maribu perch jig tipped with a buckeye. We got about a half dozen. All that size. 4.5 to 5 lbs. 15 fow. Gambler that was frickin funny! RR
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