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  1. Onieda, right in the middle of the channel.
  2. Slab smallies this weekend. We were fishin for perch! Caught some giant perch too.
  3. My Grandfather was quite a reknowned fly fisherman and owned a fly fishing shop. He had the best quote ever! "My fishing lies are true" George Fletcher RR
  4. To me it doesn't do much as the water is in the mid 30's. If we don't get ice it will warm up quicker in the spring and make for some good early fishing. I bought a seasons pass to GP Bill! Tell me about it! Haven't even bothered to go. Can you say El Nino? RR
  5. One good tip for you guys. Try running small Jensen dodgers and streamer flies in white and red or green and white 5 to 15 down. They work great in the winter for LL. If you get on the fish, you will wail on em. Gotta pick thru the smaller ones but you will get some good ones too. Work around the points till you locate them. Then keep going till you run out of em, then circle back on em. One big circle all day. RR
  6. I just split right down the middle a full share for each person on board. After taxes! However I have never won more than 100 bucks so it hasn't been a problem. Anyone know the summer derby format yet? RR
  7. 80 lb test no drag. Threadfin alwifes for bait. We were also catching grunts and if you wanted to try for a giant, we ran those too. No drag cause the fish will just run right into the caves and cut you off. The fight was incredable with no drag. You really had to hold on. Couldn't use a belt because if you hooked a giant, it would take you right overboard. RR
  8. Got out for a charter the day after thanksgiving. What a time! We caught over 130 of these bruts! Most between 10 and 20 lbs. After I had my fill I went for a giant (100 lbs or more) hooke a huge one but it ended up being a 100 lb sea turtle. He was unharmed. We each kept 2 for eating. Rick was a great captain! Anyone who is down in that area should give him a buzz for some great fishing. http://www.gulfgrouper.com/
  9. I do this trip every year with my Dad and my bud, Tracy. The water was too warm this year but we got a few. When the water temp is in the mid 60's it makes the fishing tough. Idealy, it needs to be in the mid 50's for good action. Its a beautiful river! RR
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