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  1. Anybody know what this lure is ? Thank you.
  2. Check your spark plugs to see if they are resistor style. Should have a r in the number, if not buy some rated for your motor.
  3. This is a copy from another site. Basically two east wind conditions to deal with. I can recall few days that I had good fishing with a (constant) east wind. What I watch for, however, is the origin of the east wind. Is it constant blow from a low pressure or an approaching high pressure? Each weather system wind will create a different approach to fishing as well as what to expect for boating conditions. An east wind from an approaching high pressure isn`t bad, providing the weather front will have Lake Erie centered in the high. High pressure systems always rotate clockwise and soon after the east (mostly northeast) wind ends, it will be good for fishing and boating. The other east wind is the top of a low pressure system (they always turn counter clockwise), which will wipe out fishing for days and create a constant east wind. The same is true for the lower part of a high pressure; it will blow from the east for days and shut down the fishing. A quick glance at a weather map such as on http://www.weather.com will help in planning a fishing trip.
  4. The old trash landfill creek feeds into long pond too. Maybe thats why they stink?
  5. http://www.minnkotamotors.com/products/ ... water.aspx You could power this with a small Honda generator, crazy i know..... put they run on very little fuel.
  6. Lake Erie first ?? http://www.marinelink.com/news/project- ... 35565.aspx
  7. http://www.etecownersgroup.com/ This link has lots of info. Users outside the USA
  8. Before you buy any material make sure they (DEC Permit - Town )accept your proposed dock. Use galanized brackets that are adjustable to level it down the road if needed. Make it long as possible so you can rent the rest out.
  9. Please answer my questions on LOC Boat Derby: senario follows.... I enter my boat registration / name for $300. My buddy has his boat and enters his registration / name for $300. We are both entered in the summer loc derby also because you need a witness to follow derby rules. Fishing on my boat he catches a big brown trout that would qualify to win the (loc boat derby) daily prize - but he couldn't win because it was not caught on his registered boat? If i am by myself i could enter a big brown and possibly win the Loc boat derby daily prize but not place it in the summer loc because i was fishing alone. Does the owner of the registered boat have to reel the fish in on their own boat to win ? If i had a non boat owner friend on my boat and we both are in the summer loc he catches a big fish of the day it could not be entered in the Loc Boat Derby because he reeled it in, correct? Thank you.
  10. Ted has all the answers. If you dont like the "far right dont watch"
  11. Rob

    garmin ?

    Expand Your Memory Storing data is easier than ever with the 76CSx's removable microSD card. This included blank card stores up to 128 megabytes (MB) of optional maps or other data. The card slot is located inside the waterproof battery compartment, so you don't have to worry about getting it wet. When navigating on the road, the 76CSx provides turn-by-turn directions to your destination. It also accepts optional preloaded microSD cards with MapSource® data for your off-road or marine excursions. The last line states you can get an optional microSD card with MapSource for marine excursions. Not sure what that is all about have to do more research on it.
  12. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID ... featureTab Anybody have this. I want to get the chip for the lake and use it for the truck.
  13. Had tip ups out, no luck. Lost something jigging a cast master in about 25 ft water. Saw 8 other fisherman looked like a slow day for them too. Lots of cross country skiers on fire path.
  14. Dan there are many good captains, and different size boats. Here is one I would recommend - Frank Cambell , http://niagaracharter.com/about-captain-frank/
  15. Nice fish Tank. Have you been out for the smallies this year? Not many where they usually are this time of year infront of Braddocks. Rob from the bait shop.
  16. Reel and arrow set up. I used it twice several years ago and lost interest in carp "hunting" Blue fiberglass arrow, and carp tip included. $35 746-0231
  17. In the first pic the boat in the middle seems to have the wrong color running light. Green not red
  18. http://nyfalls.com/wildlife/Wildlife-fish-lamprey.html When was the last time the DEC treated the streams for eels? It looks like they made a comeback.
  19. I used the Seacast product and it worked. My transom was wet but not punky and decided to just replace it. Their website shows a chain saw removing the wood and thats just what I did. Sounds crazy but it worked great. My boat has an outboard so it wasn't that bad.
  20. Rob

    Conesus 2/6/09

    Not sure what area its called we walked out from the public launch east end.
  21. Rob

    Conesus 2/6/09

    1 Pike and 1 Tiger both released. Tip ups 12 feet water, shiners for bait. Jigged but no panfish.
  22. I found this one on the beach last year, but the fly was broke off. Must have been a big Salmon.
  23. Lake Ontario Greece NY area. What is it?
  24. Theres lots of fish to keep just look at the pics. http://www.attheoak.net/perch2008.html
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