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  1. went down last night no smelt yet
  2. Jeff

    Dunkirk NY Report

    Buffalo was dead for me saturday a.m. Thanks for the Dunkirk info , see you there saturday.
  3. how long can everyone keep taking the big females before it all ends just like the smaller lakes in canada. I like to release the larger ones ,not as good eating anyway.
  4. You must be fishing a different lake erie than I am. Fished Meyers,Seneca,and windmills 6:30 till 11:00. Didn't get one walleye or see one caught. Heard of a guy who had 1. Maybe I need a new Boat . Oh well maybe next week. Any reports from dunkirk or Barcelona?
  5. I hear they are hitting in buffalo. In front of windmills ,33' fow. Bottom bouncers and worm harnesses. I should be going sunday. Saw a guy who had some from inside the wall yesterday.
  6. I'm somewhat new to the lake erie perch thing , think I need some help. Guys near me pull in 3 or 4 to my one. I see their lost bait float by (emeralds). I can't find them anywhere. I'm using goldies and parts of crawlers. Any help would be welcome. Thanks Jeff
  7. subtroll ! do a online search you'll be 50 bucks under cabellas. took awhile for me to do it but love it now.
  8. power pro doesn't unravel. Love it , can feel every thing, no problem with hook ups or losing fish. Have noticed friends that are used to mono have minor problems. Get used to it you'll never go back.Keep your drag setting loose. Iuse 20 lb. it has dia of 6lb mono. With a 6 1/2' rod
  9. hear they are getting some after 12:00
  10. went on 4-5 got 5 fish. Going tonight to try.
  11. Have a 16' aluminum tracker boat. Noticed 2 places there is a x shaped tear a couple inches long with the rivet in the center. should I have a plate welded over this spot? or is there an epoxy that will fix this sort of thing?
  12. Thanks just wanted to see if what i have is ok
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