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  1. A LOU member suggested that I take a small temp and depth gauge and run it down the wire every now and then to actually see what depth the dipsy is running at.

    It is a good idea and has worked nicely for me.

    Also remember: 300 feet of line out on my reels will not be the same as 300 feet of line out on another reel. It depends on the make of the reel, the size, whether or not you have backing behind the wire and how full the reel is with wire.

    Its all trial and error....mostly error on my part till I spent time listening to the older members.

    Cabelas used to have it but I couldn't find it online just now. :(

  2. we use sampos ball bearing ones and have had good luck with them. We use large ones at the dipsy or the flasher/ dodgers and smaller ones on the leaders to the spoons, behind the flashers or dodgers

    gander and bass pro, and probably dick's have what you need, along with almost all the regular tackle shops along the lake.

    20 pound mono would be the minimum for kings, most guys run 25-30 mono.

    We use 25 # big game with good results.

    Please use the search feature and scroll through the posts on the board, You will get a good idea of leaders, depth, distance behind the ball and so on.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  3. Welcome aboard and I am glad to hear that you did well out of Sandy creek. It is usually our launch point as well.

    watch the weather and don't go out if the forecast is for north or north west winds above 5-10mph..they will generate 2'+ waves and that's not a lot of fun in a small boat.

    We have a 16' footer and we can get out there with the big boys probably 75% of the time that they can go out, so you will still get plenty of nice days on the water.

    have fun and stay safe.

  4. Yankee, You guys were WAY off in the distance when we saw your boat come out....I think we saw legacy out there too around 8am or so.

    We did put in next to you last weekend at sandy on sunday morning.....you know...when someone forgot to unhook the winch cable from your boat.... :D or is that they way you always do it? :D

    We were in the tiny little tan polar kraft in the other dock, the water was way too rough for us so we headed home after 5 minites in the water that day.

    The next time we will introduce ourselves. Glad to hear that you did so well yesterday.

    We will be back out sat morning if the wind is favorable.

  5. We put in the water around 5:30 and headed west out to 100 FOW to set up just north of the park. We found a nice temperature break at 55 feet down for most of the morning.

    We caught a mixed bag of fish, 3 kings, 4 steelhead , 3 lakers and a brown, as well as three others that we lost. The biggest was a nice 15 pound + laker that we lost at the back of the boat, the rest were in the 5-10 pound range. We kept two small ones for the smoker.

    Most of the fish came from 55-60 down in 100-125 FOW on NK28, watermelon, super glow green, glow frog, green dolphin, as well as a few custom taped green/sliver and glow ladder NK 28s. I think on was on a habenero.

    The three lakers came off of cowbells run right on the bottom in 115 FOW with a NK 28 plain white spoon with a black ladderback on it 30" behind the cowbells.

    The wind and the current were challenging to deal with in our small boat so we packed it in around 9:30 am.

    The fleas are getting pretty thick in a few places.

    Saw Silver fox, Yankee, and bandit, and Persistance out there along with several others that we couldn't tell their names.

    All in all one of our better mornings on the water.

  6. Thanks for the report!!!

    We are headed out tomorrow morning out of sandy creek at first light, if the thunderstorms don't roll in :shock:

    Where were your fishing? west or east of Sandy? What depths were you working in and how deep were the fish?

    If you see us out there tomorrow morning give us a shout , we are in the tiny tan polarkraft...just look for two crusty old men grumbling to each other about their wives...

  7. Ray,

    I wish I had checked the LO message board earlier in the evening, we would have loved to add a few extra rods to your spread. We were learly about going out sunday morning in our little boat and it proved too much for us, so the wife put me to work for the day.... :(

    We had the boat in the water about 5 minutes at sandy creek and turned around as soon as we saw the waves :shock:

    next time I, and my father, would love to hitch a ride, anywhere in western Monroe or orleans county. heck, we'll even pay for gas.

  8. Welcome aboard Hijinks, these guys are great and are more than willing to share all the secrets of fishing on LO.

    I suggest stocking up on 42nd spoons and habeneros...

    we fish out of a 16' polarkraft and as long as you pay atention to the wind and weather you should be fine. Pay attention to the NOAA forecast and don't even try going out anytime it forecast 2-3'+ waves, with a North or North west wind direction - it will be a bumpy ride for a 16' boat.

    Lake trout are just off the bottom in 85-95 FOW, try running cowbells and NK28 glow frogs, put the riggers just above the bottom.

  9. We managed to get two small kings, a steelhead and 4 lakers on sunday, we had a heck of a time getting to the right temp and depth, plus the current was really playing havoc with us everytime we tried to make s curves. we ended up trolling at 1.4 going west, 2.1 going east to get the right speed on for the right lure action, I noticed you were a bit faster in shallower water.

    I think we were pulling in a nice laker 10+ pounds when you were pulling in your lines.

    See everyone next weekend!!! what's the best channel to chat over out there?

  10. I took a look at this boat in Brockport ( rt 104 ) west of 19 and it looks clean and very well maintained.

    Now if I can just find $10,000....grumble grumble...

    Anyone want to buy a custom cherry dining room set? First $10,000 takes it!!!!


  11. I suggest going to wire setups for dipsies, mostly because you can get deeper, and avoid fleas. we us power pro in the spring but wire is better if you want to really get the most out of your dipsy rigs.

    We use Diawa sealines 47 reels, diawa heartland 9'6" dipsy rods, 1000 feet of 30# Malin seven strand line and the larger size 0 dipsy with the ring.

    Good luck!!

  12. We were out in the afternoon/ evening in the 90-100 FOW range by the park and had similar results. Picked up a few nice fish and a lot of hits that tripped the releases but no one was home by the time we picked up the rod.

    We marked a lot of bait schools in the 70-80 foot range pretty consistently in the 90-100 FOW range.

    We had a hard time finding consistent temps, the water seems to be upwelling in that depth range.

    Just for fun we ran cowbells on the bottom with a NK 28 green and black ladderback, caught 4 lakers in a row trolling slow to the east in front of the water tower in 90 FOW, 90' on the rigger counter ( probably 85' at the lure )

    A beautiful night to be on the water. We finally had a little bit of fleas on the line, time to switch to wire!!!

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