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  1. Habby Bday Jer!!! Didn't know we had the same birthday........enjoy your day sir -Shaun
  2. RIP Captain Sam......He will be truly missed by us "Rochester" guys Shumway wont be the same.....
  3. Sounds like Mr Lenny bones has been put to shame by too many pinners
  4. Fishtix, I would try World Wide Marine Training, thats the organization that I used and I was able to take it right in Batavia at the Holiday Inn. Captain Larry Walker is a great guy and the price was comparable to any other class. Try this link...oh yeah they also can give the test right on site which works out to be pretty convenient. http://www.wegivethetest.com/ -Shaun
  5. Awesome site, especially for any products of Dreamweaver. I have had nothing but good experiences from the online store and also Captain Scott is a great guy...if you need anything from Dreamweaver that is the site to use....
  6. Paul, Thanks for the quick response. Half of my problem is I wait till the last minute to send in the registration fee :roll: , but anyways no biggy just thought I would make a recommendation. See you there... -Shaun
  7. Well as we all know it is coming down to the last minute for the Niagara entry fee to be in to the Newfane Business Association. Of course I wait till today to cut the check and come to find out I have to send 2 seperate entry forms along w/ 2 seperate checks for each Pro-am held on the west end of LO. It makes it a little frustrating considering the events are in conjunction w/ each other and we are fishing the Challenge cup as well. But anyways just thought I would mention something along those lines so maybe in the future we can be able to cut one check and not have to fill out and mail in 2 seperate entry forms to cut down on cost and time. Just my two cents..... -Shaun
  8. John, It depends on what type of release your using on the copper. If your just running it down the chute or in a rod holder off the side then you can run it whatever length/depth is hot, but if your looking to run it on a board or a yellowbird...out to the backer is preferred. The only reason being is that the majority style of releases that will be strong enough to hold copper/core are usually strong enough to kink the copper as well. Hope that helps... -Shaun
  9. Yes Sea squirrel that was him... The boat is docked at Wilson Boat yard for the first month or two and then headed back home-Rochester -Shaun
  10. Yes it is a sweet boat Adam... Sure as hell not mine, thats for sure You don't want to see the gas bill for that thing!!!! Not good... We stayed right at the boat yard Adam and it was a great weekend. the boat will stay put till the pro-am and then Mark-owner will be headed back to Rochester where were from. If I'm not mistaken, you were up there as well this past week. Next time stop in for a beer, were right next to the restaurant...pretty hard to miss
  11. Yes it was Adam...good guess Its hard to miss that thing on the water!! It was an epic weekend to say the least....... :roll: Well over thirty bites on sunday, just not any 28lbers to win the derby... Good luck to all in the upcoming pro-am -Shaun
  12. Ohhhhhhhh boy I can't wait, sounds like great time and good luck to all teams fishing the pro-ams
  13. Your very welcome Neil...in case you are wondering the majority of the charter boats out there use channel 8 and thats probably why your not hearing anything...My name is Shaun and the name of the boat is Flatout... Good luck Shaun
  14. Neil we were one of those boats out there off shore and man did things pay off for us.....we took 2 kings over 15lbs, 1 atlantic, and a mixed bag of coho and steelhead all throughout the day. Never had a touch before 8:30am and then all hell broke loose. We had the wire take a shot at 90 back on a 3 setting w/ an opti dodger and a siggs green hypnotist, riggers from 20 to 70 down w/ purple and green nk dimple lites...and of course all surface rods were hot w/ jr thundersticks and yozuri's. Hope that helps....
  15. Can you post some pictures of the rod...I may be interested Thanks Shaun
  16. Mark I see you were on your favorite boat that day!
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