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  1. Are the abu garcia reels right or left hand models? Please PM we with a price for both. THanks, Bob
  2. Thanks for the repies fellas. I am from NE PA and I think the local chapter in my area is MI 50. I probably can't make the meeting but appreciate the invite. I have been talking aobut heading up to Waneta for awhile and am glad I finally have some time to invest on learing the lake. I fished the Moon River in Canada a few times over the past few years and the musky bug has def got me.....something about the elsuiveness of that fish makes me want to focus all my attention on it. Fishing for salmon and walleyes seems to lose its luster with the thought of a 50" tugging on the end of my line. I have slowly amassed a nice collection of musky gear and seem to have some of the above lures. I will keep you posted as my plans always work out better in my head.
  3. Hello Fellow Musky Hunters, I am just starting to get into musky fishing and planned on spending a few days on casting on Waneta. Not looking for any specific spots as I enjoy trying to figure that part out myself. I was wondering if any seasoned Musky Hunters can point out a few must have late summer/early fall Waneta lures. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing my trials and tribulations as a new musky fisherman. Bob
  4. For sale is my 25hp 1987 Mariner outboard. It is a short shaft tiller with electric start. Motor starts and runs well. Just serviced by dealer. New plugs, carb adjusted, impeller and thermostat. Motor is in good overall condition but keep in mind it is a 25 year old motor so there are signs of usage but in now way has been abused. Prop is in excellent shape too. Can be seen at Oneida Lake on the weekends or Sranton/Wilkes-Barre during the week. Price: $1100
  5. It is definitely spring loaded and I can raise the motor with one hand. I don't know if that is considered lift assist or I am just that strong..I would go with the first one. LOL!! Here are the specs- http://www.garelick.com/product.php?pnumber=71033 Bob
  6. Used Garelick Outboard Motor Bracket. I used it with my 2005 Mercury 9.9 4-Stroke. The mount is in good working condition. Retails for around $200. I will sell it for half ($100) plus shipping or you can pick it up. I live in Scranton PA but fish out of Olcott and Oneida depending on the weekend.
  7. I have for sale a LOWRANCE LGC-2000 GPS ANTENNA new in the box and never used $150 shipped to you. This package contains an LGC-2000 GPS antenna/receiver module with the parts needed for mounting the module on a flat surface or pole. This module is compatible with any NMEA 2000 ready blue connector Lowrance® unit. It can also be used with a red connector with an adapter.
  8. I have the following items for sale: Shimano Spirex FD 4000 with box and spare spool- excellent condition $35 Quantum Pulse 40 with spare spool- used $30 SOLD 2 Cabela's Depth Master Trolling Series 8’6†Downrigger- Never Used- $15 ea SOLD Eagle Claw Starfire 7’6†trolling rod with twili tip- used $20 Gander Mt Guide Series 9’ spinning rod Steelhead-excellent condition- $30 SOLD Cortland CTR 1000 9’ noodle spinning rod used- $30 Okuma Connoissur 8’6†spinning rod- used (cork split on handle) $15 I can and will ship. Email me if you have any questions. Shipping will be $5 extra. [email protected] Thanks for looking, Bob
  9. My heart dropped as I watched 16 lb weight snap a big jon like a tooth pick this year. Not to mention it was the probe rigger. It snapped right where the boom threads into the base. We got lucky as someone was standing right next to the rigger and grabbed it quickly. We avoided loosing everything, the lighter test cable broke as it was designed and we only lost the ball. We were fishing in 4 to 5 footers though. The nice thing about the big jon was we rethreaded the boom and it is now just a few inches shorter-but it works fine. I still think that those big weights have got to really stress the equipment but its tough not to put them out when you know the fish are down deep.
  10. I have fished with Sheldon and have no reservations giving him the recommendation. He is first class all the way. Here is a link to his web page. http://www.ezelo.com/. Fishing a day with him certainly shortens the BOQ learning curve. I even have proof. We fished with a crippled boat Friday and Saturday and managed to boat 9 eyes and lost 4. We had to cut trip short because of my pos boat, but the big girls are there. Good fishing. Thanks Landshark for the vid and great report. Bob
  11. John, Never made it back. With the way the economy was, I only could take one fall trip. I know poor me. I went to the Bay of Quinte for some trophy walleye fishing instead. There is the possibility I may go back in May to do some spring fishing. But, I'll have to wait and see. This was my first time ever there, so I'm not to familiar with the location of Iron City Bay. Here was where we were. The circle at the upper left marks the club's location at the southern tip of Pennsylvania Island. Moon River Marina is located at the bottom right, it is about a seven mile boat ride from Pennsylvania Island.
  12. Hey thanks for the info guys. I need to find a place for my camper by April. Those will be some good places to start. Most likely, sometime between now and then I will take a ride from NE PA to check some sites out. Even though they'll probably be snowed in. In the past, we launched at the state launch at Godfrey PT. We preferred this launch over the south shore, but to be honest, it really doesn't matter. We generally fish the east half of the lake. Ideally, I would like a campground within 10-15 minutes from the launch. Sylvan Beach area would be ok too. It would be nice to have my cake and eat it too. Hope you had a merry fishmas. Later, Bob
  13. It seems lately that I have been fishing Oneida Lake more than than the Big O, so it makes sense to make that my home port. Can anyone provide me with some information on seasonal campgrounds in the Oneida area. I am looking for a place that will be available for spring/summer/fall fishing but is also capable of winter storage. Oh yea, electric and water too. Thanks for any info in advance. Bob
  14. I've been storing mine outside for the past 3 years and do the same as suggested except switch step 3 & 4. Easier to broom the snow off and I feel it lessens the risk ripping a $500 cover while brooming.
  15. Made my first and last salmon trip of the year Friday and Saturday to the east side of the lake. Friday morning set up in 120 FOW between the South Dune and the SR. 1st fish came on the monkey puke 28 size free slider so not sure of the depth. 20 lber. Felt good to get the skunk off. It was slow pickins, dropped the next 3 off the dipsey. Finally the fourth and fifth times were the charm. Landed a 27# and 28#. Both fish came off the wire using a black dipsey with a green spin doctor and a hammer fly. #2 setting back 200 and 230. Only one steelhead in the evening. Saturday on a south troll between the North and South Dune hit a double one on the wire and one off the rigger. Spin doctor on the wire back 190 and NBK on the rigger down 70. Landed two nice kings over 25 lbs. Did one more king about 28# in the morning and that was it for the trip. Overall, the weather was fantastic, lake cooperated, and the boat ran great . What more can you ask for. It was a good trip. Will be giving it one last shot out of Olcott next week. Hopefully the kings will be in... So long for now.
  16. My only fear is that when I die my wife will sell my fishing equipment for what I said I paid for it. Ha ha Bob
  17. The boat is sill available. You can call me at 570 760 7000 for any further information. I am located in Northeast Pennsylvania. Bob
  18. Was there the first week of July doing some musky fishing. Fishing was slow, but scenery was spectacular. This was the first time I was ever up in that area. I stayed on Pennsylvania Island at the what else.. Pennsylvania Club. Plenty of hammer handle pike and lots of nice small mouths helped alleviate the slow musky fishing. If you get the chance, I suggest heading over to Sans Souci and getting a blueberry ice cream. That always helps when fishing is slow. I was invited back in September and may give the muskies one more crack. Will keep you posted. Bob
  19. This boat is a fishing machine. Great boat for someone looking to get in to the sport and start of with a completely rigged boat. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... OTORS:1123 Click link for pics and info.
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