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  1. Hello all, Great hunt today!! This morning found us settled into our watch on the other side of the swamp...nice coating of snow on the ground. At about 6:50... I am looking to the north and Mitch says...dad hold this... and hands me his coat/vest/two shirts, he says his under armor is bothering him...either (Thanksgiving or the dryer struck) so off comes that right down to nothing.... after the quick change we get settled again...and about 7:20 I look south two see two deer headed our way through the woods. GET READY BOY!! 4/5 pointer in the lead...he does it all right and waits for the perfect spot/shot at about 45 yards...BANG... buck spins and comes straight at us he jacks another shell and BANG...now the buck kicks in high in high gear!! GONE!! Watching this whole thing unfold was the most exciting thing I have every witnessed.... I was shaking like a leaf! Mitch looks at me and says "What happened?" ...I responded you did everything right its different shooting at paper than the real thing...after a quick check for blood and hair... I return to the stand.... let him know that a clean miss is way better than a bad hit!!! Twenty minutes later we head north to see what we could see.... well don’t we run into a 10 or 12 point headed right at us on the skidder road...counted 8 big beautiful daggers at 100 yards...what a brut...no shot...Mitch says next Saturday is his day!!! Stay tuned... he said he would chime in after the season.... Take care and good luck!! Chuck
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Mitch's hunt today started with us in a ground blind we had set up yesterday...across the swamp where we have watched 5 bucks and numerous does move over the three days we sat there. Wouldn’t you know it we watched that 2.5 year old you speak of Ray...cross under the stand across the swamp!! Shawn definitely the same gene pool as the one I got in 2007!! I have never scored a buck before but gave it a conservative poke after this mornings hunt-came up with 142-1/8"gross and 136 3/8"net....we will see how close when a pro does it! (6 1/8" right base and 5 1/2" left base-19 1/2" and 19 3/4 beams) Couple more shots...best of luck everyone!! Chuck Caught him crossing this narrow hill top field yesterday...this picture was taken today at the spot he was standing when he was shot...I was 233 paces straight ahead...
  3. Great day in the woods with my son Mitch today!! Been working to get him his first deer...hunted three days this season...and he is the trigger man tomorrow!! Shot this fella this morning!! 22 1/2" inside spread...12 pts... Chuck
  4. Steve, Great buck and way to stay with it!! Well deserved with the hours you have put in..beast of a chest on that patuina eater Chuck
  5. 33- That is one fine buck and a great story!! Congratulations!! Palmated buck to go with the Palmated Rainbow ? Very nice! Chuck
  6. Shawn, Way to go!! Great buck and might I add... looking younger everyday !!! Chuck
  7. Hit the north end of Canandaigua from 7-11:30 with the beagle. Fished the drop off in 90-125 fow, rigger set at 73' with sutton west river 20' behind ball and wire out 190-300 feet..green/green....it all worked today. When one would fire the other would as well (5 doubles). Ended with 2 bows 20" & 22", and lost count of the lakers around 15..or so (all 18"-25") they shut down around 10:00, like someone threw the switch!! Chuck
  8. Fished the north end today to Meneth Pt. with buddy Steve, from 6-10:30 did 3 Rainbows and 3 Lakers. 45 fow on the bows (Stingers) and 70 fow on the lakers (green dodger/green fly-out 215')--70 fow out to 208 fow... Nice bait pods and active fish just south of Meneth pt...The largest laker went 33" and the largest bow went 18".. The man in the booth hits you $7.00...with out the sticker on the window. Chuck
  9. Tom, Great fish!! Good to catch up with you!! Chuck Great looking photos!!
  10. Mike, He is allll there!!! Way to go!! Chuck
  11. Hit Hemlock this morning from 6:00 to 1:00 with my son Mitch. Things seem to be getting better!! Did one Rainbow bout 4lbs, two lakers one 4lbs and one dink, 2 smallmouth and 2 Eyes each bout 7lb... all out over deep water shallow on the riggers 25'-35' down, eyes came one after the other 12:30 and 12:45 dead flat and bright sun..go figure!! Chuck Sorry...Don't know how to turn the old boy!!
  12. Keith, No problems on my skin...but if i rub my eyes after striping them from the lines my eyes will burn and water for three days ... (Canandaigua) I now use antibacterial wipes every time I strip them....or fish a lake that they are not in!!! Chuck
  13. Mike, Great report and nice fish!! Worked the north end solo this morning down to Meneth Pt..63' seemed to be the hot rigger. Suttons/needlefish and a purple/black jointed challenger. Caught fish from 40'-80' 5:30-10:00 5 lakers and one little bow (dropped 2 other lakers). 7-8lb laker 80' down off the tip of Meneth was the top fish of the day...few flees...Nice suprise was right!! Chuck
  14. Chris, Nice work on the LM...What happens to the trout in there in the summer? Come to think of it...We did do one rainbow bout 4lb's and lost another nice one last Thursday...40 down over 70...and had 1 laker hooked up 53 over 70...But couldnt buy a bite Sat or Mon... Chuck
  15. Sean, Thanks!! You had already put that in the original post...now that I reread!! Great day on the water!! Fleas bad? Chuck
  16. Sean, Thanks for the report...gives new hope for the next weekend!! Hemlock seems dead with the heat!! Not sure what happens in the dog days of summer? Fished it hard Thursday, Saturday and Monday all for 2 smallmouths...If you dont mind me asking what depth were you finding 56 degree water at? Chuck
  17. Shawn, Great fish!! Sounds like a great day too!! Chuck
  18. Hello all, Thanks for the kind words!! I would agree completely that it is a very special fish and even more fitting that it came from a very special lake! I have always thought that Hemlock is a real salad bar for anything that swims in there, which I think, adds to the difficulty of the way that it fishes! I would hate to think it is a once in a life time, but it definitely will rank right near the top!! Steve dropped it off at Lake Country Taxidermy in Williamson on Sunday morning...I am hoping to work out with some type of custody agreement with visitation when he gets it back! One more shot which is attached that really shows the size of the fish!! Good Luck to All!!! Chuck
  19. Mitch says he is not lucky!!! It's all skill!!!
  20. Hit Hemlock this morning with a good friend Steve, who I had been trying to get out with for a while......shouldn't be a problem now!! Fished from 5:30-10:30 a.m..Did 1-Small-mouth about 3 Lbs, 2-Rainbows one at 3 and one at 5 Lbs. and a 21 Lb.-4 oz. Brown . We ran the 40-50' foot range for a while but the fish seemed sparse, dropped out over the 70-90' range and this fella hit the slider with the ball down 60' handed the rod to Steve and the fight was on 15 minutes later he was on the bottom of the boat! Ran the regular orange and white spoon program... Happy Father's Day!!! Chuck
  21. Be out on the north end Saturday and Sunday..17' black and tan Smokercraft 90 horse Yamaha... Good luck to all!! Chuck "Laker Taker" Steve "ssfran21" John "Old Guy Behind the Wheel"
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