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  1. Great looking Buck! Even better with the M-loader! Congrats! Chuck
  2. Great looking fish!! Congrats! Chuck
  3. Official scored today...Final net 140 4/8" grossing 158 1/8" Good winter to all!! Chuck
  4. Hello all, Need some help for a friend who is looking to do a fly-in-trip this summer in Northern Ontario/Quebec? He is looking for top quality Walleye/Northern fishing? Facillities not as important as the quality of the fishing-numbers of Walleye would be the most important thing. Any ideas/recomendations? (4-7 guys for seven days) Thanks Chuck
  5. OUTSTANDING BUCK!!! Congratulations... way to stay with him!!! Chuck
  6. Hello all, Had him green scored today green he nets 139-4/8" , with a total gross score of 158-1/8" as a main frame 8pt . (Dan very strong estimate!) To all thanks to all for the many kind words and best wishes for a great rest of the season! Chuck
  7. WOW! Very nice way to start! Awsome bucks! Congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving for sure! Chuck
  8. Dan, Thanks! And I saw your e-mail back to Steve...Thanks! At some point we have to connect. He and I met yesterday, as he had frozen the head and cape for me. I droped him off at Scorza's yesterday, and having a low sneek right turn mount of him done. I figure it will bring that left antler out front on the mount, and that happened to be the last look he had while on the trail of those other deer. Happy Thanksgiving! Chuck
  9. Thanks Guys!! I havent gotten him scored yet but thinking about 135-140ish? He has great mass all the way out. I think I am taking him in to Scorza Brothers in East Rochester tomorow. I am open to any ideas though? He was hot on the track of a six/seven pointer that was between him and the doe at 7:30am pretty morning about two inches of fresh snow... I guess I made that deers day. I am glad I did'nt pull the trigger on the 6/7... Hunting a beautiful farm in the town of Savannah. I think he was the same deer I missed last year, funny how they stay around....sometimes. Chuck
  10. Connected Saturday Morning! He was on a hot doe!
  11. Fished out of Woodville this morning 7-11:00 trolled the west side to Wiskey point..Cool/Cold morning! Very cooperative fish, managed 11 total as follows: 1-RT 25", 3-BT 22", 23", and 17", 7-LT 20-27", lost another large RT. Trolled in 80-110' FOW riggers at 60' and 80' & slidders, 7 colors of lead, and dipsey everything was working...flatfish/needlefish combos...great time to be on the water!!!
  12. Doozer, What is a Hemlock Spinner? I have never seen one... live minnow scent? Have you caught trout on them? Steve, the army green with aqua stripe would look nice! However, your brother and I have confered and considering your current productivity you may want to look into perhaps black with a white stripes See you out there! Chuck
  13. CS, Wow great chunky FL fish! Nice job... the rig looks great! Steve, I am shocked that you would expect that from me! Perhaps that pretty blue colored boat is spooking the fish? See you soon! Chuck
  14. 1999 Hoyt Aspen compound bow with Redline H.O cam. , Illusion Camo, 28" Draw R/H 50-60 Lbs draw. All set-up includes... Hoyt Microlok Glo-Dot sight, NAP Quicktune rest, Tru-ball Tornado release. Hoyt quiver and hard case. Great hunter, all set up ... very forgiving and easy to shoot 8 1/2" brace height. Nice anodized finish (not found on current Hoyt bows, changed finish process in 2001?) aluminum machined riser. Not shot or hunted with in over 4 years. Looking for $300.00 + shipping or pick-up. (over $800.00 all together new in 1999). All original paper work. PM me for other details or offer. REDUCED TO: $200. offer
  15. I bought the 522c this spring and really like it! I mostly fish the finger lakes. Great detail in marking fish and the map in the unit is pretty solid, I think you could get more detail with a card which you would need anyway for LO as it is not part of the internal map that comes with the unit. I dont know if I will ever figure out all that the unit will do...
  16. Andre, You da man! Great job!! Excellent report and way to branch out. Got my heart puming just reading about it! Chuck
  17. You may want to look at a Smokercraft-model...Ultima 17'-6" or 19' would be fansastic, my bother bought the 17' -6"last year and it is a dream to fish out of. 90 Yamaha 4 stroke. He looked at the Starcraft as well and it seemed like alot of the same boat for a few thousand less...
  18. Hello all, Anyone ever hear of a device called a QUEG fishfinder? From the description of this thing it is a small black unit about 3"x 2"x .5". When lowered into the water and retrieved reads the maximum depth and temp at 5' intervals back to the surface.... Any good? Where would you purchase one? I have heard that Cabela's carried this thing last year but no longer.... It is made in Germany and was imported through Koch Measurment Devices in NC. Thanks Chuck
  19. Mark, I just bought the new Lowrance 522c with internal GPS. Used it on five trips so far between Hemlock and Canandaguia. I like what I see thus far. Don't know if I will ever figure out all that it will do. Chuck
  20. Tom, Thanks!! Great idea's especially the jigs! I never would have thought of that one. When it clears it doesnt blow smoke, however, the exhaust smells very rich... Oil? You have me thinking here.. The gas is always fresh with a 2 and 1/2 gallon tank I run 6-8 hours on half a tank and then filler up again, high test only. All new gas one month ago. Chuck
  21. Tom, Great idea!! Will do, I would have to stop fishing though. Chuck
  22. Hello all, Looking for a little help. Wonder if anyone has ever experienced anything like this before? I have a 1994 honda 9.9 four stroke which runs fantastic.... except sometimes, I think will begin to run on one of the two cylinders while trolling. This is after the motor has run wide open and trolled for 2-4-6-8 hours. Or at start up... sometimes... if I don't allow it to run for about 30secs with the choke out, before pushing in the choke and putting it in gear. When this happens the motor runs real rough and makes a bang, bang, bang noise. This usually fixes itself by putting it in neutral and turning the throutle up, and will run great after. Any ideas? :idea: I put new plugs, fuel filter, oil and lower unit lube every year (less than a month ago). Fuel Line? Carb adjustment? Starving for fuel? Thanks in advance Chuck
  23. Almost game time!! Good to hear from you all! Looks like good Friday may be the first trip. Just picked up a new Lowance 522c color fish finder/GPS See you all on the water. John...I replace the lower gear oil the same way as L.williams Chuck
  24. I agree, stay at the north end through the middle of July. When you head out from the launch hit the dropoff in the NW corner down to German Bros Marina turn around and troll the edge headed NE to the middle of the lake (almost a submerged point right in the middle of the lake-perfect spot). loop around and you'll hit fish. (Lakers & Browns). I have also had luck trolling a third of the lake from Cottage City to Long Point on the east side and around Menteth Point on the west and into the cove to the south of it. (Lakers/Browns and Rainbows). Best of luck Chuck
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