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  1. Hey Mika, Years ago you sent me some flashers to try. Great stuff. Let me return the favor. Send me your address and I will send you some flies and bait heads free. Guys are doing great on a reservoir in NJ fishing for lakers, rainbows and browns with these heads. They are running minows/shinners they get from the local tackle shop. Jason will be trying them on the finger lakes for us soon. We have 2 styles of flies and the new Vibrators that are also working with long leads. Take care, BW www.bigweeniebrand.com <<< send your address to me here
  2. Whole herring looks good to go and these heads will hold alewives just as well. Rotate great and the chrome tape is awesome. www.bigweeniebrand.com
  3. Hey Guys, just added whole bait rigs with chrome taped heads to the site. These will spin 4 to 8 inch bait fish. Chrome has always been good and guys like Yukon Joe and Randy from hit or miss charters will tell you about our quality. Owner hooks and made to last. Special right now $9.95 but I only have a few as I am taking a week off to fish a tourney Jon's little salmon is carrying our stuff now to. Thanks so much Big Weenie www.bigweeniebrand.com
  4. www.bigweeniebrand.com Hand tied flies, Owner hooks $4.00. Also meat rigs, flashers etc
  5. Buy 5 flies get 1 free. Got to get the word out and please check the site. Thanks for all the orders, Big weenie Just type in the name of the free fly you want when you check out. bigweeniebrand.com
  6. Hey Guys, we have some new flies ( dirty dog flies ) and hats added to the website, please check them out just click on shop. Also buy any meat rig or flasher get a free fly. Thanks alot bigweeniebrand.com
  7. Hey Guys, after many weeks and wanting to drown our web guy we got the paypal working last night. Randy ( hit or Miss ) can vouch for the quality and I sent Mark ( reeljerks ) some meat rigs and I think he will to.So for any LOU guys, for every flasher or meat rig you buy I will give you a fly. Thats a fly for EVERY meat rig or flasher, 6 rigs, 6 flies etc. Just type in LOU when you use paypal and what fly or flies you want. I will do this thru March. Owner hooks and John King flashers and great prices anyway. Thanks so much good luck, Big weenie bigweeniebrand.com < we rescue weeniedogs hence the name 616 233 0618
  8. Hey Jax, Yea we have our prices low but if anyone buys 10 of something I will throw in 1 free. 10 flies, 1 free, 10 rigs same deal. Also will custom make stuff. Hope you guys on the east side are dug out by July :roll:
  9. Yes they are, CJK heads. I sent some rigs to Mark ( reel jerks ) And he thought they were great looking but I havent been able to get a hold of him. Hope things are well with him. If you look in the affiliates on the website you will see Yukon Joe Charters in there, He used the meat rigs and flies last year and loved them. If you have not used these bait heads, I think you will find they are awesome.
  10. Finally have the website running ( I think ) Please check it out and let me know how it looks. Thanks to Capt Randy ( hitormisscharters ) for showing me this site. Flies and meat rigs on there so far. Thanks everyone bigweeniebrand.com
  11. We took one of those and I made all flies and we put them on it then ran the fly in the middle a little farther back. The middle fly was the only one rigged. It looked AWESOME in the water like a bunch of bait fish darting around. Coolest looking thing I have ever tried to run. Never took a hit,lol I think its called an umbella rig. Had one with spoons that came on it and same thing. Looked good but the fish didnt like it. I might have to put all meat rigs on one someday.
  12. We have some shimano speed masters that are not level wind. Super fast 6 - 1 ratio and all you have to do is thumb the line over once in a while. Very nice reels for about $100.00 from tackle direct. When you want to bring in 10 colors or more these are the way to go.
  13. Here on Lake Mich this summer a guy in about a 25 foot boat fishing alone walked right out the door on back of his boat. He didnt have it latched. Lucky for him some guys trolling about 200 yards away happen to see him do it. Boat kept right on going, they called the coast gaurd and went and picked him up. Drunk as hell!!! If they had not been looking right at him at the time he would probably been dead. He went to jail for a DUI but he still got lucky.
  14. We had a guy put on an inflatable and jumped in to get something that was dropped overboard. It is the kind were you pull a cord to inflate. He had the cord tucked up in the vest and in the 3 foot waves couldnt find it. He almost drowned so I would get a good one that does inflate when you hit the water. Also my son-in-law lost his dad who was fishing alone and drowned. They think he just fell out of the boat, there was no storms or anything. Vest would have saved him.200 bucks aint such a bad deal after that.
  15. If Gander there has A TOM MIK stuff get at least a few of his flies. If not get some anyway you will not be sorry.
  16. Another easy one is pipe insulation. Flies are about 4 inchs cut the tubing to 2 1/2 to 3 inchs roll the line up and the fly fits in the insulation nice the hooks stick in so you dont get hurt you can see what fly it is the line rolled up tucks in the slit and it floats. Keep them in a storage container and you are all set. Also put a piece over a rail and you can hang spoons ( on the out side ) for later use or to charge before dark. Dont hang on the inside like , Well I aint naming names but if they are on the inside and a rod goes off someone might get stuck,lol.
  17. I got it and having hit 2 and being stoped and having 1 hit me I am glad it didnt end up like that. Nasty.
  18. Hey Fishstix, I wanted to get you some right out and my wife was leaving for work and she does the shipping. So I just thru some together for you. That silver yellow black is one you suggested So I just kinda guessed on it. Hope you have some good luck and it must be great to still be fishing this time of year. Take care and thanks to everyone.
  19. Try stamina, I think its staminainc.com. They have lots of stuff for making your own lures.
  20. To be honest my website sucks right now and I am sorry. After paying 1000's the guy still has it screwed up and just keeps doing a #$$##$ job. You can see some flies on there but just e mail me at [email protected] you can see my meat rigs at www.captgarys.com alot of my stuff is custom color combos too. Thanks alot, Gary
  21. WOW, Thanks Randy for the nice words. I started getting e mails about a post on the LOU but didnt know what it was,lol. I figured it had something to do with lake O ( second time thru junior high paid off ) I try and make good quality stuff and use Owner hooks which seem to be the best out there. Tom ( A TOM MIK ) told me use the best stuff you can and we all know if your half as good as Tom's stuff your making a great product. The name Big Weenie comes from my work rescueing weenie dogs. I do lose some customers who are offended by the name but what can you do. Thanks again Randy and also Capts Charlie, Yukon Joe and Jim and anyone else I have had the pleasure to deal with, Gary & Karen Big Weenie Brand Tom ( A TOM MIK ) I will always be indebted for your help your understanding with my dumb questions and you just being you. But I still am 4 up on you with weenie dogs 6 - 2
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