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  1. Once again Lily will be there at the Jons little salmon booth with her new hot fly. The Lily Pad. Buy a box of girl scout cookies get a free fly body. She went with greens that will be great over there to. She wouldnt let us sell the Lily fly last year and people called wanting more and we had to say no. Dont miss out this year. Get there before Jon and Rod eat all the cookies. Jon is loading up on flies so you should be able to get Spooks, Proctologist etc this year. Thanks so much, BW
  2. Jon should have a box of spooks and moby dicks today with some flashers to match the MD's. Looks white glows blue. Probably last order of the year and the spooks dont last.Thanks so much and good luck guys, BW When I try and post in the selling area and when I hit my back button it dont work. Not sure why probably on this end:)
  3. I cant get logged into selling business to consumer so heads up, Jons little salmon just got 21 capt packs of spooks today. They are selling fast. Our site is off line so we can get caught up. Jon will be loaded end of the week with other stuff. Spooks, arctic blasts, and Proctoligist are going as fast as we make them. Thanks guys, BW
  4. Most glow by a mile on the market, Super bright UV, 60# test line, No crimps which make a weak spot in the line. No rear tooth pic needed quick adjust hooks just pull to where you want them, roll perfect no adjusting, Gamakatsu 4/0 single and 2X #1 treble super sharp and strong. Head, Bullet heads and beads made in Penn, no some chinese crap. You can see the green glow and blue glow in this pic. Thanks guys, BW bigweeniebrand.com facebook.. Brutus Rat or big weenie brand
  5. A lure A, go to tackle and tech thread , brining bait seems to be a great little video on there right now.BW
  6. This is a commercial brine we buy in bulk they use to toughen bait on the ocean. I doubt they will give up the receipe but I will ask. Its real simple to use and works great and I talked with the owner and he has tons of guys using it. I had guys test it on the great lakes and they thought it was awesome, BW
  7. d9jD7_7RqlI It is the easiest and cheapest on the market. It is commericial grade and we have it available on our site. BW
  8. Well thanks so much Fishunter, very nice of you to say. Got something new we are working on when we have the time, BW
  9. Hey Matt, These will hold whole alewives, herring etc and large strips. Roll perfect right out of the pack. More glow than anyhead out there by a mile and made in Penn as we didnt want to do the chinese junk stuff. Also we have them in UV that is molded right into the heads. Any are available even if the site only shows them on meat rigs. We also have killer rigs. Thanks, BW bigweeniebrand.com
  10. Make sure and take a fruity frosticles,homosezwhat, Bone yoddler and a pole smoker fly. I think all good choices for out there. Your right Rod super $$$ in SF. Hope you figure it out, BW
  11. Rules, NO ice in the cooler at weigh in and 19 inchs on the fish. Brought up a cooler full of ice and a 18 inch fish. So Jons the A hole because he DQed the guy. I talked with Jon last night and he is really thinking about not doing it again. Damn shame, BW
  12. Goodtimes cleaned up. Jon called said they took first and I think kids big fish and something else. Nice that Jon takes the time to do this out of his own pocket, BW
  13. Maybe check with a auto body repair place, BW
  14. Talked with a tackle store owner who told me he gets guys in all the time, they throw the spoons on the counter and scream at him how they are junk and then go over to the wall and grab more. Is it any wonder they paint them like this, it increases sales!!! I know your rep, good luck. If you are going to use them my advise is find a good clear coat that works and do all your new spoons with that. Otherwise buy from a company that you can call the owner, not a rep. There are plenty out there, BW
  15. We have our own UV beads and glow beads made in Penn. Here is a pic of UV beads under UV light in a fly. We also have them in Mountain dew and xxxglow, Guys just swear by these and they are american made:), BW
  16. Grease trap is awesome for lakers, we like a spin n glo behind it. They will take other fish but not in super numbers. The state of Conn kokanee record that was 35 years old was broke last year with a grease trap pulling a squid, BW
  17. You snooze, you lose Tom! I wasnt there but a long drive in a motor home with Jon and Rod and from what I have found out Lily took a nap. Just saying. Anyone traveling the road from Mexico to Lotsa please let us know if there is a huge trail of girl scout cookie boxes and milk cartons along the route, BW
  18. He told me you did, said he was busy as heck and really didnt get to talk as much to everyone that came out. Lily had a great time, thanks for buying a box from her, BW
  19. Thanks so much guys. Lily sold out of cookies very fast, all 72 boxes and she had a blast. I told her that fly was only for her and no one can get more with out her permission. Jon asked if he could get them for his store and she said NO. So a bribe is in orde r or see her next year I guess. Thanks to all Rod and Jon did great and we are always thankful, BW
  20. Rod, Not implying anything but it dont take a mathamagian or someone who can explain Einsteins fear of relatives to see there are more flies than cookies. I know Jon likes cookies but 12 boxes! I say Lily sells out in under 2 hours. Hope you guys have fun and make Jon wear that special shirt, BW
  21. Rod we sent a few of the new things to Jon, Here is one that was hot last year. Hope lily has a blast but if I sent 72 flies and you bought 60 boxes of cookies, HMMMMMM just saying.
  22. Make sure Tom buys some cookies if any make it to lotsa:)
  23. I sure miss John Candy, he was awesome. Make sure and swing thru Mac Donalds but tell Jon to stay low. You Jon and Tom playing cards while the kids drive?
  24. Lily called me last night and caught Rod trying to lift a fly from her. Nice Rod. She need a job? Hope she has a blast doing this. Jon will have the new MD spook there, also the new Blow Pop and Gooster flies, both rocked last year in testing. Get a proctologist before there gone, thats a great fly Talked with both Joe and Marlowe who both work with Lotsa in someway, they will be down to get cookies so get there early if you want them. Thanks so much guys, BW
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