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  1. Any updates? for some reason this code doesn't work on the north shore Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Very sorry to hear this news about Johnny and wish him and his family well. I am Just curious with the store closing it's doors where checks are to be mailed too.
  3. I would like to put my opinion in on this one there was NO craft advisory in effect was the lake rough hell ya did I ever feel unsafe no. We all like to fish a little flatter conditions but hey welcome to Oswego! And the fact that a 24' boat crushed the field with a 26lb average should put a cap on this thread. Had a blast can't wait for next year good job Tom and Steph and WTG!Team THRILLSEEKER impressive catch
  4. I ran the 1106's 2 yeras ago and upgraded to the 2106 last year they both are great riggers if its speed your looking for the new hp's are very fast.The large lighted counter is also a very sweet option no more condensation and easily seen , the new rod holder for the boom is a nice touch as well .You cant go wrong with either one good luck
  5. I have 2 of the 6 inch risers they have been sitting in my shed for 8 years if ya want em call me 905-925-0050
  6. Sorry Paul I thought you fished the big Jon everyone I talked to said it was great. It Went off without a hitch from what I heard....just maybe if the penalties are stiff enough that IF someone was caught bending the rules the next person would think wow there's no way I would want to be in that guys shoes we can't do that. Jus sayin observers are very hard for outa town guys a real pain in the ass [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. Just wondering Paul how did the spring tournament go they have a no communication rule big money and no observers. Maybe this will be the future for others? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. We Canadians thank-you also Tom for a truly awesome product another victim taken on 1 of your flies today 32.32 lbs currently grand prize leader in the Great Ontario Salmon hunt. Could not be weighed in on the LOC cause when fishing the GOSD we are not able to weigh fish in 2 derbys. Scotty
  9. Gagnons sports in Oshawa Ontario is making room for 2009 stock! Atommik Tournament series trolling flies.....$5.49ea CAD Atommik 4 packs...$10.99 CAD they also do online orders http://www.gagnonsports.com 905-725-5798 A good opportunity for usa buyers to take advantage of the dollar act fast I'm sure they wont last long.
  10. Im told planning is in full swing for the series with official announcements to come very soon. Appearently there are some major new sponsors and 20k for first place place in all 5 events. C'mon spring!!
  11. Tim is right....If you ever get a chance to come to port darlington you wont be dissapointed!
  12. I like watching I mean listening to Carrie underwood,gretchen and alot of supertramp. Scotty
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