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  1. When I had my dogs and hunted hare I would bone out the meat and soak it in milk overnight before cooking.  I hunted a lot up in Malone and Massena in the cedar swamps and the hare were definitely a little stronger tasting than the ones you'd get out of the alders or spruce around the tug hill and ADKS but not bad eating.  Tons of fun to hunt especially if you hit it right in mid March at the end of the season when the snow melted and they stood out like a sore thumb.

  2. Well that totally sucks!! If you turn it into your Ins. Company you shouldn't have to pay the deductible because it's an act of nature, kinda like hitting a deer. LOL. But seriously it's not funny!



    I've heard of  muskrats chewing wires on docked boats.  With a comprehensive claim which covers hitting an animal or animal damage you still will have to pay a deductible whether it be boat or car insurance.  It is often a smaller deductible than collision. 

  3. Thank you!!  To JHettenB, the camera is just up a little high in a tree looking at a runway that comes down into a creek bottom.  It gives the camera time to wake up as the deer start descending the little hill and usually gives me a decent picture.  I use older Moultrie M80's and the bigger bucks often spot the red glow of the infrared flash and look at it.  It doesn't seem to spook them but at night a deer coming towards the camera will certainly notice a red glow and often look right at it. 

  4. Thank you for the kind words.  I measured 20" for an inside spread and the G2's were over 12" by a little.  He's a heck of a deer here for my WMU which is 5R.  The rack structure is common here and I've got a couple other bucks on camera over the years that have super high G2's and are no doubt related.  My best deer season without a doubt and a deer I'll probably never top but it will be fun trying.  I'll probably be passing up bucks in the future that I never would have before!

  5. I was fortunate this year and connected with the biggest buck I had pictures of this season.  He showed up during the rut like all the big ones do and stuck around the property just long enough.  I got him the first week of the season on the 18th about 7:30am.  He was pushing a hot doe around and had run off two other bucks before he gave me about a 100 yard shot through the timber and that's all I needed.  Huge bodied deer that dressed out at 210lbs.  Taxidermist estimated him to be 6 1/2 years old and score about 150.  I'll get him scored officially when it's all done.  2014gunkill_zpse76c700c.jpgbigone2_zps9817bf57.jpg2014Monsterbucky_zpsa1b212f2.jpg

  6. I just went through a bunch of different deer appropriate ammo this summer for my TC Venture 308 and the best groups I got are from Federal Premiums with the 165 grain Sierra GameKing bullets.  Not the cheapest ammo but it shoots fantastic for me.  I always liked the Hornady custom 150 grain with the SST bullets but they don't seem to make it anymore so I went looking for something else.  I didn't care for the Superformance or the American Whitetail Hornady makes.  Corelokts and Winchesters grouped OK but not like these Federals and these bullets should expand nicely. 

  7. I live close by and people are fishing Saratoga lake now but the ice isn't that thick yet but should be by the weekend.  If you fish the weedbeds at Saratoga in the northeast corner and south end with tipups the kids should have good action with pickerel and bass.  Another good place that has better ice now is Moreau Lake state park just north of Saratoga and that is well stocked with rainbow trout.  You can keep trout all year and fishing with tipups and small minnows there might get a few flags.  The Great Sacandaga isn't far and also has good ice now and is a good bet for walleye and some perch and Schroon lake to the north is good for lakers.  Check out iceshanty.com for more info. 

  8. I did two seperate half day trips with these folks when I was in Key West a couple years ago in March and would recommend them. Reallly nice boats and tackle and I caught plenty of fish. We did the backcountry trip which was basically casting and jigging bucktails tipped with bait in deeper cuts on the flats and throwing hardware for barracuda. We stayed close to shore in the protected bays and you could pretty much see bottom the whole time so that might be just what you're looking for.


  9. I went up after Thanksgiving a couple years back and I couldn't imagine it getting any better than that :P The best bite is after dark when everyone else is off the water and the big eyes are pushing shad up shallow in 10ft or less. If you can take the cold out there and you're used to trolling after dark it's a big walleye every 15 minutes all night long when you find the right stretch of shoreline :beer:

  10. I primarily run spinners for walleyes May through October and snell all my own harnesses with 15lb P-Line Florocarbon but Seaguar is great stuff also. I wouldn't snell spinners with anything less than 12lb and I wouldn't use braid although some people do but I think it tangles too much on spinner rigs and isn't very abrasion resistant. Couple of the lakes I troll have zebra mussels and a little heavier floro holds up real well to a lot of fish and a lot of bottom contact before you need to change the harness out. The floro also seems to get more bites on lakes where the walleyes are seeing spinner rigs all summer long and resists tangles more than lighter line.

  11. Your welcome and I'm sure you will score plenty of nice fish especially if you're on the water those last couple hours of daylight up near the lock dams. You might be quite surprised at how nice some of the walleyes and bass are in there and there's a good chance you might hook into a tiger musky also.

  12. I fish that lake a lot and was just wondering if you had a south or southwest wind while you were there?

    The wind was all over the place. It came from each direction at least a couple of times during the day, nothing definate.

    The reason I ask is that place usually doesn't fish well when the wind has any kind of a southerly flavor to it except for late in the afternoon into the evening.

  13. I live about 10 minutes from there and don't fish it very much but the best fishing is usually right below the locks and dams in the fast water where you've got good current and plenty of oxygen. Lots of walleyes in there and if you're into bass there's plenty of smallies also. Grub tails bounced on the bottom in the current are always a good bet. Like someone else said I wouldn't eat anything out of there which is why I don't fish it much but there's plenty of fish to be had in the river.

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