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  1. Not much I can add to this report except their right on. A huge Thank You to Mavrick,Yankee and Hideout for an unbelieveable trip. My clients were in shock. At one point, as Rob said, all 7 rods were out of the water because we could not get them back in. The wires out 225 and 250 were on fire. Mixed bag, Kings, Cohos and 1 Atlantic and the fish were even hitting the paddles. A great time was had by all and everyone was throughly impressed. Had a rookie that reeled one in on the 600' copper and to give him a chair to finish the fight. Congrats to Maverick for the big boy of the trip at 24lbs. I think we had a few on that might have come close LOL. We had one client from Oregon that fished the Northwest coast and could not believe the fishery we have. Looks like we are going to make this an annual event, I'm sure we will have more people next year. Looking forward to Sodus and good luck in Oswego! The picture below says it all!! Barnacle
  2. Looking for an observer for the Orleans county Pro Am. We will supply everything, please call me if interested 585-261-0741. Thanks Kevin
  3. Nice Work Dad! He will be hooked for life.
  4. Any update on the leader board?
  5. WW IV no we were on Sodus Bay, and the the 2 blue's were bleeding to bad to release so we kept em'. PY 88, alright let's call them 12. You should have come, it was a good time. Next time right buddy?
  6. First attempt a posting pictures hope this works, just wanted to share. Big one was 13.5", great day to be out.
  7. I have fished out of this boat many times and she is a fishing machine. This boat has everything you need to fish the Big O, who ever gets her will be very happy.
  8. Sounds like what we had. I was out there to, just east of port no bait no marks. We managed 1 king 22lbs and as we were fighting that one the other rigger took a rip but missed it. Riggers were down 80ft over 150 -160. Took the King on a whit abd blue spinny with a white atomik. Only spot we actually marked anything.
  9. Hey Guys, Just wanted to piggy back on this topic. My friends and I are doing the Sodus pro-am (am divsion) this year and after reading some of the posts I still had 1 question. My buddy docks out of Port Bay, can we pick our spotter up and drop ours off and leave from Port Bay at the designated start time? Or do we have to leave from Sodus? I imagine leaving from Sodus would be easier but we wanted to understand this correctly, before we made a decision.
  10. Almost forgot largest fish was a touch under 21lbs. All the rest mid-high teens.
  11. Well we went even though the weather was terrrible. 2-3 footers. Set up just west of the red can, as soon as we hit 180ft the fun began, went 10-16 all kings but 1 coho. Riggers down 90-120 ft. Spook and anything purple did the trick in the 28 size.The first one we had would have placed but do to a minor problem with the net(hole in it). We trolled from 180 - 250 best depth 215' were we doubled up. Great day to be out if you like cold wind and big waves, fishing was great we were out for 4 hours with only a 2 rod spread. Nothing on the dipsey's today. Back in Rochester for the summer derby. Good Luck
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