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  1. Thx Rod....I really like the fishable space! Plus with the Traxstech systems i can play and move stuff around till i get it how i want it! Looking forward to getting some more time on it!

  2. IMG_0044.jpg

    sean, here is how i set it up (a touch too tall yet for the kids to use, this is my 2.5year old working a small coho for her first fish)

    i went with a 12" track- 4.5" swivel mount with 18"track on top and three rod holders and stacked a single in the bottom track

    Have you seen the new Traxstech rod holders (Vector Originally) they've touched em up and free float mode for Dipsies! real nice!

  3. Thanks Sean,

    The only thing with the cabin is seems to be alot of wasted space...

    after this season and getting to fish with it i'm sure i will have some modifications to add!

    Thanks for the info

  4. Thanks guys!

    The only opportunity to open her up i had 4 guys and about 150 something gallons and had her on plan and doing 35mph in seconds

    it planes almost immediately and crusies i'm guessing about 28mph

    i figure with less gas and less people its an easy 40mph boat

    No plans to add a table of any sort...but Sean that drawer system is nice! much better look than the second steering station i've seen (have you see nthe tower that can be added)?

    I'm actually going to remove a pedestal seat in the cabin and go with a bench style seat and custom tackle drawers inside the cabin

    i think where you have the drawer system i will add a seat or two and will incoporate a small Bimini Top (retractable) for the rainy - Hot Sunny days for people on the deck and add the Traxstech Biminim access. for it

    Sean, That is a real nice set up you have!!! I heard about the engine!!! Got me nervous, this is a 2005 and only has 70 Hours total - on a 250 Yamaha

    I would like the guys number if you have it handy- that would be great

    as you can see in this picture i don't have any room uder the helm...this is the 2520XL Cabin - i like the more open like yours but will sufice for now

    I did something similar as you with your cutting board.....except in the center of the Live well i went with a Traxstech Swivel base and track and rod holders to run my center THumper rod or Dipsies

    Will put up some pictures of inside rigged after the weekend


  5. Thanks guys did alot of traveling and searching, this is not what i expected to end up with but

    with time i think it will be perfect...the deck space is awesome in the back

    and running 9 rods saturday almost seemed to easy....

    Just need to get used to it and things will come together very nicely

    That's the problem haven't waxed it yet!!!

  6. Name: Chris

    Location: Pompey

    Home Port: Mexico bay

    Boat Name/Type: Irish Knots (2005 Parker 2520xl)

    These are pics of work in progress, lacking decals a good cleaning and wax and some more Traxstech gear!!!

    See you on the water - 1st trip we got 13 in the boat! Looking forward to our next trip out





  7. traxstech all way round quick to install - rugged - and it can set that boat up any way you want.....gimbal rigger mount, raised tracks (trolling bar), etc. especially with their bird trees you can run a 6 inch track mid way and run 6 to 8 rods off them

    and they double as storage when running

    top quality equipment

    they also have purchased Vector and put some finishing touches on their equipment -

    the new rod holders with teeth are awesome! Great dipsy rod holders free float as well as 360 rotation and angle any direction

    Plus a couple tracks on the big boat and you can transport your gear east to west very easily

  8. thanks for the info

    i think it comes down to the previous owner and their maintenance habits as far a flushing and spraying down

    i am very specific with my boat - motor- etc.

    so far the boat i'm really interested in seems to be the same way (very specific on his maintenance & clean up)

    this weekend will tell - pictures all look good but been burned three times so far by pretty pictures on the net...

    Thanks again...always open to more opinions!

  9. Tony,

    Thanks for making arrangements so quickly for me on my way thru....

    Good to meet you

    and for those who are interested....this boat is real nice

    it is by far the cleaneast interior hull i've seen - bilge, etc no dirt debris or mold

    and engine is spotless

    Nice set up with trailer and exterior is in very good shape as well!

    Will make someone real happy

    especially at the price!!!

    Thanks again!

  10. Paul,

    By far the best Salmon mount i've ever seen...

    I couldn't be happier, i finally made arrangements to pick it up

    and she is now at home above the sliding glass doors in the house

    looks great..... finishes off the new house perfectly



  11. Innovative Products Fin Grip Pro Double Racks

    New in package

    $25 plus shipping (if need to ship)

    +/- $40 retail

    ***The ultimate way to carry your guns and bows *Soft rubber fins securely grip and cushion your cargo *Forks rotate to provide a perfect fit regardless of size or shape - including large padded gun cases, bows and even tools *The patented, universal 24-point mounting system provides maximum versatility *Rubber Snubbers included for added security Features: *Heavy duty design *Carries guns, bows, fishing poles, shovels, agricultural equipment, etc. *Patented soft rubber fins grip cushion and protect gear *Forks rotate to provide a custom fit for any object's size and shape *Patented universal 24-point spline mounting system for tubular or composite racks *Large enough to carry padded gun cases *Available in Double Rack

  12. Ohhhhhhhhh Baby,

    After all these years of knowing you guys it was great to finally get on the Cherokee and be able to fish.

    It's always fun/interesting to see how someone else runs things and how they can produce fish.

    You guys are always great company and finally got to fight a few fish with the Oh Baby Team.

    Thanks for the lessons learned and hopefully i left a little piece of knowledge with ya as well.

    Always a pleasure - let me know if you can make it up for the LOC.


    Big Weenie flies definitely did their job last weekend - and the way Matt knows these flies you would think he was the one distributing them- give me colors and i'll try to match give Matt the name and he'll dig it out the pile amazing how someone can remember the names and colors...... Definitely need to get some of the Big Weenie Flies let me know if you have any left over ;)

    Thanks again -

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