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  1. Moto ….This is still a non comm event. That will definitely be one of the questions asked if polygraphed. "did you or any team member communicate or attempt to communicate with anyone" we still expect phones to be off and placed inside a bag like they always have been. Bob you are correct one can now fish both sides of the border if everyone on the vessel is licensed which used to be a hurdle when placing observers as well. As I said the event is and always has been a work in progress and we appreciate the positive feedback. We will do our best to make it exciting and we still have a few things up our sleeve as well. For everyone fishing multiple events please stop by the GLSE website and check out our overall. Its the way of the future in overall competition and we promise it will be as additive as fantasy foot ball. Sponsors are all about analytics its our attempt to create a space to showcase our sport but we need everyone onboard. Its also where you can register for this years event. http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/
  2. First off thank you for all the reply's. The purpose of the post was to highlight some of the options we have been pondering these are not iron clad changes that are at this point definitive. This tournament since its inception has always been about the majority. No one rule change has ever been to thwart the efforts of any one team and none are there to benefit any one group of anglers. Let us first take on the Laker option.....this simply came from both a state of the lake thought process as well as something that we thought could be strategic and fun. With stocking on the decline and catch rates up we thought it might be a way to target the hungry garbage cans that continue to hurt our bait populations. We thought it might be fun to switch gears especially because of the success that the Oak Orchard has enjoyed over the years. Our focus continues to be KING SALMON obviously and will likely continue as it always has and remain 6 kings. At PAR entry..... Our sport has always seemed like it could survive the apocalypse. When you see where we started and continue to look around the lake you will see plenty of options for tourneys. Participation is more regional and travel from region to region (by boat) isn't what it once was. We live in the age where if you've been in the game long enough you have literally met all the first and second tier guys. Everyone has plenty of ideas of who we should talk to for sponsorship but at the end of the day sponsorship is decided on bodies. How many eyes will see my product. With over 50 tournaments on just Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan alone how do you think those marketing dollars get split up amongst everyone? Better yet take a guess on what kind of volume your favorite tackle company does or what their marketing budget may be? The only way for more sponsorship and money is more people. Forget Bass Pro the inland game is so much bigger. Unfortunately the Great Lakes Salmon Market is one of the smallest segments. The Canadian dollar is cost prohibitive as it pertains to tourney fishing here in the states. By the time you figure meals, lodging, entry, tackle and fuel the extra 30 percent adds up. With participation being the key element of any tourneys success money in = money out and people = sponsorship it makes plenty of sense to offer our fellow anglers from the North a bone. Factor in regionally how close the GTA is to Wilson and you just might end up with a sponsor as well, on top a pool of new entrants. Observers.... Tuff one and one I take pretty serious. Given the mixture of talent at this position it has outgrown its use. With al the problems the past few years in various tournaments I cant think of one where the observer has made the difference. Many eat,sleep and drink the day away. Some are the next gen salmon anglers others are there to take your money and often root against you come way-in after bonding with "their" team all day. Many just don't take the job seriously and we as tournament committees assume all is well when there are no complaints. I think with mandatory polygraph and possibly cameras we can achieve the same thing and I would argue with a thoughtful line of questioning you might do one better. The Canadian Border...… People whine when we took it away they whine when we put it back in. True to my word in 2015 I always wanted the tournament to remain wide open. I don't like grid tourneys and its always more fun when your wondering what your opponent is up to. The main reason we did away with the open border was the lack of a resolution on entry and reentry as well as possible problems with observer assignments and licensing. It can all be at your own risk when it is your team alone representing you. Fast boats slow boats big boats small boats, each one has its own distinct advantage or disadvantage. The rules of this tournament do not and will ever benefit any boat class. Weather is what defines all,where you go and even where the fish migrate to. With the tourney a week later the past few years the fish have been well over the border. Most boats have made a right turn out of the piers and we have the drone footage to prove it. 8 rods...….why not What made the tournament great at its inception was the competitive nature and participation. The fishing was one component the comradery was another. The big tent, dinners, raffles, and the tournament within a tournament were all fun additions. One might argue the week before was more fun than the event itself. So what happened? Less participation, more events, less travel, less anglers, the assembly of DREAM TEAMS, increased exchange rate, and a couple of years with some lean fishing. We had plenty of fun opportunities namely a Web series, helicopter, banquets and raffles....we have tried it all and had success. At the end of it all its all about people and money how far are you willing to go? If you have ideas or want to get involved we would enjoy more participation in the event and or behind the scenes from an admin perspective. If you have a product or would consider sponsoring or suggesting a sponsor we are all ears. At the end of the day you are a consumer and we have a product I get it but this is run by a few and its a ton of work and a ton of time. We need ideas and positivity not overly critical posts and phone calls. Its emotional we understand but this event is forever a work in progress and one that welcomes your continued input.
  3. Brand new never registered Tri Axle boat trailer. 15K GVW all stainless hardware and LED lighting. Good for up to a 34 foot boat 7168631001
  4. I have for sale some slightly used Raymarine gear. Most is less than 1 yr old. E95 $1100 touch screen E97 $1100 touch screen Open array 4 ft digital radar $2200 SR100 Sirius Receiver $200 7168631001
  5. Anyone looking for a trailer for a 28 to 34 foot boat we have a brand new 15k gvw triaxle aluminum bunk trailer available. Kodiak brakes on 2 axles stainless hardware and LED lighting. The trailer has not been titled and available at dealer cost. Have a 28 Penn Yan or a 31 Tiara this is your trailer. 716-863-1001
  6. New Scotty 2116 HP rigger out of box never used $550 Big Jon Heavy Duty Rod Holders (pedistal 2) (2 rodholders each) and bird trees with 3 rod holders each in gold (2) Make offer https://www.bigjon.com/product/triple-heavy-duty-pedestal-diver-rod-holder (triple shown) [email protected] Call or text 716-863-1001
  7. Here is the updated list Big Jon bird trees with three rod holders gold Big Jon duel heavey duty rod holders gold Big Jon triple Multi set silver Big Jon planer reels Fusion Subs (2) new Fusion 7 inch speakers (4 sets) new
  8. Head bracket power cord and probe $175
  9. Clamp on holders sold multi set rod holders sold Pullys sold Digitrolls sold Mag 10s sold
  10. Please see new photos aand pricing above. Additionally I have some other items 3 Cannon Mag 10 TS riggers with swivels used 2 seasons $250 each 2 Big Jon Triple board style rod holders in silver $150 each 4 cannon swivel bases $20 each 2 gold tulip style clamp on rodholders $25 each 1 Depth raider (probe power cable bracket and display) $175 4 pairs of fusion 7inch speakers new in box $80 each 2 fusion 10 inch subs new in box $50 each 2 Big Jon pullys $15 each 2 Big Jon Planer Reels $40 each Please see price changes in first post and call 716-863-1001 or email [email protected]
  11. 3 Cannon Digi Trolls http://store.cannondownriggers.com/products/390763/Digi-Troll_10 One in the box 2 out and barley used last fall $900 Each. 2 Big Jon trees in gold $150 each 8 multi set Rod holders with rail clamps 7/8ths to 1and 1/2inch in gold $45 each 2 multset rodholders (like above in gold) standard base $35 each 2 duel Heavey Duty rod holders in gold $130 each 2 vector/traxtech under mount duel rodholders (like cannon) for cannon downriggers in black $130 each Please email me at [email protected] or call 716-863-1001 as im slow to retrive private messages here
  12. With all of the excitement surrounding WHI this spring there is room for everyone to get involved. We are currently looking for volunteers to help package fish for the Food Bank of WNY and also help out with the weigh-in. Anyone interested please call me personally 716-863-1001. Besides the fishing we are attempting to do a great thing here. The energy is fantastic and we are hopeful we can provide the food bank with over a thousand pounds of fresh Lake Ontario Salmon.
  13. Hookedup im thinking the Raymarine pilot you may have been running was an s 1000 its the only pilot we made that had a hard time with speed. This because in lou of a fluxgate compass it took heading from a GPS and depending on the refresh speed was only as good as the info you were putting in. Not a good pilot for us lake trollers but at uder a grad works good for runabouts and small center consoles. Obviously im a Ray guy and although everyones stuff works Raymarine (autohelm) has been doing it for more than 30 years while Garmin bought technology from TR1. I sell both systems but I do believe from an intergration stand point Raymarine holds the edge.
  14. Call me we can get you what your looking for. 716-863-1001
  15. For those of you interested Raymarine will be launching a completely redisigned x5 pilot this spring. Much like the sportpilot before it it will mount behind the wheel and is ideal for small to midsize vessels with mechanical or hydrolic steering. The last generation launched a few years ago was much improved over the previous design dating back to the autohelm days. These pilots are compatable with the wireless remotes as well offering a true hands free experience.
  16. Tim, First off im surprised this is something you just ran into. It happens primarily when the perfect storm of depth sensitivity and downrigger placement converge. So back to the beginning All Raymarine Fishfinders produced the last 6 or so years are equipped with Digitally Adaptive Transmitter Receiver with infinite receiver bandwidth settings and digital filter. I might explain it more like this imagine listening to your radio and having an equalizer tune every sound of every note coming back to your ears. Your Raymarine fishfinder does this leaving behind the traditional arches and painting a remarkibly accurate portrait of the image below your boat. http://www.raymarine.com/SubmittedFiles ... .tn.lg.jpg Long story short your Fishfinder when run in auto mode is in some cases over sensative. If you were in Salt water examining wrecks the auto feature on low med or high is unbelievable. The Downrigger throws it a curveball. Set the FF to run in manual mode and adjust the sensativity to run between 60 and 70 % this should be good for up to 400 feet or so. Also set scroll speed in manual to 100%. Finally set your depth manually as well upper 100 ft? 200ft? In this mode your depth will most likely read one of your downriggerballs since it is a hard target it will maintain a solid line however it will read all that is below as well. At any instant an overall depth is needed scroll down the range and the machine will pick up the bottom for you. In the end the machine is remarkable and is overbuilt for what we do we basically dumb it down a bit by placing manual limitations on the parameters set at the factory. There are some other things we can do with zoom and what not to give you overall depth readings all the time but it might be better to explain in person. Feel free to contact me anytime. Raymarine is bringing some crazy new stuff to the market this season geared towards us Great Lakers. Hope this helps Kevin Jerge 716-863-1001
  17. Guys I have 2 Raymarine E 80s for sale with a season of use on them asking $1700 each or B/O Like new! Email [email protected] or call 716-863-1001
  18. Just wanted to say thanks again to all who participated in this event. It was great seeing everyone again after the long winter. I would like to congradulate Joe Toomey and his crew on a well deserved win (and everyone else as well). Also thanks to all our sponsors of our Salmon Slam event with special thanks to Rosie and the Sunset Grille Crew for some great eats as well as Mike Gustin Candy Andy and Tom Allen for their gracious donations helping make this event possible again this year. We look forward to doing it all over again in 2010!
  19. Dave, Thank you for your concerns and input regarding our event as it seems your heart is in the right place concerning the events here on Lake O. Since our Salmon Slam event began as a Hospitality event and continues to be we feel we have a greater audience while entertaining those fishing KOTL. Also by holding the event during KOTL we can only hope to avoid the controvercy and acusations we faced last season with regards to the Wilson Harbor Salmon Slam. We cordially invite all that dock with us and those who are looking for a truley unique experience to give the series a try. Stay tuned for additional info Kevin
  20. Wow I figured a little update is in order....So to quell any rumours before they start (the little birdies from what i hear are begining to take flight). As of right now most of the information is available online at http://www.thekingofthelake.com. For slip information you may contact me by email or phone both are listed below. Both Sunset bay and Wilson Boatyard will be available and open for dockage to those participating in the KOTL tournament. To keep things simple all dock reservations for both marinas will come through the previously mentioned email and number listed below. So far there are over 55 teams commited to docks, with well over 100 avail. For those of you that stayed with us previously The Second annual Wilson Harbor Salmon Slam will take place as well on Sat the 9th. It will offer much of the same as last season free eats, Cash , raffles, and plenty of fun. As we get closer we will finalize payouts and be happy to let you know when and where the festivities will get underway. As for the tournament series a special thanks is in order for not only those working so hard on the event itself but all of our sponsors that will help make this happen. Please check back often for further developments as they happen. 716-863-1001 [email protected]
  21. Please call me at 716-863-1001 or email at [email protected] for all slip info there are over 120 docks avail for this event..... Kevin
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