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  1. interested in camper can you be reach by cell or home phone??
  2. looking for some marine vinyl flooring to use. Is there any place in around rochester that I can get some ? I like the nautolex brand.
  3. left msg on phone. interested in buying it. call me at 293 -7149 thanks tony
  4. younstown motel is nice, limited parking with boat and trailer.I have been going up for the past 7 yrs and had no problems. rooms are standard. very clean. It is 2minutes from the fort niagra boat launch. I trailer mine and sometimes have to park on the street in front of motel, I had no problems. police station right next door and bruce and darcy owners hse is right in front . Ill be up for loc 5,6,7,8
  5. I have 5 kinds of clear side curtains. these are what the tag reads on them. cc171 side&visor. 175 low aft&side 1989. 1991 175 low side, if anyone can use these I will sell real cheap. just hate to throw these things out with spring clean-up!!!
  6. This was a early 90's hand held unit that had a fixed mount for the boat. very simple unit. now its not picking up any satellite signals. stays in the search mode for as long as the unit is on. All I am looking for is a unit that will show track lines and way points on the water something very simple and not a lot of $$$$$. any suggestions?
  7. are there any campgrounds near ottawa river? and what areas of the river Towns, launches, never been there any info would help. also thinking of gorgeian bay area.
  8. looking to go into ontario for some musky, any suggestion on lakes or rivers would be great. got 6 days to travel around.
  9. looking for a probe or the hole package for a friend .
  10. heading out of sandy in a.m with the 7 yr old and friend. any info would help me keep the boys busy. Ill post afterwards good or bad. I have wire, flashers and enough spoons to choke a salmon! do I go east or west how deep????? thanks
  11. fishing for an old ray jeff temp and speed probe. made around the late 80's. mine is at the botom of the bar..... I have the head unit. just need the probe or both.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Going out after work tomorrow. Looks like a good wave forecast , just have to dodge a passing storm or two. Going out of the river, will post if anything comes to net.
  13. canceled this mornings fishing due to a bad lake forecast. called for 2-4 out of the ne . not happening I have a 19ft deep vee but did not want a rough ride with a new guy. any good wave forcecasts sites out there.
  14. we fish out of youngstown and we always had to go over the border to a canadian tire store in Niagara falls. depending on your time frame you can do it over the phone with Canadian ministries, but they say it could take up to 6 weeks to get in the mail. partner and I got ours in about 14 days. 1-800-667-1940.
  15. have some brand new clear curtains for 17ft fish and skis I think there for 89 or 91 models I have a few different styles. not positive on how the fit, also snaps come with these.
  16. lost my old ray jeff temp and speed probe. anyone got one in the attic or garage?
  17. need the site to find lake temp from satalite. it gives you different areas of temp . can any one help thanks
  18. I have heard guys can see fish on the fishfinder and watching them come up and have a look or swim behind a lure for a bit. How can you tell?I never see any fish moving up or away from the graph. what type of graph do they have?
  19. anybody have any info on this I think it is this friday but not sure. also what time does it start? thanks
  20. Where did my wife put my credit card!!!!!!!
  21. looking to buy on line around the lake tackle and supplys any body have any sites they like . thanks
  22. Thanks guys great site. Sometimes it can be a long day without any action. Ill try it all. Will be going out of sandy creek mostly. Nice ramp not to busy.
  23. Thought I would try a wire set up this year. How do you know what depth your dipsey running at? what combos work better, spoons alone or always with a flasher? How do you keep the hole rig from ripping out of the rod holder? seems like with no slack with wire it would be unforgiving any help would be great for me and the little guy and girl. (Start them early). thanks
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