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  1. Deer numbers are way down all over this state, except very isolated areas being private back yards, parks, and of course all the places you can't hunt, and some of those "spots" are very thin. I talk to people from the niagara to st. lawrence down to the pensy line in the south. There are none to very few deer being seen let alone killed. I am sure we all have our theories, but in reality we will never know. I do know our season is too long and to generous in tags. Insurance companies are paying the state to to allow more deer to be harvested so they don't have to payout for deer/car collisions. If this dismal trend continues i can only imagine what the future will bring. The real sad part is we will never be able to change anything the state does because they see it a lot different then the sportsman.

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  2. Great buck and recovery story with your wife. Maybe the odor is due to it spending the night without getting dressed out. Glad you were able to salvage most of the meat. 250 yards with a muzzleloader and no apparent sign of a hit you showed really great commitment to go back out and continue the search. You were rewarded.

    You are a great Sportsman Kevin.

    Performance of muzzleloader bullets make a big difference. My solid copper bullets always brings me success. But I never have a very good blood trail no matter where I hit them.



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  3. On 12/19/2020 at 10:02 AM, Capt Vince Pierleoni said:

    Well worth the watch. These guys do a test many of us have wanted to conduct and save us lots of money. I love the use of the USPS boxes!  Some good info no matter where you land on the fixed vs expandable debate.

    I am shooting the balanced rubber dart next year, thanks vinny interesting.

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  4. I finally took my first deer with the muzzleloader. After missing 3/4 of gun season due to Covid I finally started feeling better last week and I did a couple sets at the Farm at home with nothing to show for it.
    This morning I headed south and met the guys from Camp. We kicked up a couple doe and a small buck at two pieces of state land. Then at 3 o’clock we moved to another small piece of state land and at 3:45 I was able to take my buck at 90 yards.
    It was a dead center shoulder hit he ran close to 200 yards and I only had two drops of blood the entire way. If it wasn’t for snow on the ground and being able to follow his tracks I never would’ve found him

    Snow is big time

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  5. Not my year I’m not complaining I figured I’d go with the black powder. Stopped at the local gun shop to get primers for my Thompson center he sold all of them to some sporting good store in New Jersey Check the Internet not a store within 100 miles has them. I’m in upstate New York.so I’m out of luck there. Finally found a package in the cellar by my loading equipment that was 15 years old figured I’d try them. They worked. All set to go out the next day over 32 inches of snow.Maybe I’ll try snowshoes.Just one of them years

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    Where r u with that much snow Tim?

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  6. 2 hours ago, Legacy said:

    So Im all set for my trip to Ohio for late muzzleloader in January. I just purchased my license and they do things very different. It is certainly not cheap!

    The reason I like Ohio is I love the fact it gives me a opportunity to extend the hunting season. Instead of cutting into our season here. Im leaning towards September Maine bear hunting to add to the short list.

    Any other suggestions of late season or early season out of state hunts?

    You got a problem.:rofl: Find some bunny spots we will hunt.

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