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  1. I was wondering about tariffs or any cross border taxes or issues? Has anyone recently bought a boat from the US and brought back to Canada, what is the process? Matt - I am inquiring on towing costs too if reasonable I will be in touch soon. Cheers! Shad
  2. I wonder what it what cost to have hauled over to Ontario (I am in Hamilton, Ontario); anyone have any ideas?
  3. Silverseeker is right, go time on north shore around Hamilton to Bronte
  4. Thanks for the vid. Put your hand in the water to revive that fish will ya, temps are nice at 38degrees 17lber taken today
  5. Shoot me a pm when your down that way. My main port is Hamilton. Our shore should be very fishable again this year early May until November Riggers and divers and you are good to go
  6. River has lots of rainbows and visibility is pretty decent.
  7. Drool!!!! Ahhh wish I had the funds, you take canadian tire money at par
  8. I will be there, coming from Hamilton Ontario. A few canadians will be making the trek
  9. Well, hamilton harbour doesn't hold many kings until the fall run.l Best bet is to launch at Fisherman's Pier or Bronte. Lots of bait in North Shore from 80-180 feet, get out there and drop some lines
  10. Been a busy holiday weekend for me. Only was able to get out yesterday and a late start too (9am), we finally found fish around 10AM, put two solid fish in the boat and then the lake blows up and we are off the water by 11am, go figure! My buddy Mark got us started with this bad girl. Wire dipsy, mountain dew sd & big winnee fly. This fatty came off the rigger, 85 down over 115, large hot spot flasher and cut bait.
  11. Body baits early, spoons and flies later in the day. Find the pods and work them, they are there, anywhere from 20fow to 130fow, but scattered. Good luck!
  12. We had a derby there this past Saturday. 20 teams, 4 fish box, top 3 were: 1. 67lbs, 2. 65lbs, 3. 63lbs. Calcutta big fish went just over 20lbs.
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