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  1. While my boat is being repaired, I decided to take a few casts off the Charlotte pier around 11 AM this morning. Very first cast had a brown on, but lost after a few rolls....15 Minutes later had a bigger fish on that I was able to land....It was a very nice brown trout in the 8 lb. class....Would have stayed longer, but my friend who was with me was cold...There's always after supper! Hook'em POPS
  2. How about banning polarized sunglasses on the tributaries? Then you wouldn't have as many so-called fishermen hunt and snatch trout rather than fish for them....I think snatching and lifting is irreprehensible....Just my opinion....POPS
  3. Let me just add that all fish were released to fight another day.... Proud papa POPS
  4. I'm going to say he pulled the heads, because after he saw water on the lower spark plugs. he then pulled off the bolts to look inside the cuylinder walls... POPS
  5. Just had my headgasket go and am in need of repair. My mechanic who winterizes my outboard (150HP Merc) checked the spark plugs and found some water. Upon further examinination after taking off the back of the outboard found the deteriorated gasket along with some rusting on the lower two cylinder walls. I am looking for a reliable repairshop who could repair this at a fair price and do quality work....Any suggestions??? Thanks! POPS
  6. Took my mind off the outboard problem and tried earning how to show pictures on this forum...here are two pictures of my humback brown from last Fall...POPS
  7. I too caught a weird looking brown last winter in Irondequoit Creek. In fact, when I fought the fish I couldn't tell what it was until I got it on the bank...It had the most golden brown color I had ever seen and it had a very distinctive hump...Upon notifying the DEC I was told that some browns do develop severe humpbacks....I would show pictures, but I do not know how....I'm still in shock from the news tonight that my head gaskets went on my 150 Horse Merc....Ouch.......POPS
  8. Well, so much for the "1 Foot or less" that was given in the marine forecast. Got on the water around 6:30 AM and there were 3-4 footers with threatenning skies that produced showers....Still it was great to be out on the water...used the Fishinman's report for starters and noticed that other boats must have read the same report...About 7 boats out in the 80-130 FOW range...Our first fish on came off the ball which was 85 down in 125 FOW. Hit a chartreuse squid behind a Mountain Dew Spinny...Unfortunately the hefty fish broke off the squid....Reset with a Mountain Dew Spinny and blue/silver fly and got another hit in 100 FOW at the same depth. This time my buddy was able to land a small King...Thought it was the beginning of a good day, but my friend got seasick and rather then have him suffer I decided to call it a day at 8:30 AM....Can't wait to get back out there....Good Luck to all.... POPS Fishing from the GUMPY II (19 foot Tracker)
  9. Nice report. Thanks for the update. Some nice looking fish you have there.... POPS
  10. It was a great morning out on the Lake Yesterday...I fished with two friends on a white Penn Yann. We saw Pleasure Unit fighting for his life with the fish on...Looked like he had his hands full. I didn't realize he had two on...Good Job! We did pretty good in the early morning....Fished in the 140 to 160 FOW and went 8 for 9. Best area for us was off the ball that was 63 foot down. water temp there was 46.7 degrees. Caught 5 Kings and 3 rainbows...Biggest fish was a 20+ King caught on a green frog Magnum. Other fish came on white pearl spinny with a mirage fly. Two steelies came on free sliders armed with Stinger NBK's. Last king came on a Mountan Dew spinny with mirage "bugeye" fly....Speaking of flies...they got pretty bad out there...Have a good weekend everyone...Keep up the good reporting... Hook'em The Gumpy II (19 foot Tracker) Hopefully it will be out there Saturday morning!
  11. It truly was a very enjoyable time. Catching those fish made those darn pestering flies a little more tolerable. I do want to say, " Thank You, JAX" for his fishing reports which are very informative and give us guys without a down temp a chance to be successful. Read Jax's earlier report and decided to follow suit...Thanks again. It made for a memorable fishing trip! Hook'em The Gumpy
  12. What a great way to spend a day....Enjoyed reading your post and the pictures say it all....And the Yanks even won today! Hook'em Gumpy
  13. I also fished out from Sandy Creek on Saturday morning...We decided to go deep right from the start. Set up in 200 FOW and started north to around 240 FOW. Took a 6 lb King on a watermelon NK that was on the rigger down at 60 Ft. Also did a small rainbow on the dipsey using a mountain dew spin doctor and dolphin fly. The dipsey had 224 ft. of line out on a 3 setting...Also lost another fish on that same set-up. Other than that it was a great day to be on the water with my son Steve and Cousin Rob even though the action was real slow...Very few fished were marked between 200 and 240 foot of water....Most of the better hooks were down around 80 FT. Coming in we noticed that in 100 FOW there were several bait balls and more numerous hooks but we couldn't trigger any takers....Can't wait to get back and give it another shot! Hook'em The Gumpy
  14. It's been a while since I posted a report, but I plan on fishing Saturday for the first time in this area. I am debating on whether to put in at Sandy Creek out in Hamlin or Braddock's Bay....From what I have been reading on this site the fishing has been real slow...Any help would be greatly appreciated and you can be sure that I will post a report on my Saturday venture...That is, if the weather holds up! Hook'em The Gumpy
  15. Went off the Genesee Pier this morning, Friday April 25th, and the conditions looked ideal...Nice color to the water a a slight ripple. Worked the entire length of the pier using a Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow and never had a hit or a bump. Fished from 7:30AM til 9:00AM. Followed that excursion by stopping over at the Braddocks jetties and didn't fair any better...Water color and conditions looked conducive, but the only fish I caught were two perch on a sinking "Gobie" rapala....I was hoping to get my boat out there, but the few boats that were cruising the shorelines didn't look like they were picking any fish up....Hope this helps....By the way, The Genny Launch was still under repair as of today....Here's wishing a good fishing season for everyone! Hook'em Paul
  16. My brother is coming in to town this weekend to do some salmon fishing... Where would be the better place to fish in hopes of catching a salmon? The Genesee River which will be nothing short of combat trolling or Sandy Creek which allows you to change depths fairly quickly.....I've watched the boats from the Charlotte pier the past two mornings and I wouldn't say it was spectacular.....I never saw a net go down either Thursday or Friday morning from 6:30 to 9:00 AM...... Any advice would be helpful.....Thanks! POPS who fishes off the Gumpy II
  17. We were running j-plugs and dodgers 5 and 10 foot down....later went to 10 and 15 foot down...Wasn't using any planner boards yesterday, but it looks like many other boats were using boards...Didn't see too many nets moving either......
  18. Put in at the Genny River launch around 6:45 AM and headed to the mouth where the combat trolling had already begun probably at day's first light...Saw marks on screen, but could not trigger any action....Surprised at how close to shore guys were trolling...Decided to leave the crowd and ventured out to deeper water...In 50-60 foot of water there were very good screens with nice hooks...Unfortunately, not many fish were interested in our array of lures...Finally got a nice male king in the lower 20 pound class on a free slider that was dragging a hologram prism dolphin NK...Never caught a King on a free slider before so I wasn't too sure that the line and set up would hold, but it did...Hope action gets better before the weekend since I have my brother coming to town to fish for the mighty salmon...Keep the reports coming....Thanks and have a great day! POPS on the GUMPY II
  19. Put out of the Genny this morning(Friday, Sept 7th)....Trolled the mouth for a bit then went out to deeper water....Had a couple of knock offs in 100 foot of water around 40 down....Finally had a King on in 110 foot of water down 45 feet on a yellow frog magnum...eventually lost the king as it straightened out the o-ring on the swivel....afterwards saw several boats in the 100 to 115 foot of water that looked like they were still fishing with live bait. Is that what was happening out there around 11AM? POPS My boat is the Gumpy
  20. Was out there today....Surface water temps are very cold...Today the surface temp was 43 F....We hooked up in 100 FOW at 25 and 40 down....Both Kings came on NK's.....Orange crush and monkey puke green....Most fish that we marked were 40 foot down and higher.....Not much chatter out there today....but that's what we did.... Good luck tomorrow! Hook'em POPS
  21. Well, I have been away for a week and I couldn't believe the surface temperature....43 Degrees and fairly uniform out to 150 foot. Stayed mostly between 40 FOW and 60 FOW because I couldn't believe the temps...Finally, ventured out to deeper water and my buddy George had his orange crush NK slammed by a screaming King....Lure was off the ball which was down 25 feet...After a 30 minute battle we landed the fish and headed to weigh in station on the Creek...Turned out to be 25lbs.13ozs. Thought it was a bit bigger, but hey, you never know....Went back out to 100 FOW and had another nice salmon strike a magnum monkey puke green...Nice fight and we had ourselves another 24 pounder....Lkae started to get rough and we left around 11:30AM....Great day on the water....Paul
  22. Great pics! Can't wait to get back to the Sandy Creek area. Nice variety of fish. Thanks for the info....I'm hoping to get out there Wednesday morning...I'm on channel 72 and use the handle "GUMPY." I'm always willing to talk to a fellow fisherman...Keep up the good work! Hook'em! POPS
  23. Maybe the reason I didn't get any help is because there are no bass in Canandaigua Lake....Fished with my brother all day Sunday July 8th from 5:30 AM to 2 PM and never caught a bass...I tossed and jerked more baits than I have in my whole life combined and still couldn't muster a bass...I even turned to jiggin plastics...We fished the south end and Vine Valley...We tried shallow and deep...top water and divers...this color and that color...the end result for me was one gutsy sunfish hitting a Yo-zuri crystal minnow which was almost as big as the sunfish itself! As we ended this empty bass fishing session we reminded each other that "A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work!" How true that statement is! Next time... I'm going trolling on the Big Pond they call "Lake Ontario." and it won't be for any little bass...that's for sure....It'll be for the real deal--> Kings and Trout Hook'em The Gumpy PS: That is not a spelling error, although I do sound a bit "Grumpy" after getting shut out on Canandaigua.....
  24. Have been dying to get back out on the Big Pond, especially after reading all the good reports......Went out this morning and met JAX leaving the dock. Went out and set up in 80 foot of water. Marked bait and hooks, but no takers...Finally had a screamer on in 120 FOW down 75 on a pearl spin doctor with mirage fly...Fish was screaming when line went limp...Reeling up I saw the results....The fish had hit my free slider, a hologram dolphin NK, that was attached to the spinny...Fish cut the line above the swivel.....had a few other knock offs and finally boated a 13 lb. king in 120 FOW on the same spin doctor...The screens were awesome but the bite was dismal...Lost two other fish all in the same area...Lures that produced the strikes were the pearl spin doctor and mirage fly along with the hologram dolphin NK's...Super screens between 100 and 120 foot of water.....I'm out of town the rest of the derby, so I hope this helps the next person.....Used the dipseys without any luck....all releases came off the ball which was 75 to 90 foot down....Good Luck....I'll be back at 'em next Thursday! Hook'm POPS
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