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  1. Will be fishing Canadaigua soon and plan on fishing for bass. Have never been there and was wondering about some info that may make for good fishing....Will be launching at the southern end of lake.....Thanks! Hook'em Paul
  2. Well, got a chance to fish out of Sandy on Friday and had a pretty good day. Trolling in 65-70 FOW caught 4 browns with the biggest being 12 pounds, just short of the summer leaderboard....Best lure was the pearl spin doctor with a mirage fly... Picked up a nice 9.5 pound steelhead in 175 FOW at 50 down on a dolphin Mag...Still marking lots of bait in the shallower water....trolled out into deeper water and the screens became rather boring...Made it out to 400 FOW and couldn't find steelhead so called it a day around 1PM as the lake was quieting down...I fished with the Flat Top on Friday....A great learning experience.....Good luck! POPS
  3. Thanks for the report....Yesterday supper time went out to Sandy started setting up and told my partner about your report...He loaded up on the purple thunder at 50 down in 100FOW. Before I could set up my side his bottom rod was screaming....Nice 12 pound King.....Later on in 70 FOW he caught a nice steelhead on the purple thunder NK thast was stacked at 30 down...Me, I was skunked...I was using a mountain dew spin doctor and dolphin fly as well as, a silver dodger and mirage fly.....Oh, well, I should have listened to your report...Thanks....Surface temp in 100 FOW was 60 F. We did troll out to 175, but there was practically nothing on screens...trolled back to the 75 Foot water which seemd to have the most marks and lots of baitfish......Hook'em Paul
  4. Wow! You don't find rainbows like that in Naples Creek! Pictures sure look real....Hard to believe he brought that fish in after only a 20 minute fight on 6 pound test line...Guys take well over that just to bring in some Kings that are in the 20-30 pound class using stronger test lines... Makes me want to go fishing today! Hook'em POPS
  5. I was in my buddy George's Crestliner. We too put in around 7AM. I have a 19 foot Tracker that we fish from too...George's radio was not working yesterday and I haven't installed my new one yet...George and I usually fish out of Sandy Creek...It's just easier to get out into the Lake and it gets deeper faster out there than at the river.....Hook'em POPS
  6. Sounds like what we did on Friday morning at Sandy Creek...Motored out to 200 FOW set up downriggers. Sent downriggers down to 40 and 45 feet with stackers about 15 foot above balls...First fish came on the 40 foot ball. That Coho hit a green dodger with dolphin colored fly...Marked very little fish...Eventually got another strike off the 45 foot ball...This time it was a very nice 8 lb. steelhead that struck a mountain dew spin doctor with white and silver flourescent fly...Final fish came off a yellow and gold red eye that was down 45 feet....Another steelhead in the 8 pound class...All fish were caught between 220-240 foot of water.....Slow with very little fish marked....Surface temps were around 61-62 degrees....Still beats working.....
  7. Put in at the Genny this morning 7 AM and went out to 80 foot of water...Surface temp was 54 Fahrenheit...got into cooler surface temps in the 50-52 range in 140 FOW and caught a small Coho that hit a dolphin hologram NK off the ball which was 15 down. A little while later in 155 FOW had a nice steelie hit a deep diver Glass Blue Shad Rap that was on the flatline....Lost him at the boat when he got tangled in another flatline....That was about 8:30 AM.....After that nothing....When we were picking up around 11 AM before motoring back to the launch we found the tiniest King we've ever seen being towed by the NK that it had attacked...Cute fish, but what the hell is it doing in 200 FOW and hitting an NK that was down 60 ft? The screens were pretty barren, but it sure beats working! Hook'en POPS PS...When you're enjoying the water this weekend give a moment of silence and prayer for all the Vets who have lived and died to give us the freedom we so often take for granted....
  8. Just in case anyone doesn't know DICK's has a Clearance Outlet in the plaza just next to Rt.390 and the Hylan Drive exit...There are some ridiculously low prices on sporting goods of all kinds...Yesterday I was there and lures were 50% off the lowest ticketed prices and if you bought 5 lures at the reduced price you got 5 free......I bought 20 lures that would have cost $88 if I paid the lowest ticketed price on the lures...the bill came to $26 something.........Gee with the money I saved I can fill my boat gas tank.....Have a Good Day! I'm going to drown a few of these new lures today out in front of the Genny..... Hook'em POPS
  9. Took a friend out on Lake Ontario last night after supper around 5PM. River water is 62 degrees, but the North wind has blown some cooler water in at shallower depths....Surface Water temps are around 50 degrees in 50 FOW...Trolled out to 100 FOW but did not have any takers...Water was in the low 40's...Pulled up and motored back to the 50 degree temps in 40-50 FOW and caught a nice 17 pound King in 50 foot of water on a hologram dolphin NK that was 5 foot down on a ball...My friend caught his first King and boy was he excited...So was I! Hook'em POPS
  10. Nice day of fishing....Why does the big one always seem to get away? You need a new net man? Hook'em POPS
  11. Nice video...You'll have to teach soemone else to take movies so that you can get in the action shots too! POPS
  12. Hello. I fish out of Sandy Creek, Hamlin and the Genesee River, Rochester. I have a 19 foot deep bottom Tracker that I use for trolling Lake Ontario waters. I enjoy reading the fishing reports and playful banter amonst friendly fishermen. I hope to do the same....Good luck to everyone during the upcoming season....Hook'em Paul
  13. Hello and I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable fishing season...My boat is the Gumpy II and I usually fish out of Sandy Creek, Hamlin or the Genesee River out of Rochester, New York....I enjoy reading all the fishing information and playful banter between fishing buddies. I have a 19 foot Tracker deep bottom boat that I basically use for trolling Lake Ontario...Hook'em!
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