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  1. Longsurs, This was not meant as a knock, you certainly have the skills.I understand quick hunts and getting the dogs involved. More about ****ing about limits,I have been there! Both hunters and fishermen, progress in stages,learning, early sucsess, sucsess, numbers, details. Kill whatever you like! And, support local Duck clubs.
  2. Why not,shoot only dakes! The brown ones lay eggs, a drake only limit make for a better picture. You'll learn.
  3. Holy Moly! You are the only hunter I have heard of that has ever taken a Snowy! Although unintentional. Nice story .
  4. Kyle Kuba Very knowledgeable on antique fishing tackle, did appraisals. Last i knew he lived of Penfield Rd. backed up to Allens Creek. Sorry lost his contact info.
  5. It's more about technique, then lake studies! Honeoye & I. Bay, limits were pounded! Over -n- over!
  6. Really, Come on! If I'm not wearing blaze orange, I'm fair game? I.D. your target, or don't. shoot it! No excuses...
  7. Come on!! If you need help on Oneida,you really don't know jack.
  8. Long line diver spreads are coming your way soon. You cut us slack we'll do the same!
  9. Have seen that type of fat an Walleyes more than a few times,Conesus Lake and Irondequoit Bay are Alewife fueled forage based lakes as well as Otisco Lake,I presume. Alewifes= Walleye fat. Ever notice a blue,green slime while cleaning lower cavity? Have taken hundreds of Walleye from Conesus and they all seem to have it.
  10. Where is the best place to launch on that part of the Susky?
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