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  1. I have a 1988 Thompson 240 Hardtop, so far after 1 season I am very impressed with the ride and layout. 18" trim tabs boat practically idols on plane with the 305, good fuel economy, and plenty of depth to handle as much as you want too or should be out in. I had a 24 ft sportscraft and this is far superior of a boat. I know alot of people with PennYans and I know they are a good boat also never had one to comment on but both are good boats as long as you have her surveyed and she was taken care of. Good Luck.
  2. That is them, they are great . I know you can make them but these hold up well. Thanks Greg
  3. I have a pair of foam wraps for my trolling poles I bought many years ago and are still in perfect condition, I like the idea of keeping the pole afloat just in case. Any one have the manufacturer.
  4. I think that is when you start to panic grab your flair gun, launch one into main sail, weird things can happen when you are in a panic state, Hmm wonder what a judge would say?.
  5. Great Job those are nice size perch almost as good as walleye almost How much ice is left getting real anxious for spring. Going out of next bay south of you. good job
  6. When trolling the Big O for walleye or salmon, how do you determine your speed?
  7. Chris, Sorry for your loss, our thought,s and prayers go out you and you family.
  8. Hey guys all i have now is the 24ft hard top, I will bring down and with that making a splash, there will be plenty of water for all and also plenty of fish for everyone.
  9. As usual Now they are saying Hopefully March,. Well this to me does not look good, must be having problems. Time to order Simrad 14r and stop playing games.
  10. Northstar Explorer 467- Fishfinder If there are fish to be found, you’ll find them with a Northstar Explorer dedicated fishfinder. Northstar Explorer Color Fishfinder Northstar’s Explorer range of color fishfinders have sophisticated sounder technology. With our ease-of-use engineering, in a range of sizes and single/dual frequency combinations to suit your needs. Our bright HI-RES displays boast 640X480 pixels making these dedicated fishfinders a stunning addtion to a boat of any size. The Explorer 467 delivers powerful dual frequency performance on an incredible 640 x 480 pixel color display. The 467 - Hi resolution VGA - has numerous sounder display options including split and full screen zoom, A-scope and a choice of white, blue or black background. There’s also a choice of color palettes to highlight bottom structure or a particular fish species. When purchased with an optional fuel kit, the Explorer 467 will let you track and display fuel data on screen. Its state of the art digital sonar technology delivers incredible target detail and high definition bottom structure in shallow and deep water
  11. According to Raymarine on telephone today, the x5 is due out the 3 week of Feb, Lets see if they keep there promise. Getting closer to that time of the year.
  12. Sluggo, I am going to be back in the old stomping grounds this spring, Black river bay. If i can remenber correctly in the shipping lanes around july, and i know the trench around mid august. I also target the eyes but going for salmon this year as well. We will have to hook up, i spent 12 years around the area on point penn, those big eyes,drew me back. talk soon boat name is MagicEyes
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